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How to Operate a Kubota Excavator for Mining or Civil Construction Work


Excavation work consists of digging holes and filling them. You can load a dump truck with an excavator, usually with dirt or mud, to clear the site for other construction or mining activity. The machine uses hydraulics to power the machine. To move soil in a tight space, you must use a small machine. When the excavator is small, it is possible to execute tight turns and move around in a small space.

Get the excavator first
The most popular machine is Kubota. Use the kubota 1.7 t excavator hire service to get the machine to start your work. Here you can find the working method including the way to start the machine. As the operator, you are answerable to the Plant Manager and the Site Manager for all the work you do with the excavator.

To turn on the Kubota excavator, you have to raise the left armrest first. If you pull on the red lever in front of the armrest, it will raise the armrest. When you do this the hydraulics get locked so that you will not move anything if you accidentally knock against the controls. Move the throttle to low and turn the ignition on. You find the throttle knob to the right of the seat ahead of you.

Unlock the armrest
Bring the left armrest down, this will allow you to unlock and use the hydraulics. Hydraulics gives power to the machine. You will see one handle ahead of the left joystick grab it and push it down so that it locks into position. Now, increase the throttle. The machine will need power while it is working and so you must set the throttle to ¾ of its full capacity. When the load is heavy, you can move the throttle to full power.

You can move the machine to the front or the back using the two pedals near your foot. You will use one pedal for each track. When you press on both with the same force, the machine will move forward or backwards. Pull back on the right joystick, and this will raise the main boom. The stick boom is between the main boom and the bucket. It is also known as the crowd boom. Use the left joystick and pull back on this so that the stick boom comes close to you. When you move the right joystick to the left, the bucket will curl.

Get the machine ready in time
Make sure you have the earth moving machine ready for work at least two days in advance. That way, you can approach another supplier in case the first fails to deliver. To get the kubota 1.7 t excavator hire it from your local earth moving equipment supplier. Check with two or three suppliers to be sure that you have the lowest rates and the best equipment.

Before you begin the work, check the machine to see that it suits the site conditions and that the machine is capable of doing the work. Also, check whether the operator’s manual is there in the cabin at all times. It is the duty of the excavator operator to see that workers do not position themselves between the reversing machine and equipment or building.

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