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    Comparing the Top Salon Scheduling Software Solutions

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    Every business and domain is joining hands with advanced technology solutions, and in this rapidly growing and competitive domain, how could the salon business stay behind? Managing a salon business scheduling in an old-fashioned way is surely a time-consuming and hectic task, which can take a significant amount of resources. Also, it comes with a lot of complexities and chances of human error. Imagine being a salon owner using cutting-edge all-in-one software to run and manage their salon operations and tasks. A software that can manage everything related to your salon, such as memberships, scheduling, online bookings, point of sales, and more. However, the question arises as to which is the right software to choose from a list of software available online.

    A simple internet search can bring a lot of options in front of you, which can lead to confusion and indecisiveness. To make things easier for you and narrow down your salon software choices, we are going to compare leading software solutions with their features, pricing, and more. After reading this comparison, you will be aware enough to know which software is the best value for money and fulfils your salon business needs. 

    Salon Software by Wellyx

    Wellyx is an all-in-one software solution specifically tailored to the needs of a salon business. It has a list of cutting-edge features that make it one-of-a-kind salon scheduling software, and it’s loaded with more features other than scheduling. Wellyx salon software allows you to manage online booking, staff management, memberships, sales, marketing, and reports, all things on one single platform. Salon business growth depends on customer experience and satisfaction. Wellyx salon software, with its seamless scheduling, appointment bookings, and payments, provides an exceptional experience to your clients. This experience helps them come again for the services and be a recurring customer of your salon.

    Main Features of Wellyx Salon

    • Booking and Scheduling
    • Membership management 
    • Staff management
    • Payment processing
    • Insights & Reports 
    • Branded Mobile App


    Salonist is a cloud-based salon management solution that has all the advanced features to run a salon business without any interruption or problems. The key features of Salonist include scheduling, online appointment bookings, and membership management. 

    The scheduling feature allows salon owners to manage salon appointments to provide valued services to their clients. Apart from scheduling, it also hosts other critical features such as staff management, attendance tracking, employee training, and more. All these features combined provide an exceptional experience to run a salon business in the best way possible. Below are the main features of Salonist Salon scheduling software. 

    Salonist Features: 

    • Appointment scheduling
    • Activity dashboard
    • Client Portal 
    • Payment processing 
    • Online store
    • Point of sale
    • Waitlist tracking 


    Mindbody is a dominant name in providing business management solutions. It has covered multiple industries, such as the wellness and beauty industry. It also provides a complete management solution for the salon industry. Prominent features of Mindbody salon scheduling software are employee management, point of sale, order management, billing, payments, marketing, and inventory management. 

    Mindbody software provides an advanced booking and scheduling platform that ensures your clients are getting the services without any interruption. It helps achieve a new level of customer satisfaction, retention, and recurring business. Below are a few notable features of mindboy scheduling software. 

    Mindbody Features: 

    • Online booking
    • Payment management
    • Scheduling
    • Staff management 
    • Time tracking
    • Order management 
    • Client management 
    • Point of sale

    Rosy Salon Software

    Rosy salon software is a cloud-based salon scheduling software that provides more than just scheduling and bookings. It offers client management, point of sale, reporting, inventory management, and marketing to help you secure more leads and increase revenue. Salon owners can single-handedly manage their salon operations from a single software that can be accessed anytime and anywhere. It provides great convenience to the users to book their favorite slots and pay on the go. Salon managers can easily view and monitor all the stats from the dashboard and make decisions accordingly. A salon software running without any hurdles will result in increased customer satisfaction, smooth workflow, and efficient staff management. Rosy Salon software pricing starts at $29.00/month.

    Highlighted Features

    • Online task scheduling 
    • Automated communication
    • Detailed Reports 
    • Mobile app access
    • Inventory management
    • Marketing
    • Online store


    Now that we have discussed all the top salon scheduling software with their extensive features. It will help you narrow down your choices and go for the right one that fulfills your salon business needs. No matter if you are a seasoned professional or just starting your first salon venture. Choosing the right management software can put you miles ahead of your competition and achieve steady growth in the long run. So, be very mindful when choosing the right solution to solve your business problems, and strive to give your members an exceptional experience to keep them coming back to your salon services. 

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