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    TikTok United Kingdom Statistics 2020

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    Over a concise house of your time, TikTok has gained vast quality around the world. Since the Chinese video-sharing app (branded as Duoyin in Asia) incorporate with, the numbers have soared.

    TikTok permits users to form fifteen second videos that area unit usually among music. The thought behind the app exceptionally couldn’t be any easier. That is why it’s currently become one in every of the top downloaded apps within the world. TikTok now has over one. Nine billion downloads worldwide and in 2019 were rated the fourth hottest app within the world – and therefore, the just one within the high five not presently in hand by Facebook.

    Below we tend to break down the various parts of TikTok’s audience to help you gain higher insight into the United Nations agency is the mistreatment of the app and what’s driving its success with a range of TikTok statistics for the united kingdom market.

    Key TikTok Statistics for the UK

    TikTok has over three.7m active users within the United Kingdom
    it’s the seventh most active social media app in the world
    TikTok is downloaded over 1m times a month within the United Kingdom
    the typical daily time spent on the app is forty-one minutes
    the most significant share of users (26%) within the United Kingdom is aged 18-24
    the united kingdom generated the third-highest financial gain for app behind China and therefore the North American country in 2019 at £1.95m
    @hollyh is that the UK’s most massive influencer on the platform with over sixteen.6m followers
    the most critical TikTok influencers within the United Kingdom have higher engagement rates on Instagram
    TikTok had its biggest month in March 2020 with 115m world downloads, with 745k from the united kingdom
    TikTok is ready to achieve ten million users within the United Kingdom by 2021

    TikTok Demographics United Kingdom

    So United Nations agency precisely is mistreatment TikTok within the UK? It’s thought of as an Associate in the Nursing app for the younger generation, and therefore, the demographic statistics bear that out.

    In 2019, the United Kingdom’s most crucial age bracket was aged 18-24, accounting for twenty-sixth of users accessing TikTok from smartphones. A big call successive age class of 25-34 year previous United Kingdom smartphone users United Nations agency conjure merely a nine.3% share.

    Only a combined total of seven.2% of smartphone users within the United Kingdom aged forty-five or over created the app last year. TikTok additionally controls a lot of favor with British feminine smartphone users throughout 2019, with 100% of ladies mistreatment the app compared to seven.5% of male smartphone users.

    How many active users will TikTok have within the UK?

    TikTok has three.7 million active users within the United Kingdom United Nations agency interacting with the app for a median of forty-one minutes each day. This is often not up to the world average TikTok user. United Nations agency spends fifty-two minutes actively mistreatment the app. The app’s typical engagement rate presently stands at twenty-ninth globally.

    TikTok Downloads Statistics United Kingdom

    TikTok grows month on month, therefore analyzing the transfer statistics will prove troublesome. Additionally, the number of downloads doesn’t equal the number of active users; consequently, this can’t be taken as an entire illustration of the app’s audience.

    Do we understand that TikTok presently has over a pair of billion downloads globally; however, wherever precisely are, all of these downloads returning from? Whereas the app was born in China, it’s adult apace over the past number of years to require prominence on each continent’s smartphones.

    How many downloads will TikTok have within the UK?

    In total, App Store and Google Play customers around the world downloaded TikTok nearly one hundred fifteen million times in March 2020 – the foremost the app has ever achieved up to now in one month. Over 745,000 of those March 2020 downloads were from the united kingdom. The amount of United Kingdom TikTok users is predicted to achieve ten million by 2021.

    China remains the most crucial marketplace for TikTok, with fifty-seven of the user base situated within the country. However, the Asian nations might challenge that within the close to future once manufacturing one hundred ninety.6 million downloads in 2019 – over anyplace else within the world.

    There is no shortage of TikTok fans in North America, which saw a mighty four,607,000 downloads in Gregorian calendar month 2019. Revenue-wise, sitting in third place is that the United Kingdom, with 990,000 iOS downloads generated within the same month, while 645,020 golem device users downloaded the app in Jan 2020.

    TikTok Challenges

    Music sits at the guts of TikTok and is typically the driving issue behind the numerous #Challenges that find yourself going, infectious agents. Some challenges are sponsored by corporations trying to realize exposure on social channels. However, the overwhelming majority have many humble beginnings. And typically, there’ll be some dance joined to the challenge.

    As you’ll see, a high ten world 2019 TikTok challenges list below is dominated by music and dance moves:

    Raindropchallenge – over 995m views

    OldTownRoad – over 670m views

    ChaoticEnergy – over 498m views

    MrBean – over 442m views

    TheAnts – over 402m views

    HitTheWoah – over 369m views

    2Spooky – over 341m views

    FakeTravel – over 188m

    CatchMeOut – over 171m

    DifferentPeople – over 141m views

    TikTok Challenges Statistics

    TikTok challenges too took off throughout 2019, with various celebrity-led videos also going infectious agents. One of the most common within the United Kingdom was the “#BeautifulPeopleChallenge” launched by singer impotence Sheeran.

    Music-based challenges like “HitTheWoah” and Lil Nas X’s “#YeeHawJuiceChallenge” additionally tried to be an enormous hit with United Kingdom TikTok users last year. Giving users the power to regulate the rain saw the #RaindropChallenge become the foremost common challenge of all previous year, with 995 million folks obtaining concerned.

    Other common TikTok challenges within the United Kingdom last year enclosed #MyEnds (66 million) and #FitGotReal (57 million-plus) promoted by the app – the latter operating unitedly with non-profit public body Sport European country.

    2020 has already seen the likes of “#YummyDanceChallenge” wrenching up one—4 billion views within the initial three months of the year. Users performed choreographed moves taking inspiration from Justin Bieber’s 2020 hit “Yummy.”

    UK TikTok Influencer Statistics

    There’s no shortage of recent content being created on TikTok, with fun and innovative videos capturing the app’s users’ imagination. However, just like alternative social media-related platforms, the competition to choose up new followers is heatedly contested.

    Top ten United Kingdom TikTok Influencers

    • Holly H has over sixteen.6 million followers.
    • Jamil Jamel Neffati has over nine.6 million followers.
    • Congenital disability Gething has over seven.3 million followers.
    • Georgia home boy and doc have over five.9 million followers.
    • Bobbie has over five.8 million followers.
    • Rhia has over five.7 million followers.
    • Elmo has over three.7 million followers
    • Zephan Clark has over three million followers.
    • Vicky Banham has over one.3 million followers.
    • Laura Bubble has over one.1 million followers.

    The distinction between the account with the tenth most followers (Laura Bubble – one.1 million) compared to Holly H at the highest of the list (16.6 million) is sort of complete. As is that the gap between initial and second (Jamil Jamel Neffati – eight.5 million). The UK’s high TikTok influencers grow month on month and post systematically to extend their following.

    UK TikTok Influencer Engagement Rate

    Another massive anomaly that stands out is that the United Kingdom content creators enjoyed a lower engagement rate on the platform than their Instagram accounts. Whereas their follower counts are higher on TikTok, interactions are lower proportionately, which matches the well-held belief that TikTok’s engagement rate is far beyond alternative platforms. The explanation for this inequality can be that their massive audience sees not enough of their content compared to a lot of focused viewership on Instagram.

    The UK marketplace for TikTok is growing, and with the audience, development comes influencer success. There are new critical players to the united kingdom TikTok scene weekly. However, the present high 10 TikTok influencers within the United Kingdom at the instant area unit growing systematically to make sure their standing is unbroken secure.

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