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    Our Tyrant Became Young Spoiler

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    Our Tyrant Became Young is a story about how Tyrant learned an important lesson. He learned how to grow up and take responsibility for his actions. Among other things, this story is about the power of love.

    If you are looking for a new YA series that combines military school and romance with an intriguing plot, then you might want to check out Our Tyrant Became Young. This book by David Levithan is a sequel to The Emperor’s Son, which was a very popular novel. 

    In this book, our young tyrant, Persilion, falls in love with Lippi. However, the love of Persilion is not enough to keep him from taking a turn for the adult world, thanks to the power of Sikar.

    With the revelation of our Tyrant becoming a young spoiler, what do we need to do to prepare for the battle? We need to take on some responsibility and prepare for the Tyrant’s return.

    The Story of Lippy and Persilion 

    We all know the story of Persilion, who is part of the imperial bloodline, and is often referred to as “that child.” He is also the youngest of three brothers who have become Emperor. As a child, he was the last of his family but was saved by his mother Belia.

    At the end of the novel, after he becomes a young adult, Persilion discovers his magical abilities, which are a part of his powers. He is able to use his power to help his mother heal Princess Sheril, who was wounded in a battle.

    Lippi is another important character, whose life is parallel to the main story. After she was a hairy and aegyo girl, she became a prophet. She became possessed by a novel she had read in the past. She grew in popularity and earned money by reciting the contents of the novel.

    She died in an accident, and her soul traveled to another realm. She was taken from that world and placed in a place far from the empire. Her life was spent in an unstable, dybbuk-like realm. Eventually, she found her way back to the realm of the emperor and awoke his divine power.

    The story of Lippy and Persilion runs in parallel to the main story, but their stories do not affect it. It is possible that the Ardal that lived 100 years ago might be the same person as Lippi. If that is the case, then it could be the daughter of the emperor’s father, Elaine von Sped. Or it could be a prophecy that has yet to be fulfilled.

    In addition to the main story, we are introduced to Lippi, a divinity. Although she is in a place where she has been cursed for thousands of years, she tries to adjust to her new life with Persilion. 

    However, she is unable to break the curse. Therefore, she remains a child, despite the fact that she is a part of the imperial bloodline. This doesn’t mean that she can’t succeed her father as the emperor.

    Persilion’s Love for Lippi Turned Adult Through Sikar’s Power

    The tale of Lippi and Persilion is a separate story in the world of The Dragons’ Teeth. It takes place in parallel to the main story of the book. Both stories are linked through their characters. In this story, the two are a part of the imperial bloodline. Hence, the curse that is on their power is half.

    Initially, Lippi was an ordinary girl. She became famous as a prophet. When she was nearly killed, she discovered her power. But before she could use it, she was killed in a tragic accident. While dying, she knew that she had to break the curse and warn the public. However, she wasn’t sure what to do. So, she asked for help from a mysterious figure called Sikar. This magical figure helped her to break the curse.

    Afterward, she used the power that she had to revive Ardal, who was the original child that grew to become an adult in the past. At that time, Ardal was dead. Since then, corruption has taken place in the empire. Because of this, the public knows that Prince Perry is the emperor.

    But now, Prince Perry is back to his adult form. He has been transformed by Lippi’s divinity. His son also visits a street prophet. He feels guilty for the loss of his mother, which led him to learn how to use black magic.

    As a result, he becomes an enemy of his father. Before he was killed, he was invited to a dinner party by the empress. He also vomited blood on his half-siblings, which caused them to die. Eventually, he was rescued by his mother, Belia, who was a priest candidate.

    During the battle, Persilion was also attacked by his enemy. He was able to save himself by using his mother’s divinity. A couple of hours later, he realized that he loves Lippi. Ultimately, he turned into an adult and accepted his love for her. Though he still has trust issues, he is trying to adjust to his courtship. And he is also learning how to resuscitate his mother’s divine power.

    The story of Lippi, a divinity, and Persilion, a child of Ardal, runs parallel to the main plot of the novel. Both characters are half-siblings of the current emperor. They were born from the same bloodline. However, one was a tyrant, while the other was a child. So, they share the same power, but not the same place.

