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    4 Timeless Exterior Paint Colours That Will Spruce up the Curb Appeal of Your Home

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    Are you in need of a serious home exterior update or on the hunt for inspiration to elevate its curb appeal? Or is your home simply not blending with the rest of the homes in your neighbourhood? Is it the time for exterior re-vamp? Whatever may be the reason for adding a touch of paint in your exterior, navigating the colour world for this, can be daunting.

    Are you worried about how to create the first impression to people on the outside with the right paint? Are you wondering how to pick the right one from so many choices? Well, we can help you with this. Here we have put together a few exterior paint colours that will enhance the curb appeal of your home.

    So, before you choose one of the exterior house painters Melbourne, take a look at these timeless exterior paint colours.

    1. Sage green

    Sage green is a popular home exterior colour for its instantly soothing look. Being a glorious colour, it offers a wonderful depth and stunning light with it, making it a great choice for any kind of home. This shade of green is both energizing and modern in spirit, and will offer your home a glamorous and down-to-earth feel. Toolbox Nerd Team stimulation green with off-white trim and shutters. The depth of these shades will complement and contrast each other and will create the perfect home exterior that you are looking for.

    2. Breezy blue

    If you don’t prefer darker shades, then you can a seaside-inspired shade of blue, also known as breezy blue. Balance a pale aqua blue with white trim, and add to the light and airy feel of your home exterior. If your home is near the beach or along the coast, then this colour combination that boasts a nautical feel, will be the ideal choice for you. And to create more of a nautical vibe, add some dark blue accents. You can also go for a punchy colour pop by way of a red front door. It will keep your home exterior colour ideas looking lively.

    3. Khaki/Tan

    A neutral colour like khaki or light tan is always a good choice when it comes to exterior painting. This shade mingles seamlessly into its surroundings, as well as offers a gorgeous backdrop for landscaping. You can complement this with trim, shutters doors. If you live in a traditional neighbourhood, then this colour will be the right choice for you as it blends impeccably with other houses and neighbouring surroundings.

    4. Light grey

    If you are looking for an exterior colour that will be both trendy and classic, then go for light grey. Like tan or khai, it is also a neutral colour, which is the preferred colour of some homeowners. With a light grey exterior, your abode will have a sleek look and clean curb appeal. When you are selecting this colour, the ideal trim colour to choose is white. This colour will not clash with your roof colour, no matter which colour roof you may have.

    The most stunning way to improve the curb appeal of your house is to choose the right colour for exterior painting. These are some of the colours that will offer a timeless look to your house. Choose the colour that you want to paint, and then hire one of the reputable residential painters Melbourne and let him work to elevate your home.

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