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    “The home away from home kind of paradise experience where burdens are laid to rest and joy fills the garden like no tomorrow is nothing but the life of tourism.”

    Tourism is entertaining, fun-filled, spirit-lifting, and nerve cooling, the moment of which almost everyone craves in life. Tourism is one of the world’s fastest-growing industries and a major foreign exchange and employment generation for many countries. Tourism is when man-kind move from their usual place of residence to a temporary home. It is said to be an act, a process, and a procedure; since nobody will embark on a journey without making prior preparation.

    However, the purpose of tourism is just for pleasure, relaxation, and recreation alone but also accompanied by a wide range of forms from Business tourism, Medical tourism, Adventure tourism, Cultural tourism, Sustainable tourism, Wildlife tourism, Educational tourism, Bicycle tours, Space tourism, Domestic tourism, Sport tourism, Health tourism, Ecotourism, shopping and many more. For tourists to be tourists, they must have spent a minimum of one day and a maximum of one year during their stay, and to which the purpose of their stay should not be on remuneration basis within the place visited.

    The inextricable connection between hospitality and tourism is a notable fact. Did you know that considering Dubai as your tourist attraction destination does not cost a fortune? The reason is that there are many beautiful places that you can tour during your stay in Dubai. Visiting Dubai is budget-friendly through the service of your tour operator. However, you can easily reach the peak of your desires with little more savings during your visit. Dubai tourism is the principal authority for the planning, supervision, development, and marketing of the Dubai tourism sector.

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    Flights to Dubai, as well as others of the United Arab Emirates, are reportedly subject to restrictions. On arrival, all incoming travelers will be checked for COVID-19. There is no compulsory quarantine, but once their test findings are confirmed, travelers will be guided towards self-quarantine.

    The weather of Dubai is always hot throughout the year, but there is no specific peak or off period. Instead when booking flights to Dubai, tourists pick a time of year dependent on the cultural activities. Although it is possible to pick from many times of the year, September is often seen as the time to travel to Dubai, but good offers can be accessed during the year.

    When you get off your airplane to Dubai, if you desire warm weather, then July is geographically the hottest. Historically, January is the season with the most rainfall. The cheapest month for travel to Dubai at present is in September. August is the most costly month for airlines.

    Last minute flight booking is a form of flight reservation which arises mainly as a result of impromptu development by the traveller(s). Last minute booking stripes you of the advantage of booking the most desired flight and travel dates of yours. Prices at this point can be expensive. Therefore, it is better to save yourself the stress of wearing a long face during the course of your journey to Dubai by booking in advance.

    Dubai is a popular tourist destination among others, the home of the tallest human-made tower universally, the Burj Khalifa. As a wealthy territory of the United Arab Emirates, Dubai has achieved considerable success in developing several great tourist attraction centres for both international and domestic tourists to explore. Its lavish architecture, incredible skylines, exotic landscapes, glimmering skyscrapers, legendary nightlife, deserts, and many tourist attractions, happens to be the record-breaking tallest, longest, and most prominent.

    Dubai has invested a lot in potential tourist spots, such as the Dubai Frame. It is in a way that representative landmarks of modern Dubai can be seen on one side, while from the other side, visitors can also view older parts of the city. Dubai has varieties for adventure activities, some of which are; Desert Safaris through golden Arabian Dunes, Skydiving over the beautiful Palm Islands, Reef and wreck diving, kite surfing, wakeboarding, etc. Dubai has made a more significant investment in the construction of many shopping malls, restaurants, fancy hotels that you will undoubtedly wish for at their first glance.

    Some of the places you should endeavour to visit during your visit are as follows; Mandarin Oriental Jumeirah, Dubai, Dubai Museum, Bastakia (Old Dubai), Jumeirah Mosque, Dubai International Hotel, Heritage and Diving Village, Dubai Aquarium, Jumeirah Zabeel Saray, Atlantis, The Palm, Jumeirah Beach,  Andaz Dubai, The Palm, Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary,  Millennium Place Marina, Dubai Opera, Alserkal Art District, Nikki Beach Resort & Spa Dubai, Dubai Parks and Resorts, Aquaventure Waterpark, Ghaya Grand Hotel, Dubai Miracle Garden,  Kite Beach, Dubai Butterfly Garden, Waldorf Astoria Dubai Palm Jumeirah, Dukes The Palm, a Royal Hideaway Hotel, amongst many others.

    The hotels do not just provide accommodation, food and beverage services but equally serve as tourist attraction sites. Meanwhile, should in case you want to enjoy the luxury ambiance of the emirates by visiting Saudi Arabia after your stay in Dubai, you can make a stop at Abha. Abha has exquisite environment that won’t make you regret your stay over there.You can book a reservation in one of the beautiful hotels in Abha. The hotels in Abha include Abha palace hotel, Shafa abha hotel, Beautat hotel, Manazel Aldana hotel and many more. Book Abha hotels this weekend! As a city of gold, Dubai is a beautiful place for a window-shopping tourism experience where luxuries are purchased. However, many may probably base the lure of tourists to Dubai on shopping, but also its possession of other ancient and modern attractions.

    They also offer high-quality shopping malls services that come with dazzling mammoth aquariums and indoor ski slopes, substantial shopping promotion and bargains. They also provide impressive retail services, a wide variety of products and shopping venues, unique annual shopping festivals, cultural highlights, etc.

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    Night-time visits are incredibly popular with photographers due to Dubai’s famous city-lights panoramas. For mind-blowing views over the city and its environs during your stay, take a 20-minute or 30-minute Helicopter flight over Dubai; that is the better way to see the famous Jumeirah or the human-made archipelago created in the shape of a world map known as “The World”.

    Food brings people and communities together and it is a way of enjoying others’ company by sharing tasty meals and new adventures together. Dubai’s cuisine is inspired by Asian and Middle East food. Dubai doesn’t have just one food style. Camel is a popular and traditional dish in Dubai. Camel is one of the essential components of several Emirati foods. You should try stuffed camel, a popular local dish.

    When on a tour around Dubai, think about having a taste of the traditional street food. Though Dubai cuisine seems to be very expensive; the city is known for its rich cuisine and luxurious lifestyle, and you can spend a small cash if you eat in good restaurants every night. Street food is a cheap and tasty choice, and street food is eaten each day by many individuals who live in the city. Some of the rich food you can’t afford to miss in your visit to Dubai includes Shish taouk, Kunafa, Falafel, Madrouba, Al Harees, Shawarma and so many more. It would be best if you try not to lavish your next holiday and vacation at the corner of your room while at the same time, you can maximize it by reaching out to the world in Dubai tourism accompanied by friends and families; this is because Dubai has possessed everything needed to make your stay worthwhile and memorable as a potential tourist.

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