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    What Is Pexels?

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    What Is Pexels?

    Pexels is a website and app that hosts thousands of stock media files that are available to all internet users.

    The website accumulated and curated the media files with online creatives, particularly web designers, in mind.

    Pexel’s goal is to provide visual elements that help creatives tell their story.

    Pexels’ library contains high-resolution and compositionally-sharp media to help web designers achieve their creative vision.

    What is Pexels Used For?

    The flexibility of Pexels makes it a valuable resource for web designers and content creators alike.

    It is a royalty-free stock-media platform owned by popular graphic design platform, Canva.

    Pexels boasts a vast library of photography stills and video clips that are free for anyone with an internet connection and a little technical know-how.

    Pexel’s media library design is intuitive.

    The platform’s prominent search bar ensures users can easily navigate the breadth of quality media available for use.

    All media on Pexels can be used without attribution for commercial or personal use.

    Pexel’s media can also be edited and reproduced at will.

    This is a great option for spicing up a blog, as these media files can be used for a WordPress featured image that makes your blog look great.

    How Pexels Works

    Pexels is a straightforward platform for users; users simply need to browse media, download it, and create their vision.

    Pexels relies on a global network of photographers and videographers to provide quality content for the platform.

    Contributors upload their media to Pexels for free in exchange for a modest payment and exposure.

    Pexels users can explore media contributions without limitation according to subject or contributor.

    Pexels also offers users a discovery feature that allows content creators to follow an organic creative process.

    Once users find a media file they like, they are free to download it and use it in whatever capacity they wish.

    Pexels’ flexible reproduction license allows users to reproduce content without worrying about copyright or trademark infringement.

    Notable Features of Pexels

    Pexels offers users and contributors many notable features that enhance the creative process.

    1. Organized Library of Thousands of Media Files

    Pexels’s largest draw is its easily navigable library of thousands of quality media files.

    The website’s intuitive and easy-to-use search function allows users to quickly sift through the platform’s numerous offerings to locate prime visual media for their projects.

    Users also benefit from a global contributor community that consistently uploads diverse media from cultures worldwide.

    2. Pexels App

    In addition to its website, Pexels offers users a free application available for download on Apple and Android devices.

    The app allows busy creatives to realize their vision on the go.

    3. Leaderboard

    Pexels leaderboard highlights the platform’s top contributors.

    Users can gain inspiration for their projects by browsing collections from Pexel’s top contributors.

    Top contributors distinguish themselves for their artistic approach and productivity.

    4. Free Stock Video Clips

    In addition to still imagery, Pexels also offers a large library of stock video clips.

    Pexels regularly tops the top eight for best websites offering stock video.

    5. Challenges

    Pexels hosts what it calls challenges.

    Challenges are specific subjects or topics that Pexels incentivizes users to cover.

    For example, in the weeks leading up to Earth Day, Pexels hosted an Earth-specific challenge that incentivized its contributors to capture Earth Day-related imagery.

    Pexels users find challenges like the Earth Day challenge useful because they receive numerous media files about a single, salient topic.

    Are There any Minimum Requirements Necessary To Use Pexels?

    Users need a computer and an internet connection to use Pexels.

    How Much Does Pexels Cost?

    Pexels offers a single plan that is free for all users.

    There are no subscription or membership fees to use Pexels—users may download and use Pexels photos even if they lack a Pexels account.

    All users enjoy unlimited access to thousands of still images and video clips.

    Pexels does ask that media be used responsibly in a way that does not disparage the media producer or platform.

    Pexel’s free plan includes access to its media library, downloads and reproduction of stock media, and flexibility in stock media use.

    Does Pexels Have an Enterprise Version Available?

    Again, Pexels is 100% free for all users.

    Media is available for commercial and personal use free of charge.

    Pexels Promotions & Savings

    Pexels does not offer special promotions or savings.

    Does Pexels Have a Free Trial?

    Users can enjoy Pexel’s services and products for free without limitations.

    Does Pexels Offer Coupon Codes?

    Pexels does not offer coupon codes.

    Does Pexels Have a Lifetime Deal?

    For now, Pexels is freely available to everyone.

    Does Pexels Usually Offer Black Friday or Cyber Monday Discounts?

    Pexels does not offer Black Friday or Cyber Monday discounts.

    Who Are Pexels’ Main Alternatives?

    Despite Pexels’s popularity, the platform is far from the first to offer consumers royalty-free images and videos.

