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    Best Ways to Get Active Without Leaving Your House

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    Exercising is a great outlet for recovering addicts to stay busy and distract themselves from withdrawal symptoms and addiction cravings. It is also a crucial step in the right direction when it comes to improving overall health. However, it is much easier for many of those going through addiction treatment and recovery to do this exercise routine from home. Here are some tips on how to create a successful home exercise routine and some of the best ways to get active without leaving the house. 

    What Does a Healthy Exercise Routine Look Like? 

    In order to get the most out of your exercise routine you need to know how to to exercise safely and effectively. It is suggested that you combine both aerobic and strength training exercises for a full bodied workout with the best results. To avoid injury while exercising you should always start your routine with a warmup, end it with a cool down, and acknowledge your limits so you do not push yourself too hard. Exercising should be a positive way to distract yourself during an alcohol or drug detox, and keeping your health in mind is crucial to using this tool effectively. 

    Tips for a Successful At Home Exercise Routine

    Creating a long term workout plan can sometimes be a little bit overwhelming. Here are some things to keep in mind in addition to the steps needed to avoid injury. Following these tips can make following your exercise routine easier and more sustainable long term. 

    Make Goals: Making goals and sticking to them is a helpful tool for many areas of sober living, such as Eudaimonia Recovery Homes. However, these goals need to be realistic to your abilities. Setting goals that are unrealistic can damage motivation and self esteem, and this is one of the worst things to add to your life during addiction recovery. Setting achievable goals is a great way to stay driven and excited about these new life changes when made practically though. 

    Continue to Challenge Yourself: Although it is important to avoid pushing yourself too hard right away, you should aim to evolve your workout routine as you improve your abilities. This prevents the exercise plan from getting boring. 

    Add Variety to Your Routine: Like continuing to challenge yourself, adding variety to your exercises prevents your routine from becoming dull. It has also been proven that different types of exercises have varying benefits for those in addiction treatment and recovery. Adding variety to your routine can ensure that you get the most out of this physical activity. 

    Journal About Your Goals and Progress: Journaling about your aspirations can inspire you and remind you of where you want to be. Looking back on the beginning of your journey and seeing how far you have come can help motivate and increase self esteem as well. 

    Set Scheduled Time Aside for Your Workouts: Incorporating daily exercise into a set routine can help you make sure that you  stick to your plan and achieve your goals. Scheduling a time of day that you workout can help you do this, and having a daily routine tends to increase productivity. 

    Don’t Forget About Other Elements of Your Health: Although exercise is an important part of living a healthy lifestyle, it is also important to remember to eat a balanced diet, get enough sleep, and keep yourself hydrated. Forgetting these elements will make your exercise goals harder to accomplish. These things can also help reduce the severity of withdrawal symptoms and give you enough energy to lead a successful and productive sober life. 

    1. Exercise Videos

    Following an exercise video has numerous benefits. The first benefit is that these videos are led by a physical trainer, and you do not need to leave your house. This lowers the chances of injury, and these usually include a warmup and a cool down. This way you will not forget about the important safety precautions involved. The second benefit is that they are highly accessible. You can follow these videos online or purchased on a DVD. The final benefit is that this option is highly affordable. The videos themselves are usually free or have a low price, and, although you may need to purchase some workout gear, this is much cheaper when compared to some alternatives. 

    1. Yoga 

    Yoga is another great and affordable option for exercising at home. You also have the option to do this with the instruction of a professional through a video or on your own. Yoga is a particularly great workout for recovering addicts because it includes mindfulness and breathing exercises, which has been proven to help reduce stress and anxiety. It is a low impact form of physical activity as well. This is a crucial point for those experiencing chronic pain or have injuries. 

    1. Running, Jogging, and/or Walking 

    Aerobic exercise is great for cardiac and respiratory health, and it is definitely possible to do this from home. Although purchasing an elliptical or treadmill can be a bit pricey, it allows you to run at home and avoid the gym. You can also jog, walk, or run outside if this isn’t a problem for you. You also get the added benefits of getting Vitamin D from sunlight and plenty of fresh air by getting outdoors. Plus, this way it is completely free. However, you should incorporate other types of workouts along with this to get the best results.  

    1. Do Weight Training

    Weight training is a great way to add variety to your home bound exercise routine. You will need to purchase weight lifting equipment, but it is a good investment for those wanting to stay away from an exercise studio or gym. Strength training has been proven to improve insomnia over time, which is a very common withdrawal symptom that can be difficult to deal with. Seeing yourself be able to lift more and more is also a great way to notice your improvement, increase self esteem, and keep yourself motivated as well. Like with aerobic exercises, it is important that you branch out into other workout types to get a better outcome. 

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