    While traveling to Shekina, Lippi falls into a river. As she falls, her soul enters another world. It is an unstable world and she dies. Her body was never found. Rather, her soul has wandered to another realm, where it is now known as Lippy. Although she was a simple girl, she became a famous prophet. She also used the novel content to earn money.

    Before her death, Lippi drank a cup of a contaminated sacred tree leaf. It was the cursed tree leaf. When she did, her soul traveled to another world, where she absorbed divine power. That power helped Prince Perry transform back into an adult, turning him into the emperor.

    In addition to that, Persilion is the son of the tyrant, and his mother is a relative of Princess Sheril, who is the wife of the current emperor. He is a student in a magic tower, and he has a love for Lippi. Despite his affection for her, he doesn’t know how to break the curse. But when he rediscovered magic on his birthday, he discovered his magic and his love for Lippi, and he decided to return to his throne.

    On the other hand, Difke, the daughter of the current emperor, and a cousin of the queen had become a witch. Since her parents died, she has been feeling guilty. At the same time, her mother, Archduke Diphke von Dideus, is the Master of the Mage Tower. Having this power, she can rule.

    Although Persilion’s and Lippi’s stories don’t affect the main story, the events of their lives do have a profound impact. Whether or not it was intentional, the result is an added dimension to the series. And the events of these stories also provide valuable insights into the nature of the universe.

    Military School for A Tyrant

    A military school is an institution that is devoted to preparing young men and women to become ethically responsible citizens. They have an emphasis on academics, moral and ethical training, and sportsmanship. Unlike a typical boarding school, they do not take students whose only goal is to get out. Rather, they accept those who can accept structure. 

    For starters, they have a well-rounded curriculum, with an emphasis on rigorous academics, as well as physical fitness, sportsmanship, and leadership. Their athletic program is second to none. To boot, they can test their students in everything from golf to motocross. Some schools even boast of their ability to place students in college and on military duty. 

    We’ve come a long way from the day when Tyrant first entered military school. As he’s gotten older, he’s learned to take on more responsibility and gain the wisdom he needs to become a better leader and member of the army. Now, he’s prepared to face the real challenge – to defeat Sikar, the leader of the Legion.

    As for the military school itself, you’ll be learning all about the ins and outs of leadership, self-discipline, and other relevant topics, as well as having the opportunity to experience the thrills of being part of a team. This is the best way to learn how to be the best version of yourself.

    Tyrant’s Ability to Extract Techniques and Strategies 

    The Tyrant’s ability to extract techniques and strategies from classmates is not an exaggeration. He is an intelligent weapon geek who has invented a variety of Origin Implements. Despite his lack of humility, he is not afraid to use his power against his enemies. He can break a boulder with one punch and stagger a Shikoutazer with two hits. Tatsumi can withstand high pressure, extreme temperatures, and even breathing water.

    Tatsumi’s ability to create the Celestial Tyrant Forces is also impressive. This is a temporary power amplifier stage that allows him to wield powers that are comparable to the Tyrannical Dragon. His body has been altered to enable him to survive in environments that most humans can only dream of. In addition to his physical prowess, he is a good swimmer, despite his oversized size.

    As a side note, Tatsumi has a regenerative healing factor, so he can heal at a faster rate than a human. He is also quite capable of manipulating his breath power, a feat of which his classmate Esdeath was not aware.

    Another impressive ability that Tatsumi has is his ability to disguise his giant eye with a human-green eye. It has a cross-shaped pattern and can also be seen through solid objects. It is also the first of its kind in the world. Using this trick, he can remotely view his surroundings.

    As for the other lesser-known miracles of the universe, Tatsumi’s ability to teleport to a distant location is not too far behind his ability to create the Celestial Tyrant forces. There are some minor drawbacks, however, such as the resulting power drain. Moreover, it is unclear if he can actually summon this superpower. But it is a nice feat to accomplish, especially if you can get it to work with just a bit of effort.


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