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    10 Indoor Plants That Would Beautify Your Home

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    Are you planning to modern-decorate your home with some greeny beings? Do you want to give your home a dash of calmness, a vibe of freshness, and a touch of nature? Look no further, as here are the top 10 incredible indoor plants that would beautify your home and bring creativity to your indoors.

    Penny Plant

    Xerosicyos danguyi, or penny plant, is the apple of the eye of all plant lovers. It is a small succulent that beautifies every corner inside a home. It has thick, round, silver-green leaves that grow along with tendrils on the greeny stems. This lovely ornamental plant is a climbing vine that covers up walls and fences. You can also grow it in hanging baskets or a medium-sized pot placed on a tall metal stand. It appreciates direct sunlight.

    Purple Shamrocks

    Purple Shamrocks is a bewitching gorgeous, and enchanting plant that has lavender flowers and shamrock-shaped exquisite leaves. Its leaves are photophilic, which means they rhythm with sunlight. At night, its leaves fold and resemble a cluster of sleeping butterflies. In the morning, its leaves open up and showcase their vibrant beauty. The leaves are either violet or crimson. This low-maintenance fella is a must-have for every indoor and home. You can grow it in a silver pot near an east-facing window, where it gets bright, indirect sunlight.

    Heartleaf Philodendron

    If you want to decorate your home, planting a greeny Philodendron is the way to go. Heartleaf Philodendron is a beautiful, tropical plant with glossy-green, heart-shaped leaves. This plant is the perfect way to add a touch of nature indoors. Philodendron hederaceum is also one of the easiest plants to grow in the home. No need to worry if you do not have a green thumb; you still can grow this tropical beauty inside your home. You can also grow this lovely vine in a hanging basket or watch it grow beautifully on a trellis!

    Peace Lily

    What home decoration is complete without some flowering plants? The peace lily is an elegant flowering plant having modified creamy-colored flowers with a spathe. This lovely plant does not only brightens up a room but also cleans up its air from any harmful pollutants. You can place it in the far-off corners of your home; it will still attract the attention of any visitors. This appealing plant is not only downright gorgeous but also really easy-to-care. All it needs is a bright spot to sit and once a week watering.

    Monstera Peru

    Monstera Peru or say- Karstenianum is a hardy plant with large, dark-green, rigid leaves. It is a low-maintenance houseplant that gives succulent-alike vibes when grown indoors. This gorgeo is a climbing plant that requires a coco pole to attain its maximum length. Its leaves are so deeply veined that it will look artificial to anyone new looking at it. You can place it in one of the corners of your living room where it will be vining all-tropical. You can also place it in a north-facing window, where it receives bright, indirect light.

    Calathea Orbifolia

    Grow a Calathea Orbifolia indoors to add a soothing feeling to your home as its grassy-green leaves with whitish streaks are so smooth in texture that the plant looks like a live painting. This stunning plant takes up a little more space but looks amazing if grown in empty corners. It needs a little more attention and care than the other houseplants, but its classy appearance is worth the hassle. Regular watering, moist soil, and a bright spot are what keep this glamorous plant thriving inside a home.

    English Ivy

    One of the best plants to grow on a trellis and hanging baskets inside a home is English Ivy or Hedera. It is a fast-growing vine that vigorously covers all the space where it is grown. You can also grow it on the walls to add a tropical touch to your indoors. Its leaves are dull-green and lobed with silver venation in their juvenile stage. As the leaves mature, they turn glossy-green, and the lobes fuse. You can grow it in a variety of planters; in concrete bowls, hanging baskets, or in decorative pieces!

    Chinese Evergreen

    Chinese Evergreen is widely grown as an indoor plant not just for its beauty but also because it is so easy-to-care-for. Aglaonema Pink or Chinese Evergreen is a tropical houseplant having light green leaves with pink variegations. It adds the right amount of jazz and color to its surroundings. It requires low-light conditions, so you can grow it pretty much anywhere inside your home. Not just this; it has also been declared as a natural air purifying plant by NASA. It will add a dramatic effect to your indoors and also keep them fresh and clean.

    Silver Vase Plant

    From the Bromeliads family, the Silver Vase plant is popular among plant-growers. It is an exotic plant with sea green, long, arching leaves, and a pink-colored bract, resembling a flower, in the center. Its blooming seasons last for a long time. It looks great on coffee tables and tabletops. You can also grow it in a well-lit window sill from where it will adorn your whole room! As for its care requirements, it does not fuss much for watering or feeding. It is a low-maintenance, easy-to-grow plant Gulmohar Tree.

    Adenium Red

    Adenium Red is prolly one of the best flowering plants to grow inside a home. Its gorgeously red flowers and shiny-green leaves add a distinctive aesthetic to a room. You can grow it inside your bedroom or living room corner or a kitchen windowsill. It will beautify every space and every corner with its appealing beauty. One of the best features of this plant that you will love is that it blooms throughout the year! You will never have a non-flowering day in your home.

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