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    The Best Plush Toys for Adults: A Review of PlushThis’s Collections

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    As a subculture fashion enthusiast, I love Japanese kawaii, goth, cyberpunk, emo, and lolita styles. I enjoy collecting plush toys, clothing accessories, and home accessories that reflect these styles. However, since my day job requires me to wear overalls, I rarely get to express myself through my outfits. That’s why I cherish my stuffed animals that I can display at home or at work. One of the brands that I discovered recently is PlushThis, which makes amazing plush toys with kawaii, goth and emo themes plush for adults

    In this review, the author will introduce this brand to you and share my experience with two of their collections: the kawaii plush and the goth plush collection. I have tested eight of their products and I’m excited to tell you all about them.

    About PlushThis

    Can you explain the reason behind collecting stuffed animals? Let’s say you have the same interest as the author. I enjoy collecting unique plush toys with distinct design styles. However, the market is saturated with boring, generic cuddly toys. Recently, I discovered the brand PlushThis and some of their collections have become my favorites. Here’s a brief overview of what I’ve learned so far. 

    Who or What PlushThis Stuffed Animals Are?

    It’s hard to believe, but the designers behind PlushThis are not human beings. They are actually created by the AI drawing software that has taken the world by storm since the end of 2022. The team at PlushThis turns their imagination into AI-generated designs and then brings them to life as realistic plush toys. PlushThis has been around since 2022 and is committed to designing beautiful plush toys that can be used as collectibles or gifts.

    The most amazing thing about their design style is that it incorporates the subcultures. The author believes that their plush toy products will become increasingly popular with the help of AI technology. The author also hopes that they will eventually be able to offer a customization service to make the plush toys of the customer’s dreams a reality.

    Why Choose PlushThis Stuffed Animals?


    PlushThis plush toys are a unique art form that combines adorable appearance and dark elements. They create a contrasting aesthetic that is trendy and fun. They appeal to toy collectors who like to personalize and be creative. Each PlushThis plush toy has its own character and emotion that brings it to life. PlushThis is like the POPMART of the plush toy world, always surprising with new collections and themes.

    Fabric & Quality

    PlushThis uses high quality clothing fabrics such as lace, satin, leather, faux fur etc. to make their plush toys more textured and stylish. For example, many of the Goth series toys have exquisite lace fabrics that contrast with the common plush or minky fabric. This makes the toys look more luxurious and elegant. The lace fabrics are also soft and comfortable, and do not irritate the skin or lose color. Lace fabric plush toys are perfect as gifts, as they surprise and warm the recipients. PlushThis’s fabric choices show their quality, detail, innovation, and leadership in trendy toys.

    Shopping Experience

    PlushThis has a fantastic shopping experience and customer service. The author received the delivery in about 7-10 days for the 8 orders placed, which is fast for general shipping. Sometimes, there were small gifts attached, such as keychain plush toys and small dolls, which were warm and surprising. 

    Is PlushThis Right For You?

    If you love alternative culture, you might be interested in PlushThis, a new and innovative way of creating best unique stuffed animals. But are they really your cup of tea? Let’s find out together.

    Who Should Try PlushThis

    PlushThis is a very collectible brand, similar to the Squishmallows that were popular on Tiktok in 2022. Their collection of emo and goth styles caters to adult fans of niche fashion, rather than children. The author will introduce some of the styles in detail next.

    Gothic Lovers Should Try PlushThis

    PlushThis’s gothic plush toys include various gothic fusions such as cyber goth, pastel goth, and more. Some examples are:

    • Classical Goth: this is the most common and popular gothic style, inspired by the Victorian and Edwardian eras. It uses mainly black colors and elaborate fabrics such as lace, velvet, etc. The Dark Bride Unicorn is a classic example, with a black and white lace resembling a unicorn dressed in black.
    • Cybergoth: this style combines goth with futurism and cyberpunk to create a rebellious and avant-garde image. Cybergoth often incorporates electronic or mechanical elements, such as this circuit-patterned rabbit toy.
    • Pastel Goth: the pastel goth style combines goth and Japanese kawaii culture, resulting in a sweet and dark image. Pastel goth stuffed toys typically feature pastel colors or other muted tones with lace or jeweled accents and some horror or gore element. For instance, look at this rabbit, a black lace dress, and a fascinator.

