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    How candle packaging play an important role to protect our product?

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    The use of candles for home purposes and decoration on special occasions has become much more common. In case you are a manufacturer, you might be able to gauge the imperatives of a candle gift box. It is not just the primary purpose of protection that this box serves well. But, it also aids the product manufacturers in taking their presentation game to the next level.

    It is also a comfortable packaging as it is extremely functional and engages the attention of people with amazing visuals. The utilization of corrective printing techniques can give a great boost to a business’s sales with improved branding. While there are several benefits of this box, we will talk about its protection capability only in this write-up. 

    Modifiable sizing:

    The sizing of packaging in relation to the products’ dimensions is closely linked to their overall protection. Getting it wrong will compromise the safety aspects, and it will no longer act as the shield to keep the items safe. There is a vast range of packaging solutions in the market, but unfortunately, all of them come mostly in standard sizes. Many of them are oversized, and some are tiny that does not meet the precise measurements of the items.

     Forcing the items into tiny or small boxes is not a wise decision at all. This is because their sharp edges will cut the packages, due to which they will be exposed to externalizes. This is not the case with candle boxes wholesale, which allow you greater control over their sizing. Whether your candles are long or short, these boxes allow you greater control over their size. 

    Sturdier material usage:

    A lot depends on the box’s material choice when we talk about the protection of fragile and delicate candles. The candle box is sturdily built from cardboard, and it comes in some other materials as well. For moderate protection, thin sheets of paperboard are used in its manufacturing process. However, when the load to be carried is more, it is prepared from the corrugated card stock.

    This material consists of a paperboard with fluted medium paper laminated to it, which gives the box enough strength. It is mostly used when the box is to be used for some heavy-duty shipping where the chance of breakage is more. With its increased thickness and soldier nature, it keeps the wearing or tearing elements at bay. Often, the box is also made from Kraft paper to increase the safety aspect as well as stay lightweight. Such high-quality material usage in the making of this box is the reason why it is so durable. 

    Flexibility to make partitions:

    A lot of damage occurs due to the knocking of items with the box’s walls as well as during the stacking process. Most of the candle manufacturers are extremely worried about this and looking for different viable options. The candle packaging is able enough to remove this concern of the manufacturers. It provides complete freedom to customize its interior with custom-made cardboard punch partitions. These partitions serve the two basic purposes that add to the overall durability of the packaging.

    At first, it keeps the delicate candles in their novel form by preventing their further movement inside. The result is that the walls of the packaging are no longer knocked at, and the candles remain safe. Secondly, the partitions provide enough strength to the lid of packaging that helps in the stacking process. The lid does not get damaged during stacking, and hence, the candles’ original posture remains preserved. 

    Variable thickness:

    There is a great misconception among the manufacturers that the thickness of the packaging does not matter in product protection. Of course, the packaging that is thin and feeble would be more prone to get damaged by external factors. On the other hand, the boxes made from thicker materials would be in a strong position to defend the products’ integrity.

    The candle packaging with its variable thickness allows the manufacturers to keep a balance between the price and protection capability. For the candles that do not need to be sent long distances, less thick packages can be used. However, when there is a risk of damage, the thickness of candle packages can be increased depending upon the need. Depending upon the degree of fragility candles possess and the level of damage, you can freely choose the thickness accordingly. 

    Sufficient cushioning space:

    The candle box is built on the rule of one inch. It states that one inch of space should be left between the candles’ dimensions and walls of the box. Well, the basic purpose of leaving this space is to allow sufficient space for cushioning the fragile candles. Different cushioning options can be utilized, such as shredded or recycled papers, bubble wraps, etc.

    These cushioning items are placed between the centers of each individual item. This kind of placement helps in mitigating the effect of collision and knocking off the items with one another. Moreover, the cushioning also helps in putting a halt to any further movement of the candles inside. The result is that the subtle candles’ original posture remains preserved from any kind of unwanted impact. 


    The sleek design and perfectly customizable size of the candle gift box leave no stone turnaround in ensuring ultimate protection. It is constituted from more solid materials and shows a discrepancy in the thickness selection that makes it perfect for product safety. Moreover, its flexibility in terms of offering enough cushioning space also adds to its overall protection capability. 

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