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    Why Magento Is An Ideal Choice For E-Commerce In 2019

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    The success of every e-commerce business is dependent on the knowledge of certain factors: the competition, the target audience, technology, best e-commerce practices, choice of partners, and channels.

    The target audience revolves around habits, demands, and preferences.

    Knowledge of technology centers on which platforms can scale your business and which is worth investing in.

    Best e-commerce practices apply to specific practices that are tailored to your industry and niche.

    Choice of partners means picking the right people who have a solid knowledge of the industry and are willing to treat the business as their own.

    Channels that improve user engagement return investments and result in consistent sales.

    From experience, we understand that many store owners overlook these factors. Hence, ROI is terrible, and they usually have to invest twice in a failing venture. At Towering Media, we help startups, and growing companies eliminate all potential bottlenecks and utilize the best industry practices to increase your sales.

    Magento consulting services are classified into three categories:

    • Marketing Consulting
    • Brand Consulting
    • Technical Consulting


    We aim to make your store the perfect place for shopping. We usually achieve this with a mixture of user-friendly design, creative content, and easy navigation. We derive great joy from increasing the conversation rate of our clients’ websites. We monitor any nuances in the system and eradicate them before they infringe on the customers shopping experience, and employ proven tactics to provide your shoppers with a seamless shopping experience.

    After running analytics on your site, we identify the weak point and mistakes to provide suggestions on what needs improvement.


    Details are important. Strategic positioning of your brand is crucial to the success of your business. Brand positioning influences your target audience in more ways than you know. A catchy brand concept registers your business in the subconscious of the customer, creates food associations, and helps spread goodwill about your brand via word of mouth. It is essential because the more your brand becomes popular, the more people want to be connected with it.

    We assess the attributes of your brand and draft all necessary recommendations needed to make your brand stand out from the competition.


    Our consulting process starts with a performance audit. First, we inspect the server environment, database performance, and code. This type of audit allows us to understand why your existing business architecture is suffering from specific problems and whether your current Magento developers can handle your project efficiently.

    Afterward, we provide detailed reports that include errors founds and suggestions on how to improve your Magento business operation.

    Why Do You Need Magento Consulting For Your E-commerce Business?

    Improved eCommerce experience

    The ability to present tour goods creatively and uniquely in the digital ecosystem has a direct impact on the success of your e-commerce business. We help store owners to boost their business with the help of standard tools and advanced technological expertise.

    Performance Improvement

    The most significant factor for any customer is speed. How fast can they browse through categories, check out, pay, and go on with their day?

    Many errors can affect normal system behavior, and some can be tasking to identify. We eliminate this stress by showing you where the problem is and how to fix it in record time.

    Advanced User Experience

    There are industry secrets in the e-commerce business that usually motivate the average customer to choose a particular site over its competitors. Our Magento Agency excels at implementing these functions in your marketplace strategically and organically.

    You can implement the best practices for your marketplace when you schedule a quick consult with our Magento Agency team, leaders in Magento Web development and design services.

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