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Fossil Sport review


After laptops, computers, mobiles, and even phablets, what do we need now phablaplop? Not this, but nowadays smart watches have entered the market and are providing great value to the mobility and smart world. Fossil with its Fossil Sport product has presented some of the crazy specifications at a really affordable price. Focusing on fitness majorly, this watch is light, good looking and durable. Moreover, with the processor under the hood and long battery life, this device steals the show.

The device doesn’t come with something extraordinary though- but whatever it has that is world class in the price range. Basically, it is a blend of style and sport with the smartness under the hood which can bring any customer towards it. But, is this watch the best in mid-range smart watch market? Let’s check it out in the Fossil Sport review below and you can also buy this using Paytm Mall Offers with great deals.

Design and Display

The new Fossil Sport goes with its name- smart plus sporty. The watch is lightweight, well-designed and durable too. The watch comes in an aluminum body with the very lightweight strap made of silicon which won’t even absorb sweat. On the side of the dial, you can see two buttons above and below the dial each.

The above one is Fossil’s software integration while the lower one is Google Fit programmed.
You can customize the home screen with different looks but the look which comes with the device is something which will attract the user most. The buttons are tight and solid which adds more rigidity to the watch. There are a heart rate monitor and two metal contacts for the charger on the bottom of the watch. The heart monitor is made of glass.

Coming to the display, the Fossil Sport packs a 1.19-inch 390 x 390 OLED display which comes with two case variants- 41mm or 43mm case. The colors come out bright and vivid. But, on a bright sunny day, you might have to squint to read it. Overall, it gets the job done- thanks to enough brightness it provides. Talking about the bezels, they are pretty thick which not a surprise is. Every mid-range smart watch carries that fashion of having thick bezels.

When it comes to the wristband, it is surely a USP of this smart watch which comes with two wristband variants: 18mm or 22mm wristband. Wearing it doesn’t feel like a burden on hand- it is light and comfy at every situation- whether working out, jogging or sitting in the office. If you want to change the strap, it is easy as walking on flower bed but reattaching it is such a tedious task to do.


Under the hood, the Fossil Sport gets Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 3100 and the device performs really nice and smooth. With 512MB of RAM, the apps were responsive and there will be no signs of stutters or hiccups. The device has 4GB of in-built storage which means you can load music and load apps if you wish to. The Fossil Sport comes with NFC too. Using this watch either on iOS or Android, this will device is completely and equally functional at both the platforms. Still, it gets along better with Android devices.


The Fossil Sport comes with everything a user needs in a fitness smart watch. The light weight and loads of sensors make it a perfect notch device. With well-tuned heart rate monitor, accelerometer and GPS, this device sure shot provides accuracy. But, GPS tracking is a little bit slow in the device- which is what you can feel too. The watch comes with some pre-configured workouts. Also, the device comes in handy while swimming and is water resistance is for depths of 50 meters. Overall, Fossil hasn’t put a wrong foot in making this device by creating a blend of smartness plus fitness freak watch.

Battery Life

Coming with the OLED display, the Fossil Sport is one heck of a device when it comes to battery drainage. With all day on-display, the device can leave 30% fuel in the tank. So, if you don’t have this feature on for the whole day, you will get an extra boost- which means it will last longer. As per Fossil itself, the watch can give two days of battery life. The low power mode in this product makes it more durable during the less battery juice. When it comes to charging, the device charges rapidly. Just in 30 minutes of charge from the dead, you can put it in your wrist. In terms of battery life various options available in market and one can avail those using Shopclues Coupon

Final Verdict

The Fossil Sport is not something out of this world and also not providing something out of the box. But, at the affordable pricing, it provides nearly everything that too in great condition. The performance is sharp and solid, the OLED display is bright, and the long battery life steals the show. The device is light weight and durable which makes it a great gym friend. Fossil Sport is good enough to attract many users and roll into their wrists and we recommend it too- thanks to the value for money it provides.

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