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    Need help understanding the V matrix of Maple Story. So, you are not alone there are thousands of players in maple story who are confused about the V matrix system; hence, in this article, we are going learn about the adele v matrix, its necessity, the way to unlock the v matrix, and a lot more. To get more detailed information about adele v matrix, keep reading.

    The Adele

    Adele is one of the most popular and well-known high-class MapleStory game characters. She can handle the flying swords at that time of bossing. The Adele character has a plot that must be finished to access Mapple World. Adele starts in the city of art, the City of Rimstones. Thousands of people are trying to ace the adele v matrix. Many players are there who have access to the V matrix but need to learn how to use it to enhance adele skills. So first, let’s get to know about what adele v matrix is? 

    What is Adele V Matrix?

    adele v matrix

    V Matrix is a system that enables the user to customize their skills so that the player can choose which is required at which moment. The V matrix system unlocks at level 200 with 4 slots. After every 5 levels, an additional slot will be added to the V matrix system. Each and every slot is taken by a different node.

    Why is adele v matrix required?

    There is massive misinformation about the V matrix system usage. The v matrix system is an essential part of the Maple Story game. It changes the gameplay of a user altogether. After unlocking the adele v matrix, a user gets more options and more skills. It helps the user complete the Maple story game with ease. It also allows the user to craft different kinds of nodes to enhance the character’s skills. With the help of the v matrix system, a user can also dismantle unnecessary nodes and use them whenever and wherever required.

    How to unlock adele v matrix?

    To unblock the adele v matrix a user needs to collect the items better known as Nodes. These Nodes can be collected by hunting mobs, and a user can also get those nodes from the event stores weekly. The best and easiest way to collect these nodes is hunting monsters. Apart from that, Adele also got different skills after collecting these nodes.

    The process of Enhancing the Nodes?

    adele v matrix

    Before enhancing the nodes, let’s learn more about the different kinds of nodes. The nodes are mainly categorized into three categories. The categories are:

    • Skill node: these kinds of nodes help the users increase a character’s specific skills. That makes it easy to boss and enhance the gameplay of a player.
    • Boost Node: As its name says, it enhances the final damage according to the skills.
    • Special Node: These nodes work as a unique buff, achieving after certain situations. The player needs to understand that special nodes only last for 7 days. Hence, a player must disassemble the nodes after using a particular node.

    A skill can be enhanced up to level 25 in a single node. To improve the skill node, a user requires an identical node for the skill that needs to be enhanced. A user needs the trio to be identical to enhance the boost node to improve specific skills.

    Crafting & Disassembling Nodes in adele v matrix

    The adele v matrix enables the user to craft the node whenever required and also allows the user to disassemble the node once the requirement is over. Let’s get to know about the crafting and disassembling process of nodes in the adele v matrix:

    To craft and disassemble the nodes, a player needs to go to the adele v matrix user interface and right-click on the node, and there, a user will get the option of Shards. With the help of these shards, a user can craft and disassemble certain types of nodes according to need.

    Matrix Points in adele v matrix

    Matrix points allow the user to gain more skills and nodes after the level of 200. For every level of 200, a player receives one matrix point. Every matrix point helps the user to level up a node slot as per choice and needs. These matrix points allow the user to level up every required node to level 30.

    The way to access adele v matrix

    Once the user completes the 5th job. The 5th job skill tab with the V matrix button will be available in the skill window. By clicking the V matrix button, the user can view the V matrix deck fully. There are various things a player would be able to see in the X matrix deck. The things are:

    • V Matrix Slot: These slots will equip the nodes collected by the user or character of the game. Once the player clicks on the slot. The player can check the Rank, type, exp, and active node skills.
    • Active Node Skills: The area of the adele v matrix shows the skills a player obtains by collecting the nodes.
    • Node Type Tabs: these tabs allow the user to view different nodes. So the user can identify the nodes in the node collection quest.
    • List of Nodes: In this list, a user can view or access the nodes collected by the game character.


    Maple Story is a free-to-play game. There are various characters in this game. One of the most extraordinary characters in this game is adele. Every character has a way to access the V matrix deck. Once the user completes level 200, the game character gets the unique skills and ability to enhance its skills and damage according to the requirement. In such a manner, in this article, adele v matrix is explored. With the help of this guide, a player can understand the v matrix deck and its functions. It also allows the player to craft and disassemble the node. Which is the essential process of bossing while playing the game.

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