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    Best Work From Home Marketing Jobs

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    Today, we have the ability to do most marketing jobs from home. In fact, many types of marketing jobs are perfectly suited for working from home.

    Whether you’re an advertiser or writer, a computer and access to the internet are essentially all you need to do your work.

    In this guide, I will break down the best work-from-home marketing jobs and how you can position yourself to land the jobs that you want.

    Top 15 Work-From-Home Marketing Jobs

    1. Digital Marketing Specialist

    Digital marketing specialists help companies create and execute marketing campaigns across the full range of digital marketing channels.

    The role has a broader focus when compared to other digital marketing positions that tend to specialize in a specific focus area.

    Digital marketing specialists can work on campaigns for search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click (PPC), social media, content marketing, or any other digital medium that allows businesses to reach their target customers.

    The position is an entry-level role. Digital marketing specialists may work for an agency handling multiple clients or in a company’s digital marketing department.

    The role is well suited for remote work as a specialist can conduct all their work and research online, only needing a computer and internet access to do so.

    When it is time to collaborate with clients and team members, digital marketing specialists turn to communication tools like Zoom or project management software like Asana to connect and stay organized.

    How much can you earn as a remote digital marketing specialist?

    Digital marketing specialists in the United States earn an average annual salary of around $64K.

    2. Marketing Consultant

    Marketing consultants are external advisors that work with clients to create a marketing plan that can be used to grow the company’s business.

    The consultant will evaluate the company’s current marketing efforts and make suggestions for improvements.

    Marketing consultants also tend to be involved in helping the client implement their strategies.

    They may monitor the results of their campaigns and make optimizations to boost performance.

    marketing consultant can work within a marketing firm or as an independent contractor.

    Working remotely enables a consultant to grow a client base from locations all over the world without limitations.

    How much can you earn as a remote marketing consultant?

    The amount that you can earn as a marketing consultant will vary depending on the number of projects that you have and the services that you provide.

    According to Payscale, the average annual salary for a marketing consultant in the United States is $62K.

    3. SEO Specialist

    SEO specialists help companies grow their business by reaching more customers through organic search campaigns.

    They are involved in all aspects of executing the SEO strategy including keyword research, technical audits, on-site optimizations, and monitoring performance to inform future decisions.

    As such, the role requires SEO specialists to have a strong grasp of the core areas of SEO:

    On-page – How to effectively use keywords, meta tags, and other on-page elements to optimize a website’s organic rankings.

    Off-page – How to grow a website’s domain authority through building high-quality links.

    Technical – How to set up and structure a site for high performance and easy crawlability.

    SEO specialists also tend to have a solid understanding of content marketing and copywriting as it plays a big part in implementing the SEO strategy.

    An SEO specialist can work for a digital marketing agency or as an internal company employee. The position is great for remote work.

    How much can you earn as a remote SEO specialist?

    SEO specialists in the United States earn an average annual salary of around $64K.

    Google Ads specialists work with companies to design and execute advertising campaigns in Google Ads.

    Like other remote marketing jobs, Google Ads specialists can work independently or as part of an agency.

    You can find some dedicated Google Ads specialists working in a company’s internal marketing department.

    However, it is more common for this role to be filled by a more encompassing position such as a PPC specialist.

    Some of the important functions of a Google Ads specialist include:

    • Managing bidding strategies
    • Creating ad copy
    • Adjusting campaigns to optimize performance
    • Communicating strategies and ideas to clients
    • Setting up conversion tracking for client accounts

    Beyond extensive knowledge of the Google Ads platform and how it works, Google Ads specialists must be skilled in landing page optimization as well as how to use spreadsheets to build models and reports.

    How much can you earn as a remote Google Ads specialist?

    Google Ads specialists in the United States earn an average annual salary of around $70K.

    5. Facebook Ads Expert

    Facebook Ads expert helps companies plan, implement, and manage Facebook Ads campaigns.

    The position can involve everything from setting up the Facebook tracking pixel to creating the graphics and ad copy for campaigns.

    A Facebook Ads expert needs to possess a diverse set of skills to perform their various duties. This includes both analytical and creative abilities

    Facebook Ads expert can complete all their work online by collaborating with their clients and team through project management software and regular chats and meetings.

    How much can you earn as a remote Facebook Ads expert?

    Facebook Ads experts in the United States earn an average annual salary of around $70K.

    6. eCommerce Specialist

    eCommerce specialists design and execute a company’s eCommerce marketing strategy.

    In addition to running campaigns for SEO, PPC, and social media, the role also involves monitoring the daily activity of the eCommerce site, as well as gathering and analyzing data to identify areas for optimization.

    eCommerce specialists need to be experts in online sales strategies and the different platforms used to build and manage eCommerce sites. They must also possess strong analytical, communication, and critical thinking abilities.

    How much can you earn as a remote eCommerce specialist?

    eCommerce specialists in the United States earn an average annual salary of around $60K.

    7. Marketing Copywriter

    A marketing copywriter’s job is to write compelling copy for marketing and promotional materials.

