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Cloud Hosting And Health Care Industry Joining Hands For Better Future


Healthcare industry have been constantly working to improve outcomes for patients and inspiring people from IT to share their contribution to bring more and more innovation and advancement in the field of healthcare.

New up-gradations require new ways of rapid recovery and new form of growth. Healthcare industry is one of the most regulated industries out of all involving securing crucial patient information and the finances involved. Hence, the cloud hosting specifications have to be more stringent here.

According to an analyst at Gartner CIOs and CTOs are becoming more comfortable and dependent on cloud based hosting solutions and are welcoming these solutions where more benefits are involved and risks are known. Healthcare industry was facing this problem of not able to provide easy access to the data from different locations and staying relevant in the real time. Now with the introduction of cloud based solutions like cloud hosting, cloud storage etc. healthcare delivery organizations are able to accomplish this transformation and modernize their business practices. 

Also the cloud computing solutions became one of the requisites as now, healthcare industry has not only to worry about health of their clients but there is a lot more to it. They are becoming more dependent on technology as now it’s equally important to keep a proper record of the clinical, administrative, financial, researches etc.

Name any healthcare organization in the present time and you would not find any of these organizations equipped with a proper separate IT department with one of the most efficient engineers working in full swing. By the end of 2018, there were 80 % of the healthcare organizations either hosted over cloud or using any other cloud based solution. This pace has been so frenetic as it when it comes to cloud based technologies it has been analyzed that benefits are endless and costs involved is minimum. 

Personally Identifiable Information (PII) is the information which any healthcare organization has to protect. This involves patient’s medical history, birth related details and many others. From the blood group of a patient to the measures of the hormones are the kind of information that are consulted and are used in future to retrieve any kind of medical information of a specific patient. This level of hanging by the thread information if by any means is misused or mishandled will escalate the problem and the concerned people and the authority will be dodging bullets and may come under unnecessary public or private action. 

Nowadays, paper healthcare records are being replaced by or have already been replaced by electronic healthcare records (EHRs). Basically it is a digital version of patient’s paper chart. It makes all the medical information instantly available and there can be no more secured way to make it available to authorized customers. With the introduction of EHR’s, all the information related to the patient can be globally shared across multiple healthcare organizations. This has made things so easy for the patients as well as for their families.

They don’t have to carry papers from the hospitals or recommendations from one place to the other. Everything has become so handy just a click away on their phones. EHRs consist information related to patient’s medical history, diagnoses, medications, allergies, test results etc. The creation of EHRs have encompassed and leveraged digital progress and as simultaneously transformed the healthcare is delivered. 

IT Implementation In Rural Healthcare 

In countries like India, approximately 70 % of the population lives in the villages, it’s very important to make the healthcare available to them in the best way possible. In most of the scenarios village dwellers have to visit the nearby cities even for things as small as vaccines which can be made easily available in the local village hospitals. These web-based EHR products include unlimited patient portal access, e-prescriptions and even online scanning and faxing of the documents.

It seamlessly connects rural patients and providers in the remote locations. IT implementation is quite a blessing for the local rural health checkup centers who have limited resources and expertise. Most of the specialists or doctors don’t have a will to work remotely and mostly operate through metro cities. We can bring them physically to the rural part of the country but we can definitely bring the technology to them without any doubt that can connect them to the most efficient healthcare experts. 

The 2019 Healthcare Consumer Trends Reports from NRC Health found that 80% of the patients would select their healthcare provider on the basis of convenience. Hence this shows that how much EHR is relevant in today’s time period. And why not, who does not want easy and affordable access to treatments, medications as well supervision under the experts.  

Cloud-Based Services- An Integrated Approach For Patient Engagement

The implementation of cloud computing services like cloud hosting or cloud storage is multitudinous. Cloud based services in these healthcare organizations are mutually benefitting and is helping overall to collect more and more information regarding the activity levels on daily basis or the blood pressures or any chronic conditions. It aims at improving lifestyles of people at such a large scale. 

Nowadays AI has upgraded itself at such level that it communicates with you in your day to day humdrums. You can easily find apps that even help you to decide your daily diet to keep you healthy and provide this assistance just a click away. This overall pressure which was posed on the healthcare professionals is now reduced and is diverted on these apps and all thanks to AI. This has enhanced the relationship between the patients and the physicians. 

Life sciences in consolidation with healthcare organizations are now effectively engaged with the patients and are constantly innovating new ideas to make the whole healthcare administration more patient driven. This is not the end to the development of cloud in the healthcare realm, most of the cloud hosting or cloud storage providers are trying to invigorate by implementing machine learning techniques in the field. And we as a part of the society will be going to benefit in the end.

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