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    5 Ways to Ensure your coffee has less caffeine 

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    Sometimes you may feel you should abstain from coffee because of the high caffeine content. But, this should not be the case, especially if you can get creative and learn how to reduce the amount of caffeine you consume daily in your coffee and still enjoy your coffee. Many people want to cut down on their caffeine intake because they take up to four cups of coffee in a day, they are sensitive to the side effects of caffeine, or it is due to health reasons. As you read, are ways you can get creative in cutting down on your caffeine in your daily consumption of coffee. 

    1. Create your low caffeine blend

    One way to create your low caffeine blend is through blending your decaffeinated beans with 100% Arabica beans. If you prefer to enjoy the aroma and taste, use it to a ratio of 1 to 1. For low caffeine content with manageable taste, use the 1 to 2 ratio of the caffeinated to decaffeinated coffee beans. For the best possible flavors, blend coffees that complement each other. Plus, make your low caffeine blend and add the best keto coffee creamer ranked by super coffee for the taste and your favorite spice. 

    1. Use less ground coffee
    Instant Coffee: Good or Bad?

    When you use a lot of ground coffee, the higher the caffeine content in your brew. As an example, if you use one heaped teaspoon of coffee per six ounces of water, use a bit less and see if you can enjoy your coffee with the resulting concoction. In this way, you are sure you are slowly reducing your caffeine content, and with time, you get used to the mix. Notably, as you reduce the amount of ground coffee, keep the amount of water consistent. 

    1. Try a darker roast 
    Light Roast vs. Dark Roast Coffee: Nutrition and Caffeine

    If you measure them by volume, dark roasts have less caffeine than lighter roasts. Unfortunately, it is not the same when you measure your coffee roast by weight. To explain this mystery, if you measure your dark roast with a scoop, you end up with fewer coffee beans in the scoop as they expand as you roast them. Therefore, because they are fewer beans, the caffeine is less per scoop. While measuring your dark roast coffee by weight, you have more beans, for, after the roasting process, they weigh less. In this case, more beans, more caffeine. To sum up, use a dark roast for less caffeine and measure it with a coffee scoop. 

    1. Use Arabica coffee beans
    What is Arabica Coffee? Arabica vs. Robusta: 11 Tasty Differences -  EnjoyJava

    Coffee Arabica and Coffee Robusta are the two species cultivated widely. Arabica is the most popular of the two. The caffeine content is 1% from Arabica and 2% for Robusta by weight on average. Therefore, it is best to use 100% Arabica coffee and avoid any other. In this way, not only will you will reduce your caffeine intake, but you drink a superior cup of coffee. If it is Arabica coffee beans, the package will state the grounds are from Tanzania, Kenya, Columbia, or Guatemala. These regions only grow Arabica beans. Be careful when buying blends, as in most cases, they include Robusta beans.

    1. Experiment with instant coffee 
    4 ways to choose the right coffee | The Times of India

    To make instant coffee, brew your coffee beans and remove the water content through freeze-drying. As a result, you get concentrated instant powder. Use this powder to make the coffee by adding a glass of hot water, and you get your instant coffee. The caffeine content of instant coffee is less than the regular brewed coffee. When you compare it to a cup for cup, instant coffee has half the caffeine of the filtered coffee. More importantly, ensure you check the label to ensure you are consuming 100% Arabica. Don’t settle for less or different. 

    To conclude, if coffee is a must-have and part of your morning routine. But, if the high dependency on caffeine is affecting your day-to-day life, look into a solution of consuming less caffeine. It may be a desire to consume less caffeine or for health reasons or any other reason. The above tips are some that can be helpful to lower your caffeine intake and still enjoy your coffee.

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