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    How Serverwala’s Uruguay VPS will help in attaining higher SERP Rankings?

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    The organic way of attaining higher SERP Rankings is through employing the various kinds of Search Engine Optimization(SEO) techniques. This is because SEO carries the complete process of website ranking. So, you can rank your site on the top of the SERP page for specific keywords. Although, the progressive nature of SEO has kept the webmasters on their toes, especially in the modern era. In SEO, off-page and on-page optimization methods have been the point of discussion for many years. However, the consideration of website performance and speed in SEO algorithms have been included since the 2000s. That’s why the focus has changed to enhance the site loading time to less than 3 seconds.

    Web hosting plays a vital role in improving the load time of a website. Therefore, if you are also looking forward to attain higher ranking for your  website, then Uruguay VPS Hosting is the best and rallying option for you. With Serverwala’s VPS in Uruguay, you will get independent resources, 24/7 Support, and Top-tier security necessary to achieve all your targeted business goals.

    Before we continue with our discussion on how VPS helps you attain higher SERP Rankings, it’s important to know the basics of the Uruguay VPS Server. Let’s get started!

    Definition of VPS Hosting

    VPS (Virtual Private Servers) is a web hosting category that allows users to host their websites on its web space portion. Being a private platform, it gives you an independent hosting environment and a complete package of dedicated services. These services include exclusive Random Access Memory, Data Storage(SSD and HDD), bandwidth, etc.  So, you can host the small to medium size website on the Uruguay VPS Server.

    Further, the VPS Server works in a virtualized environment in which multiple virtual servers are created from a single physical server. These virtual servers are connected to a centralized system that controls them called a hypervisor. Whereas each virtual server mimics the hosting environment of a physical server and a dedicated server as they work on using their own resources.  Since the traffic inflow, security, ranking, performance of another site do not affect your site, it offers a robust infrastructure with enhanced performance and encryption security measures.

    Benefits of VPS Uruguay in Website’s SEO

    At this point you may be aware of the Uruguay VPS Hosting and its working. Therefore, it’s time to hop into the crucial benefits of choosing this hosting for attaining higher SERP ranking for your website. Let’s see the top six factors that give a boost to your SERP ranking:

    Improved Uptime Score

    Usually, the uptime score is measured in the percentage value, and the best and highest uptime score considered for SEO is 99.99%. This means your website can experience an average downtime of 1.44 minutes a day or 8.8 hours per year. From an SEO viewpoint, if any site experiences more downtime than the usual one or frequently downs, it would affect the SERP rankings.

    However, Uruguay VPS Hosting has been considered the best to provide higher uptime than the rest of the web hosting types. This is because the independent hosting environment of the VPS Server enables you to work without any hindrance, making it a more reliable option.

    Better Web Page Loading Time

    The Web Page Loading time plays a vital role in ranking. According to the Google Algorithms and latest reports, it is suggested that if your website takes more than 3 seconds to load, this means you are losing a maximum number of your potential customers. Along with various factors, the type of web hosting you are using impacts directly on loading speed. Thus, VPS hosting in Uruguay is considered as the simple way for improving web page loading time. This is because it gives you a unique IP address to run your website without other site interruptions. In addition, it provides your solid state drives, which has a better capability than traditional Hard Disk Drives.

    Robust Security Features

    In Shared Hosting, where all the websites share the same IP address, hence a cyber breach on a single site puts the rest of the sites hosted on the same server in trouble. In Contrast, Uruguay VPS divides the server into various virtual independent servers. Each has its own unique IP address, resources, high end data encryption security, and DDoS protection. Also, with complete server access, you can install many security features to protect your sensitive data from cyber threats. This is because cybersecurity affects your online presence as well as SEO factors.

    Greater Control Over the Server

    VPS in Uruguay hosting gives you complete control over your server to manage and maintain your server’s functionality. It is an excellent advantage for your site. So, you are free to install various custom software and applications on your website to enhance all the functionalities on your server. Also, it gives you greater flexibility to choose the best and optimized operating system that would help improve the SERP ranking.