    The copy is designed to be engaging and persuasive as a means to get more consumers to buy from the business.

    A copywriter can create everything from the description on a product page to the body text of an email newsletter.

    Naturally, the role is perfect for working from home. In most cases, a copywriter only needs a text-based outline or brief in order to complete their work.

    Direct communication is needed less often compared to other work-from-home marketing jobs, but when a copywriter needs to interface with their team, they can do so virtually using the various technologies at their disposal.

    How much can you earn as a remote marketing copywriter?

    Marketing copywriters in the United States earn an average annual salary of around $50K.

    8. Content Marketing Specialist

    Content marketing specialists plan and create content designed to reach a company’s target audience.

    This includes content for websites such as blog posts as well as content for other digital marketing channels that can bring the business exposure.

    Because SEO is usually the key method for getting content in front of users, content marketing specialists work closely with the SEO team to ensure that the content strategy and SEO strategies are aligned.

    Content marketing specialists also collaborate with other members of the marketing team to ensure that all content is aligned with the brand’s message.

    Content marketing specialists need to have strong writing skills as much of their time is spent creating new content. They also need to master SEO and the keyword research process as it enables them to identify the best ideas to write about.

    Content marketers are able to complete their work remotely by collaborating using tools like Google Docs.

    How much can you earn as a remote content marketing specialist?

    Content marketing specialists in the United States earn an average annual salary of around $62K.

    9. Social Media Manager

    Social media managers develop and manage a company’s paid and organic social media campaigns.

    Companies can have a dedicated social media manager while others outsource the responsibilities to an external party, whether it’s an agency or a freelancer.

    For smaller companies, the social media manager is often more involved in the content creation process and may find themselves writing copy or designing graphics. They may also actively engage with their audience by replying to messages and comments.

    Independent managers as well as those that work for an agency usually have a team of specialists to handle these activities while the manager focuses on the strategic and managerial aspects.

    The most important of these are; designing campaigns, creating the content calendar, and monitoring important metrics.

    A social media manager, particularly those handling smaller accounts, can carry out much of their work autonomously, making it easy for them to work from home.

    How much can you earn as a remote social media manager?

    Social media managers in the United States earn an average annual salary of around $65K.

    10. Email Marketing Expert

    Email marketing experts plan and oversee a company’s email marketing strategy.

    The position involves all the important tasks needed to execute an effective email marketing sales funnel.

    This includes building email lists, creating campaigns and emails, and nurturing leads through continued engagement.

    An email marketing expert will closely monitor their campaigns’ performance to look for areas of optimization.

    They may write the copy for emails themselves or they may work with a copywriter.

    The position is good for working from home as the email marketing expert and their collaborators go work together using email marketing software, analytics platforms, and communication tools.

    How much can you earn as a remote email marketing expert?

    Email marketing experts in the United States earn an average annual salary of around $66K.

    11. PPC Specialist

    PPC specialists are responsible for running a company’s paid advertising campaigns.

    The position is similar to a Google Ads Specialist or a Facebook Ads expert. The main difference is that a PPC specialist will manage PPC campaigns across digital marketing channels instead of a single platform.

    A PPC specialist can perform keyword research, build landing pages, create campaigns, and monitor and optimize their performance.

    Like other remote marketing jobs on our list, technology gives PPC specialists everything they need to work successfully from home.

    Clients and employers will gladly work with specialists from anywhere as long as they hit their performance goals.

    How much can you earn as a remote PPC specialist?

    Remote PPC specialists in the United States earn an average annual salary of around $56K.

    12. Affiliate Marketing Manager

    Affiliate marketing managers are responsible for overseeing a company’s affiliate program.

    With an affiliate program, third-party affiliate marketers can partner with the company to promote their products.

    When the affiliate refers a sale, the company will pay a portion to the affiliate as a commission.

    Affiliate marketing managers build the structure for their affiliate programs and actively work to bring new affiliates into the program.

    The manager also oversees the relationship with affiliates to ensure that they have everything they need to be successful.

    As the affiliates market the business, the affiliate manager will monitor how much traffic the affiliates are driving to the company’s site as well as how many sales they are generating.

    The role requires a good amount of communication but because affiliates can be located anywhere, a manager can work remotely as most of their communication would be virtual anyway.

    How much can you earn as a remote affiliate marketing manager?

    Remote affiliate marketing managers in the United States earn an average annual salary of around $80K.

    13. Web Developer

    Web developers build websites from the ground up. They are responsible for taking the client’s visions and designs and turning them into an attractive and functional website.

    Developers also monitor a site’s performance once it is live to ensure that everything is working correctly. They will make regular maintenance and troubleshoot any issues as needed.

    To perform their various responsibilities, web developers need to have the following skills:

    • Frontend programming languages like JavaScript
    • Backend programming languages like Java and PHP
    • Responsive web design
    • Testing and debugging
    • Web servers
    • Databases

    Developers can work in-house, independently, or as part of a web development firm or marketing agency.

    Because nearly all the work is computer-based, web development makes for a great work-from-home marketing job.

    How much can you earn as a remote web developer?

