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    FedEx Logo: Evolution and Hidden Meaning

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    The FedEx company was founded in 1971 as a packaging delivery startup. Over several decades, it has developed into a powerful logistics brand and trend setter. The company’s award-winning logo became one of factors behind the mind-blowing success of FedEx.  

    1. Meaning behind FedEx logo
    2. Background and evolution
    3. Curiosities on FedEx design
    4. Why FedEx logo works
    5. How would FedEx logo look like if it were made in ZenBusiness?

    Meaning behind FedEx logo

    The FedEx logo is mostly known for its tricky optical illusion. If you look closely between letters E and X, you’ll spot a white arrow. It stands for speed, accuracy, strive for perfection, and perseverance in achieving goals. 

    Each shade on the logo also has its meaning. You might have noticed that the “Ex” part of the name changes its color across different displays. It’s a witty way to distinguish the departments inside the company. For example, orange stands for FedEx Express, green is the corporate color of FedEx Ground, and red is a direct indication at FedEx Freight.

    Background and evolution

    The first FedEx logo saw the light in 1971 году. The emblem featured the full company name “Federal Express” inside a rectangle which was divided in two by a diagonal line. The corporate color palette included three hues (blue, red, and white) that portrayed the ideas of power and professionalism. That particular color scheme was aimed to draw attention to the fact that FedEx hired both former employees of the US government and common people.  

    In 1994, the brand revamped its logo. The management decided to get rid of the long company name in order to achieve simplicity and avoid the negative associations caused by the word “federal”. From almost 200 options, designers picked the one with ideal proportions and balanced colors. FedEx has been loyal to the emblem ever since.

    Curiosities on FedEx design

    The FedEx emblem is simple only on first sight. It has a steady place on the lists of top company logos. The logo looks stylish and relevant even decades after its last redesign. Let’s take a look at its fundamental elements. 

    • The FedEx logo is a textbook example of how to use negative space, i.e. the blank space surrounding the elements of the logo.
    • For the iconic hidden arrow, designer Lindon Leader paired the Universe 67 and Futura Bold fonts. Also, he had to spend forever experimenting with the arrangement and size of the letters. 
    • Among different color combinations (black+grey, grey+orange, etc.), the company opted for the mix of orange and violet that stands for prosperity and prestige. 

    Why FedEx logo works

    • The pioneer Federal Express logo emphasized the company’s ties with the US government, which had a beneficial effect on the credibility of the former. 
    • The second emblem with the hidden message stood out through its smart design that conveyed the ideas of movement, precision, and reliability. 
    • The logo is on display 24/7, all over the globe. Millions of people see the FedEx emblem on their packages, trucks, planes, etc. Instantly recognizable, the logo evokes positive connotations and memories.  

    How would FedEx logo look like if it were made in ZenBusiness?


    The FedEx visual identity is a great creative source for startups to draw inspiration from. Now it’s your call! Come up with your own strong message and incorporate it into a simple, edgy logo.

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