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Get Best Looking Kitchen with Best Kitchen Styles


With the introduction to the global lifestyle and cultures, our lives are altering. This also changes the approach to the kitchens. From an open arrangement with built-in appliances to a lounge where you can interact, the kitchen is where you have communication with food and divert the daily chores of cooking to a moment of comfort and style. Kitchens are no longer boring corners where a woman’s work is always naggy; today the best kitchen design have become corners to celebrate, to connect with family and friends. The advance modular kitchen serves this purpose.

The world of modular kitchens is fast advancing. Advancing with open-shelving options, a growing group of colorful fixtures and globally multi colored appliances are providing a beautiful touch to spaces that were once boring and crowded. With kitchens becoming the focal point for social activities, an island counter or counter-height tables are featured as latest choices.

Kitchen design

The most significant thing to consider while planning a kitchen is to fabricate the area to plan for the usage and make it spacious, which will also contribute to the best kitchen design.

Cooking styles and needs differs a lot from one country to another, as food habits are different in every country. Hence, kitchen needs will also vary for each household. Fundamental features to which a user should give importance to while doing up a kitchen would be:

Kitchen Height – The height of the counters and shelves should be such made that every part of the kitchen is easy to use. A safe and convenient kitchen needs the counters to be built according to the users’ height so that the shoulders don’t need to be called while working and the use of a stool or steps is reduced, if such props are needed at all to reach high-set cupboards.

Layout and Accessibility – Someone who makes tempting treats requires to shuffle between a number of functional areas in a kitchen – the sink, the stove, the refrigerator, the work counter, storage cupboards, etc. For this, the design of the space should be defined following to the work triangle rule.

The Work Triangle includes of three basic workstations – the sink, refrigerator and the cooking hob/range. The triangle’s starting point would be from the center of the sink to the top of the refrigerator to the center of the cooktop.

Accessorizing Minimum yet very useful, accessories help in arranging the kitchen and at the same time, add a rare style to it like hanging storage shelves, cutlery hangers, towel dryer, a dustbin, etc.

Storage – There are two kinds of storage that a user should keep in mind: active and passive storage. These are based on the number and time of usage of items and how they are stored. A modular kitchen should serve to both the needs with ease.

Adaptive Kitchens A kitchen should be capable to adapt to various cooking styles and cuisines and serves to the methods used.

Material – The materials used in a kitchen based on the location and the user. A place with high humidity will attract for a kitchen with Marine Ply (for its water resistance properties), a place which is proof to termite and insect infestation will need the use of steel (for its anti-pest properties), and so on. While choosing on materials, users also must keep in mind how easily a kitchen can be cleaned, which is crucial.

Customization The main factor that must be in mind while considering the best kitchen design is that the modular kitchen must be easily altered as per the user’s requirement and the space available. The quality of the units must not be adjusted in any way.


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