    Emo Punk lovers should try PlushThis

    PlushThis’ emo collection covers a variety of segments such as punk emo, scene emo, anime emo, and more. Here are some examples:

    • Punk Emo: This style combines elements from emo and punk cultures to create an image of rebellion and freedom. Punk emo stuffed toys typically feature a black or other dark color scheme and an exciting or aggressive element. This blue bunny has voodoo elements and stitches on its face, providing a unique and unconventional appearance.
    • Scene Emo: this style blends emo with pop culture, creating a unique and personalized image. Scene emo toys are typically adorned with colorful and cute decorations and elements of humor and satire. 
    • Anime Emo: this style blends emo and Japanese anime to create a romantic, dreamy image, as seen in this loving rabbit with hearts and cute pink color.

    Kawaii lovers should try PlushThis

    PlushThis’ kawaii style stuffed animal are centered around Japanese anime and manga visual aesthetics, covering a variety of common anime elements such as magical girl elements, ninja anime, and more. Here are some examples:

    • Magical Girl: This style combines anime, fantasy, and romance to create an image of charm and amazement. Stuffed toys of magical girls often have magical or romantic elements incorporated in their design. For example, this fox has a purple color with an organza bow tie that gives off a romantic atmosphere.
    • Ninja Anime: The Ninja Anime style is a fusion of Japanese ninja history and culture with anime, producing an elegant and legendary image. Ninja toys typically showcase traditional costumes, along with some facets of martial arts or kung fu. For example, this dog toy.

    How to Choose the Perfect PlushThis Stuffed Animal as a Gift

    PlushThis has about 300 or so styles to choose from. When you are shopping at PlushThis, you can consider the following:

    While most of PlushThis products are suitable for adults, they also have a cute stuffed animal collection that is perfect for gifting to children. Additionally, the emo series is designed for adults who prefer personalized products, while the goth series is for people with a unique taste in dark culture.

    When choosing a gift, it is important to consider the recipient’s interests and hobbies, as well as their preferred style.

    It is essential to think about the recipient’s personality, whether they are introverted or extroverted, shy or energetic. For instance, a pink raccoon with soft colors might be perfect for someone with a shy personality, whereas a red and black clashing teddy bear would be more suitable for someone with an outgoing personality.

    Finally, consider the occasion when selecting a PlushThis product. For instance, a larger-sized or beautifully crafted PlushThis product would be suitable for occasions such as birthdays, graduations, or bar mitzvahs. If it’s a wedding, a white unicorn would be an excellent choice.


    Are PlushThis Toys Worth the Money?

    PlushThis is not very expensive compared to most unique stuffed animals on the market. These toys are different from regular cuddly toys because they have original designs and require more handcrafting.

    The author acknowledges that high-end clothing fabrics are much more costly than regular plush fabric, but still believes that PlushThis stuffed toy is worth every penny. With their unique designs and personalized approach, these toys offer a one-of-a-kind experience that can not be found in mass-produced toys.

    Ultimately, the value of PlushThis stuffed toys depends on your personal taste and budget. You might enjoy the novelty and charm of PlushThis toys if you are looking for a one-of-a-kind gift or a special treat for yourself. But you might want to look elsewhere if you prefer a more affordable or conventional option.

    Where Can I Buy Cheap PlushThis Toys?

    If you want to buy cheap PlushThis toys, you can save some money in several ways:

    • If you have already purchased PlushThis toys, then you should definitely keep their tags because there is a promo code on the tags that will give you a 10% discount on your next purchase. 
    • If you haven’t purchased PlushThis toys yet, then you can SUBSCRIBE to their emails on the official website so that you can get a 15% new subscriber discount.
    • Also, you can follow PlushThis social media accounts, and they will post deals and sweepstakes that you can enter for a chance to win free or discounted toys. You can also interact with PlushThis through social media and give them some feedback or suggestions, and sometimes they will thank you and send you some small gifts.
    • You can also get their free toys at the Win a Free Toys page. This is an awesome opportunity for you to experience PlushThis toys for free.
    • Last but not least, you can also look for PlushThis discount codes on some coupon platforms that collect and update the latest PlushThis offers so that you can find the most suitable discount code for you.

    Final Thoughts

    You don’t need to buy a house full of stuffed animals like the author. Every adult should have their own stuffed animal to add some fun and uniqueness to their life, whether you place it on your desk or in your room; when friends or colleagues see your collection of toys, they can get a glimpse of your personality and uniqueness. If you find yourself bored of wearing the same old work outfits every day and you have a secret love for the kawaii, goth or punk style, then PlushThis plush toy may be just what you need to add some excitement to your life. Even if you’re just a collector of plush toys, you’ll appreciate the beauty of PlushThis’ lace fabric toys, which have a vintage vibe that’s sure to impress.

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