    Web developers in the United States earn an average annual salary of around $78K.

    14. Google Analytics Expert

    Google Analytics can be challenging to understand.

    A Google Analytics expert helps companies to set up their Google Analytics platform and then monitor and analyze the web data to make recommendations on how to optimize the business.

    Some of the day-to-day activities of a Google Analytics expert include:

    • Creating reports to track company goals
    • Working to understand customer behavior and how people find your site
    • Implementing Google Tag Manager
    • Using data visualization platforms

    Google Analytics experts tend to work independently, providing their services to clients. As such, it is a good work-from-home marketing job.

    How much can you earn as a remote Google Analytics expert?

    Google Analytics experts in the United States earn an average annual salary of around $75K.

    15. Marketing Agency Owner

    The final way to work from home as a marketer is to launch your own digital marketing agency.

    As an agency owner, you can provide digital marketing services where you plan, implement and manage the digital marketing strategy for your clients.

    The agency’s services can include all areas of digital marketing or you may specialize in a specific service such as SEO.

    A digital marketing agency owner has to build a team of specialists, consultants, and developers to work together to deliver results for the agency’s clients.

    An owner must also actively market their agency and network to bring a continual flow of clients to the business.

    By creating a remote agency, owners are free to hire the best workers regardless of location.

    The same applies to clients. Because all work can be conducted virtually through strong organization and communication, remote agency’s have a large pool of potential clients to choose from

    In addition to having a comprehensive understanding of digital marketing, agency owners need the following skills to run their business effectively:

    • Leadership abilities
    • Creative thinking
    • Problem-solving skills
    • Business and marketing strategy
    • Good at working with people

    How much can you earn as a marketing agency owner?

    How much you can earn as a digital marketing agency owner will depend on the size of your business and the specific services that you provide to your clients.

    There are a variety of ways to bill your clients, two of the most popular method being a flat retainer or a percentage of marketing spend.

    Remote Marketing Jobs Salary

    The table below shows the average annual salary of the most popular work-from-home jobs. Data is specific to remote jobs available in the United States.

    Job TitleAverage Annual Salary
    Digital Marketing Specialist$64K
    Marketing Consultant$62K
    SEO Specialist$64K
    Google Ads Specialist$70K
    Facebook Ads Expert$70K
    eCommerce Specialist$60K
    Marketing Copywriter$50K
    Content Marketing Specialist$62K
    Social Media Manager$65K
    Email Marketing Expert$66K
    PPC Specialist$56K
    Affiliate Marketing Manager$80K
    Web Developer$78K
    Google Analytics Expert$75K
    Marketing Agency OwnerVaries

    Note: The actual salary you can get depends on your experience, the country of incorporation of the company, and the type of project.

    How to Get a Work-From-Home Marketing Job?

    Now that we’ve covered the best work from home marketing jobs, let’s examine the crucial steps you need to take to land the remote job you desire:

    Acquire the necessary skills

    Before you can work from home as a marketer, you must develop the skills needed to perform your role effectively.

    If you’re looking for a quick and efficient way to grow your skills, one of the best ways to do so is to take a digital marketing course.

    A good course will compile the essentials that you need to know and present them in a structured and concise manner.

    Digital marketing certificates are another good way to prepare for online marketing jobs and have the added benefit of giving you a way to validate your competency to potential clients

    In addition to improving your digital marketing skills, you will also need to develop the skills that will allow you to work effectively from home. This includes:

    • Time management
    • Communication
    • Flexibility
    • Discipline
    • Technical skills

    Build your portfolio and resume

    As you start to get your digital marketing skills you’ll want to look for opportunities to build your digital marketing portfolio.

    Your portfolio is an important resource for landing online marketing jobs throughout your career. Clients and employees will use it to assess your abilities to decide if they want to work for you.

    For obvious reasons, direct work experience is the most important thing you can have on your resume.

    Beyond this, you can make your resume stand out with certifications, degrees, or any awards you have received.

    Monitor job posting websites

    Freelance websites are one of the most common ways to find work-from-home marketing jobs. Some of the best websites to find remote marketing jobs are:

    • We Work Remotely
    • Flexjobs
    • Remote OK
    • AngelList

    Promptly apply to job applications

    When you find job listings that interest you, it is important to apply for them quickly.

    Speed is essential to ensuring that the potential client or employer gives your application proper consideration.

    This is particularly important if you’re looking for freelance marketing jobs posted on a freelance board like Upwork.

    On average, it only takes a client around three days to fill their marketing gig jobs after posting it so you will miss out on some great opportunities if you are not on top of things.

    Full-time remote marketing jobs like those you can find on a generic job board like Indeed will take longer to fill.

    However, these jobs are hyper-competitive. Many receive dozens if not hundreds of applications.

    Companies may not hire in a few days but waiting until your resume is 100th on the list to apply isn’t favorable to you getting the role.

    Overall, digital marketing is ideal for remote work. In fact, in today’s climate, remote work is now the norm for many digital marketing professions.

    So long as you provide quality work, there are plenty of opportunities to work from home as a marketer.

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