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    Awesome Guide to Finding the Perfect Bridesmaid Dress

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    Awesome Guide to Finding the Perfect Bridesmaid Dress

    Weddings are probably the second most important time in one’s life after the day of birth; it marks the start of something new with someone who you once had no idea existed. These festivities bring together multiple friends, families, and co-workers. And as a bridesmaid, you are essentially one of the most important persons in the party. Hence, it is necessary that as a bridesmaid, you must be dressed as per the bride’s wishes, adding to her special day. This can be tricky at times as we want the attention to stay on the couple. But with the right tips, you can ace the bridesmaid look while ensuring that you are not overdoing it. This blog dives into how you can find the perfect bridesmaid dresses and what rules to follow when selecting them.

    The guide to finding the perfect Bridesmaid dress

    In any event, especially weddings, there are an insane amount of specifications to keep in mind. But when it comes to bridesmaid dresses, you needn’t worry. These are the guidelines to ensure you have the perfect dress and don’t destroy your bank account in the process.

    Breaking Free from the Standard Choices 

    When purchasing bridesmaid dresses, you need to come out of that mindset that they either need to be Barbie pink or encrusted with flashy embroidery. Modern bridesmaids are choosing from new trendy choices like vibrant swan grey to a matte black finish to complement the wedding white. In an attempt to keep up with trends, most luxurious brands have started to stock a wide range of affordable options that will highlight your style on the day and afterward in the photos.

    Make Sure You Know Your Dress Size

    When coordinating between the numerous bridesmaids and their unique sizes and choices of accessories like clutches and pendants, brides sometimes get confused. Hence, you need to know your dress size and note it down for the bride. Each brand follows a different standard chart for sizes, even if they mention a unique size. You could be a size S in one brand and M in another. Hence, it is important to know your size in terms of the measurements so that it becomes easier for you or the bride, whoever is responsible for the shopping. 

    Think of How Your Will Accessorize the Bridesmaid Dresses 

    You must also be clear in your head about whether you want to wear your favourite pair of earrings or whether you need new ones. This also applies to handbags, footwear, necklaces, and any other accessories you might need. 

    Consider Famous Wedding Colors of the Year

    In modern-day weddings, it has been observed that bridesmaids are given more freedom to design their outfits. When picking your dress, make sure you don’t just stick to soft, vibrant colours such as light navy, swan grey, and Barbie pink. Colours such as Vantaa black and rose red have seen a rise in popularity along with trends in colours like orange, yellow, and pink for undertones and overlays of your outfit.

    Take inspiration From Various Places

    It’s a great idea to take inspiration from sites like Pinterest to get to know the best bridesmaid dresses. Make sure you are consulting with the bride about any specific theme she wants you to stick to before starting your search. 

    Get an Opinion from the Tailor

    Adding or removing an extra pocket or changing a hem or length of the strap can make all the difference to how a dress sits on the body and the level of comfort it would be. This is why you must consult a dressmaker and get their advice on what can be done. Whether you need more coverage on the legs or if a thigh cut would ease movement, every question can be answered correctly by the expert tailors. 

    Don’t go Shopping with Multiple People

    You should at one time take a maximum of one person with you to explore the bridesmaid dresses at shops or to scroll through the online marketplaces. Remember to wear and test the dresses before the big day, and be sure to order the accurate sizes range of sizes. Also, don’t forget to check the return policy on those garments, just in case.

    Be Sure to Get the Right Undergarments 

    You wouldn’t want an uncomfortable experience, so make sure you wear the right undergarments. This is because weddings are long events with a lot of activities, especially for the bridesmaids.


    Now that you have understood what factors to take into consideration and how they affect you, you must have narrowed down your previous sum of choices to a select few that are going to be perfect for you as a bridesmaid. One thing that is crucial, no matter how many times it is mentioned, is that you must dress according to the theme of the wedding and the bride’s wishes. Remember, you are there to be a part of this magical moment in their life. 
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