Health How would a trekking pole help concerning stability?

How would a trekking pole help concerning stability?


Walking poles are not just meant for elderly individuals these days. Most of us also use it for trekking effectively for additional support and walk quicker. If we can use these poles correctly for this purpose, it can give us multiple health benefits.

The lightweight trekking poles can help us in the regulation of heart rate makes our body move energetically. We would take more oxygen within the body, giving your muscles a boost to work faster. Our posture and stability over uneven surfaces can be improved. Poles have more benefits than anyone can imagine while hiking. Below mentioned steps can be helpful for those who desire to use walking poles for tracking.

Getting the pole ready for trekking

Before anything else, we might have to make sure that the pole is of appropriate height and firm enough to hold our weight while walking. Every pole has markings given that can be used to adjust the height accordingly. The poles would have the height limit starting from 120/128 to 188 cm.

We have to make sure to adjust the length of the walking pole properly. We might have to stand and bend the elbows at a right angle. Most of us hold the rubber handle from the bent hand at this time to see if the tip touches the ground and handles our weight. If it doesn’t, we can increase the length manually. In this way, we can adjust the height of the trekking pole easily.

Gripping and arm motion

The pole should be held with a relaxed shoulder so that we can rotate it back and forth between the forefinger and thumb. The correctly angled grip can help in assisting us in holding the walking pole more effortlessly. We might not want to use other fingers in the place of forefinger since it wouldn’t provide appropriate stability and support.

It also ensures that the arm motion can help us take each step forward without causing major issues. The individuals are advised to have elbows holding the pole near the sides while walking. Most of us make sure to keep a 90-degree angle at that time. Another important aspect is the motion of the opposite arm and leg. We ultimately have to make sure to walk naturally without forcing the pole tip to the ground.

Pole walking techniques

The first aspect an individual does while trekking for stability is to plant the pole on the ground lightly. Just as it touches the surface, we can take the next step forward again. However, we can thrust a bit more on the surface while going Uphill. We can also use these poles as a brake while going downhill.

At times we might need the poles in the front while walking either downhill or uphill. The experts encourage most of us to use the technique of swing and drop for taking steps to walk appropriately with the stability and support of poles.

We might also use the poles for walking faster rather than the aspect of stability. It is, however, needed only when we are moving on the same level or down the hill. The nordic walking stick can be used with relaxed arms and while getting the shoulders to work faster with the poles. In this aspect, behind-planting of the tip is more critical than the front to give us an extra push to pace forward.


Most of us can opt for the sticks concerning Nordic walking Brisbane from Pole Walking Australia company. The firm provides premium quality product specially engineered to enhance the health of the individual using it. It provides both safety and comfort while trekking even on the unstable ground.

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