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    Lockdown may have helped Economy

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    Authorities response coordinated market members and reduced uncertainty.

    The COVID pandemic has sparked a debate on the way to stability health outcomes in opposition to economic outcomes. The idea has largely been that authorities motion protects lives, but harms the financial system.

    In a new observe, we use day by day transaction and auction data from our marketplace to discover how market individuals reacted to the spreading information of Covid-19 earlier than and after the lock-down on March 12, and after the re-establishing on April 20. Our effects propose that issues about the negative financial outcomes of government motion can also have been exaggerated.

    The usage of a pricing model to assemble counterfactual charge developments, we document that half the COVID-related price fall before lock-down. In different words, market members reacted voluntarily to news of the pandemic properly before authorities movement pressured them to achieve this.

    We additionally observe a decline in transaction volumes and seller self assurance earlier than lockdown. At the same time, Bidders became more likely to increase aggressive bids. This is consistent with voluntary behavioral change at the part of each dealers and consumers.

    Lockdown become at the least in part a response to public opinion
    within the debate approximately how COVID lock-downs harm the economic system, it is straightforward to underestimate the role of self-enforced behavioral changes. While the state broadcaster NRK interviewed high Minister Erna Solberg on 26 can also approximately the lockdown, she framed it as a response to public opinion:

    “There has been a growing worry in the populace approximately the brand new virus. Many answered by taking their youngsters out of kindergarten and faculty. We notion it turned into crucial to take manipulate over the situation and set up a few not unusual rules.”

    This indicates government motion can also simply have helped to coordinate action and decrease the uncertainty among marketplace members. As such it may have helped, in preference to harmed the economic system.

    Although our analysis makes a specialty of the housing market, our findings are beneficial for different markets both in Norway and overseas. The values of houses affect the wealth of house owners, which in flip affects popular spending degrees. Likewise, house fees tell us some thing approximately the hard work market due to the fact people often need to pass house in order to exchange jobs.

    Furthermore, despite the fact that the Norwegian housing marketplace is small and peripheral in the global economy, the timeline of COVID spread and lockdown in Norway become much like a good deal of Western Europe.

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