    Pexels is one of many companies that offer consumers access to a vast media library for personal and commercial use.

    The top three alternatives to Pexels are PixaBay, Shutterstock, and Unsplash.

    1. PixaBay

    Pixabay is an online community of image creators who upload their work for royalty-free use on the internet.

    PixaBay offers users over a million media files that can be freely downloaded and used for personal or commercial use.

    Most media on PixaBay is free to use without attribution.

    Some media files require either attribution or purchase.

    The primary difference between PixaBay and Pexels is that the latter does not require either.

    2. Shutterstock

    Shutterstock is one of the most popular stock media websites.

    Shutterstock’s media library is vast, with over 200 million images available for user use.

    The catch is that many of these images are pay-per-use or require attribution, unlike Pexels’ media.

    3. Unsplash

    Unsplash is a new website for sharing stock imagery.

    Founded in 2013, Unsplash features an impressive library of over three million photographs.

    The website is similar in layout and function to its parent company, Getty Images. Like Pexels, Unsplash allows users to download and reproduce stock media for free without limitations.

    Unlike Pexels, Unsplash has a limited supply of stock video clips.

    How Does Pexels Differentiate Itself from Competitors?

    Pexels stands out from other stock media sites because it has no hidden fees.

    All of Pexels’ media can be freely used and reproduced, making it a boon for creators looking to cut costs.

    Pexels has also created a vibrant community of media contributors.

    It has implemented proprietary leaderboards and challenges.

    Pexel’s thriving contributor community lets users enjoy a constant supply of cutting-edge visual media for their projects.

    Who is Pexels Best For?

    Pexels is an extraordinary media resource for web designers looking to add visual appeal to their websites.

    Pexels is also useful for content creators looking to add visual interest to their content.

    Pexels is best for web designers on a budget.

    Web designers have numerous details to organize and execute when developing a website.

    Pexels’s vast media library allows web designers to quickly source visual elements for the layout of their website in an engaging and screen-friendly way.

    Why is Pexels Best For Content Creation?

    Pexels is a valuable resource for content creation because it is 100% free to use.

    It hosts a global community of professional photographers and videographers.

    Pexels’s simple interface allows busy content creators to locate media fast to improve their content’s visual appeal.

    Pexels’s flexible license allows content creators to focus on their projects instead of worrying about legal infringements.

    Is Pexels Easy To Use?

    Users laud Pexels for its intuitive layout and utilitarian design. In general, users have a positive experience with Pexels.

    In short, Pexels is easy to use.

    Pexels is under the Canva domain, which means that the website works well and features the quick loading times that Canva users expect.

    A simple and effective search function offers users a quick and painless way to sort through Pexels’s numerous offerings.

    Overall, Pexels is intuitive to use.

    What Features Do Some Users Love?

    Pexels users return to the platform because of the high-quality images available in any file format.

    They also love downloading files without attribution.

    Pexels users appreciate the platform’s high-quality stock video.

    The feature has proven increasingly useful as more and more online content creators use videography.

    Users also enjoy Pexels’s flexible license that allows creators to edit stock media.

    Once a creator has edited a stock image, it becomes copyrighted, which is convenient for creators looking to achieve a particular aesthetic.

    The fact that users can create copyrightable content from free-source media is one of Pexels’s most valuable perks.

    What Features Do Some Users Find Frustrating?

    Most Pexels users are 100% satisfied with their experience, but some mention drawbacks.

    Pexels often photoshops or edits imagery to achieve its media’s professional, stylized aesthetic, making it difficult for users to add their edits.

    The drawback is a minor ding to the platform’s overall usability.

    Pexels’ search functionality was designed to be beginner-friendly.

    Pexels uses a subject-based search function that allows users to search for media based on a particular topic.

    While the intuitive design is a plus for most users, some advanced users have noted that the search function is limited.

    Users who use stock media for commercial use have niche interests.

    They are not easily searchable using Pexels’ current search function.

    Wrapping Up

    Pexels is a stock media provider targeted at creative content producers.

    Pexels offers users thousands of images and videos that cover a wide range of subjects from architecture to nature.

    Pexels is a stand-out amongst comparable stock media websites because it is 100% free.

    Pexels has a friendly user interface.

    Its brimful library of quality, royalty-free media makes it an ideal resource for web designers and content creators.

    We ask that you leave a review if you have used Pexels before to help our community better understand Pexels’ unique user experience.

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