    Easy Upgradation

    It is better to prepare your site to ensure more organic traffic. This means when traffic increases on your website, then it demands more resources. At that moment, do not let your site wait for the resources. Therefore, VPS Hosting in Uruguay ensures the high availability of resources. Additionally, it allows you to upgrade your resources at any time as per requirements. This will give you a better opportunity and a simple way to attain a higher SERP Ranking.

    Managed VPS Hosting

    In managed VPS Hosting plans, you will get the flexibility to rest from the site maintenance and management. As all the key roles played by your web host. This means your web host is responsible for managing and configuring your VPS Uruguay Server. This benefits you from the SEO viewpoint. Because the hosting provider will take care of installing the upgraded applications on your server that help to climb up the SERP ranking ladder.

    After going through all the vital benefits of the best VPS Hosting Uruguay, you have seen how it helps you attain a higher SERP ranking without making much effort. But as it’s a fact that all is this based on the type of web hosting. Similarly, it’s also important to Buy VPS Uruguay Hosting from a reliable web host. For that, I would like to recommend “Serverwala”. Let’s take a glimpse of how it is best.

    Why choose Serverwala as your VPS Host?

    To attain a higher SERP ranking of your website, you need a reliable, powerful, and a reputed web host that gives you industry leading services with enterprise grade resources at an affordable price. All you need to make your resource intensive website high performing and attain a high SEO ranking. However, you will get all these factors in the Serverwala Cloud Data Center. That’s why it is considered the best web host for you. Know more about it.

    About Serverwala

    Founded in 2015, Serverwala is a Leading and renowned web hosting provider famous for providing optimal performance, robust security, affordable hosting plans and packages, an independent hosting environment, robust infrastructure, and friendly customer support. Because of these exclusive and intense resources, services, and features, the company has received several awards. Hence, serves more than 10K potential customers globally.

    Moreover, Serverwala offers you better uptime, reliability, and scalability. In addition, it has a highly skilled and professional support team; that’s why it provides you 24*7 consistent support via Live Chat, WhatsApp, Skype, Email, etc. So, you can raise your query via any of the mediums and get instant solutions.

    Further, their web hosting services include unlimited plans, Linux and Windows Uruguay VPS, dedicated, Cluster, Cloud Hosting, and Colocation Services.

    Features of Serverwala’s VPS Hosting in Uruguay

    • The company uses the latest and upgraded Robust Infrastructure so you can experience seamless performance, highest uptime, and fast speed with the Uruguay VPS Hosting.
    • You won’t have to wait so long for the VPS Setup. Once the payment is verified, you will get the Instant Provisioning, and your setup is deployed within 60 minutes after your order placement.
    • Like shared hosting, you are not bound to host websites on your server. With Uruguay VPS, you can Host Unlimited Websites.
    • Without putting yourself into a complex puzzle to monitor your server activities, Serverwala gives you a Resource Monitoring Dashboard. So, you can easily monitor your server, CPU usage, and other activities running on your server.
    • No need to wait for any action from your web host side. You can easily customize and configure your server because of having the SSH and Root Access control in your hands.
    • With the freedom to select your Choice of Control panel, you can opt for the friendly and secure Cpanel and Plesk panel for your Uruguay VPS.
    • Like control panels, you are free to choose Operating systems from the popular and open source operating systems, i.e., Windows and Linux(CentOS, Ubuntu, Debian).
    • If you want to be free from server management and maintenance, then freely choose the managed Uruguay VPS plans to enjoy the endless Free VPS Management services.
    • The best factor to improve your SERP ranking is to choose the Solid State Drives that boost your site performance and speed, ensuring a better user experience.


    VPS Hosting in Uruguay is one of the best and affordable hosting for websites looking forward to attaining a higher SERP ranking. This is because it impersonates the Dedicated Server without making a hole in your pocket. So, you can employ all its exclusive benefits and principal features to improve your site performance and speed. However, without any stress, buy VPS Uruguay hosting by serverwala to accomplish all your requirements with 24*7 support that helps your site climb the SERP rankings.

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