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    Rebirth Champions X codes of 2023

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    Looking for Rebirth Champions X codes? We’ve scoured the internet to bring you all the latest goodies, so you can power up in the hit Roblox game

    January 4, 2023: We updated this guide after checking for the latest Rebirth Champions X codes

    Some people leave you with the overwhelming urge to hit something. Fortunately, games are an excellent outlet for this aggression, and one such game is Rebirth Champions X. The aim of the game is simple, fight some foes, kick some butt, and feel like the ultimate badass. Naturally, there are a range of characters for you to use, all of which bring something different to a fight. Our Rebirth Champions X codes list is full of messy equations that provide you with free boosts and other rewards to help you kick butt in the best way possible.

    Rebirth Champions X codes

    Active codes:

    • santa – free luck boost (new!)
    • christmas – free luck boost
    • 95m – free boost
    • seacave – free boost
    • 90m – free boost
    • evil – free boost
    • Halloween – free boost
    • update32 – free boost
    • pirate – free boost
    • pixel – free boost
    • destruction – free boost
    • 175kthanks – free boost
    • axolotls – two times click boost
    • aqua – two times click boost
    • blackhole – two times click boost
    • hacker – two double rebirth boosts
    • saturn – two double rebirth boosts
    • sun – two double click boosts
    • tutel – two doublee rebirth boosts
    • shadow – three luck boosts
    • 75m – two luck boosts
    • fantasy – two luck boosts
    • lab – two luck boost
    • Kraken – two luck boost
    • summer – two times luck boost
    • 60m – two tuck boost
    • galactic – two rebirth boosts
    • alien – two luck boost
    • mars – two luck boost
    • 50m – two times luck boost
    • hell
    • steampunk
    • 175kthanks – rewards
    • thanksfor50k – rewards
    • 10mthanks – rewards
    • freeclicksomg – free boosts
    • 5klikesthanks – free boosts
    • already1500likes – free boosts
    • thanks500likes – free boosts
    • wow2500likes – free boosts
    • RELEASE – free clicks

    Expired codes:

    • magic
    • ancient
    • cave
    • moon
    • spooky
    • void
    • nuclear

    What are Rebirth Champions X codes?

    Rebirth Champions X codes are given to you by the developer, Powerful Studio, and they’re full of valuable in-game freebies. New coupons tend to become available after certain milestones are hit, so make sure you bookmark this page to stay up to date with the latest goodies.

    How do I redeem Rebirth Champions X codes?

    Redeeming Rebirth Champions X codes is simple. Just follow these steps:

    • Launch Roblox
    • Open Rebirth Champions X
    • Hit the shop button
    • Enter your code into the box
    • Hit enter
    • Enjoy your freebie!

    There you have it, all the available Rebirth Champions X codes. If you’re after some less blocky action, our list of the best Switch fighting games is a knockout.

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