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    How to Save Money with Offline Assessment Solution?

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    Richa Ahuja
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    We are all aware of how technology has taken over the assessment process almost eradicating the manual procedures. In times when online assessment process is being worshipped for all the benefit that it provides it is obvious to undermine the value of offline assessment solution. So now the basic question that first needs to be answered is –

    Why to conduct Offline Assessments?

    Because it can overpower the limitations of online assessments! Technology is no doubt a boon to our society and moreover it has moved mountains in the educational world but the fact that cannot be avoided is that technology comes with its own share of limitations. In many places around the world especially the remote areas suffer with poor internet connectivity, but should this stop the growth of that particular place in terms of education? Running OMR software based exams or computer based exams in such areas curtails the drawbacks, maintaining the part of automation that is independent of internet connectivity.

    Earlier manual procedure used to be the only offline alternative which was highly costly and a brainstorming exhaustion on logistics. Offline assessment solutions are not just a convenient source to fill the lag of online based assessments but it is also a huge money saving process.

    What makes offline assessment inexpensive?

    • No money wastage on bundles of paper– In case of computer based test, papers are completely avoidable. If we consider OMR software based exams then also the benefit lies in creating complete answer booklet only on single OMR sheet for every individual student which is lot better than copy of answer sheets.
    • No dependency on expensive add-onsOMR sheet checker software carries out the complete sheet processing without the need of any added expensive tools. It can be easily paired with any normal flatbed scanner and printer which are not at all expensive.
    • Why to invest on workforce? – Exactly! Absolutely no need. If the assessment is computer based then it doesn’t require any internal workforce to tackle with result generation and classification, all of it comes integrated with complete CBT solution. On the other hand when we talk about bubble sheet reader aka OMR software then it is a complete offline solution in itself. One software that design, scans, read & evaluates OMR sheets and also generates comprehensive result within no time.
    • AI The Anti-Cheat Detector– No need to spend on invigilators when offline assessment solution comes with a dash of technology that integrates Artificial Intelligence. CBT solutions as well as OMR sheet checker software have been designed in such a way that they come with in-built anti cheat features that are AI driven which makes them completely fool-proof.

    Now that major points have already been discussed on how offline assessment solution is a money saving assessment process, let’s take a look on some of its other benefits for you.

    Equality– Earlier the students as well as administrators had to literally suffer if they belonged from remote areas because of no internet. Offline assessment solution gives similar examination experience to every candidate irrespective of the geographical location having strong internet connectivity or a poor one.

    Benefit for candidates– Even with no internet connectivity, students can still use similar tools that they have got their hands on in their usual work environment.

    Comprehensive Data– The result acquired from offline assessment remains secured in one system. This means that no matter from where the students are attempting the test or on how large spectrum the test is being conducted, the result for all candidates will be stored in one application and will be available on the same dashboard.

    Enhanced Security– If there is no internet connectivity then it doesn’t mean that the result security should be compromised. The fact that results are stored on a single application the risk of losing results or loss of data gets totally negligible.

    Randomization of questions– This is available with both CBT as well as OMR Software. The questions assigned to the students are not similar and are distributed on the basis of randomization, which creates a unique question paper for every individual candidate.

    Speed & Accuracy– Offline assessment solutions provide instant result and also remove the criteria of manual errors that can disrupt the whole of assessment process. The bubble sheet reader can read approx. 300 sheets in a minute and can process bundles of sheets at once. On the other hand CBT solutions also render instant results that are deduced in real-time.


    Offline assessment process is also a part of technology just that it is not dependent on internet connectivity and is more affordable in comparison to its manual alternative. Its zero dependency on internet indeed makes it more accessible and possible to apply irrespective of geographical drawbacks. So in cases where online assessments also lose all hopes that’s where offline techniques take over and proves to be a remarkable solution to conduct assessments.

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