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    Aditi Mistry: Net Worth, Boyfriend & Images

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    Aditi Mistry is an Indian fitness model and social media influencer. She was born on July 26, 2000, in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. She is 23 years old and has a Bachelor of Business Administration degree from Rai University in Gujarat. Aditi Mistry is an emerging personality in the Indian entertainment and fitness industry. Known for her impressive physique, vibrant presence on social media, and commendable determination, she’s quickly become a familiar face and inspiration for many.

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    Aditi Mistry Biography

    NameAditi Mistry
    ProfessionIndian fitness model, Instagram star, Bodybuilder
    PopularityKnown for her fitness and bold personality
    EducationStudied at Sabarmati Girls School, Graduated from Rai University with a degree in Business Administration
    Early CareerStarted modeling and fitness training during college days
    AchievementsLeading female fitness icon, Brand ambassador of fitness brands, Social media influencer
    FamilyBorn in a Hindu family in Ahmedabad, Sister: Divya Mistry, Parents settled in Mumbai
    Rumored BoyfriendSahil Khan
    Date of Birth26 July 2000
    Age (as of 2023)23 years
    Height5 feet 7 inches
    Weight58 Kgs
    Eye ColorBrown
    Hair ColorBlack
    Career StartBegan as a fitness model at age 17

    Aditi Mistry started her career as a fitness trainer. She worked hard and eventually became a bikini model. She is also a social media influencer with over 3 millions followers on Instagram.

    Aditi Mistry is known for her fit and curvy figure. Her body measurements are 36-28-36 inches. She is 5 feet 7 inches tall and weighs 58 kg.

    Aditi Mistry has been featured in several magazines and newspapers, including Maxim, FHM, and MensXP. She has also walked the ramp for several fashion brands, including Lakme, Pantaloons, and Forever 21. She has won several fitness awards, including Miss Bikini India 2020.

    Aditi Mistry is an inspiration to many young women. She is proof that with hard work and dedication, anything is possible. She is a role model for women who want to achieve their fitness goals and become successful in their careers.

    Aditi Mistry Personal life

    Aditi Mistry is single and not dating anyone at the moment. She is focused on her career and fitness.

    She’s not just about the glitz and glamour, though. Aditi’s been passionate about modeling since her childhood. She completed her schooling at Sabarmati Girls’ School and later pursued higher studies at Rai University. And guess what? She started focusing on her fitness modeling career right from her college days. Talk about dedication!

    Family-wise, she comes from a Hindu background. She’s pretty private about her family details, but from what I’ve gathered, her dad’s an entrepreneur and her mom’s a homemaker. She also has a younger sister named Divya, who’s into fashion modeling too.

    There’s been some buzz about her personal life, especially with her being spotted with the famous fitness model, Sahil Khan. But, you know how rumors are! Aditi’s pretty tight-lipped about her relationships.

    Professionally, she’s done wonders! From participating in events like BodyPower Beach Body to collaborating with numerous fitness brands, she’s made a mark. She’s even amassed a net worth of around INR 4-5 Crores from her career. And did you know? She launched her official app in January 2021!

    A few fun tidbits about her: She’s a huge fan of actor Michele Morrone, loves non-veg dishes, enjoys listening to Punjabi singer Mika Singh, and is an animal lover with a pet dog. Oh, and she made her Instagram debut with a post on 6th May 2018.

    Aditi Mistry Trivia & Fun Facts:

    • Participated in modeling events during school and college
    • Launched her official app in January 2021
    • Guest appearances in events like The Ocean Productions
    • Avid fan of actor Michele Morrone
    • Loves non-vegetarian dishes
    • Enjoys smoking hookah at parties
    • Favorite Punjabi singer is Mika Singh
    • Has a pet dog
    • Posted her first Instagram post on 6 May 2018

    FAQs about Aditi Mistry

    Who is Aditi Mistry?

    Aditi Mistry is a renowned Indian fashion model, social media influencer, Instagram personality, and entrepreneur hailing from Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

    When was Aditi Mistry born?

    She was born on 26th July 2000.

    What is Aditi Mistry known for?

    Aditi is famed for her bold and captivating photos on social media, especially Instagram. She also collaborates with various health and fashion brands.

    How many followers does Aditi Mistry have on Instagram?

    As of September 2023, Aditi boasts over 3 million followers on her Instagram profile.

    Where did Aditi Mistry receive her education?

    Aditi attended Sabarmati Girls School for her schooling and later pursued her graduation from Rai University.

    What is Aditi Mistry’s net worth?

    Her estimated net worth is around INR 4-5 Crores.

    Is there any information about Aditi Mistry’s family?

    Aditi was born into a well-settled Hindu family in Ahmedabad. Her father is an entrepreneur, and her mother is a homemaker. She also has a younger sister named Divya Mistry, who is a fashion model.

    Who is Aditi Mistry rumored to be dating?

    There have been rumors about her relationship with the famous Indian male fitness model, Sahil Khan, but nothing has been confirmed.

    What are some of Aditi Mistry’s professional achievements?

    Aditi has participated in various modeling events, including BodyPower Beach Body. She also promotes numerous products on her social media and has collaborated with several fitness brands.

    Are there any fun facts about Aditi Mistry?

    Yes! Aditi launched her official app in January 2021, is a huge fan of actor Michele Morrone, loves non-vegetarian dishes, enjoys smoking hookah at parties, and her favorite Punjabi singer is Mika Singh. She also has a pet dog and made her first Instagram post on 6th May 2018.


    Aditi Mistry is a successful fitness model and social media influencer. She is an inspiration to many young women and is proof that anything is possible with hard work and dedication. She is sure to continue to achieve great things in the future.

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