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    What Is Link Building and Why It’s Useful

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    Most companies use the internet to grow their business. Selling products or services online is an excellent way to reach many customers and increase profits. Even if you have an attractive website, you may find that not enough people are visiting it. One of the strategies to help turn this around is link building.

    If you’re interested in learning more, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ll discuss everything you need to know about link building. London-based SEO agencies often offer this service, so we’ll clarify why you should hire one.

    What Is Link Building?

    Link building is the process where other websites link back to yours. This increases the traffic to your website, earns higher rankings, and improves your site’s authority. Link building is one of the SEO strategies that “show” Google your website is credible and valuable. The more backlinks you have, the higher your ranking will be.

    Of course, link building isn’t just about high ranking and SEO. More than anything, it’s a way to build your brand, promote your products or services, advertise your credibility and expertise, and ultimately increase your earnings.

    What Are the Benefits of Link Building?

    As mentioned, link building is an activity that can play a significant role in how your website ranks by getting other sites to link back to yours. There are numerous advantages to outsourcing to an SEO company or expert to help you with link building:


    With link building, it’s best to aim for quality rather than quantity. You want to present your website as credible and authoritative. Hence, you need to build links from such websites. Remember that a few authority websites will be more worthy than 20 dubious ones.

    Plus, the number of credible domains is significant. Building one link from as many domains as possible is always better than building 15 links from just one domain.

    Google Ranking

    Google considers link building extremely important for ranking. If you don’t have any links to your website, Google won’t provide a rank, regardless of the site’s appearance and high-quality content. Staying in front of the competition is almost impossible without higher rankings, which is what you’ll get the more links you have.

    More Traffic and Profit

    Link building targets your potential audience/customers and attracts them to your website. That way, you’ll increase the traffic, which is a sign of a credible, healthy website. By targeting the right audience, you have a chance to sell your products/services and increase profits. With a high ranking, you’ll attract even more customers and grow your business.


    Link building can be an excellent tool for building relationships with relevant websites and businesses from your niche. One link building tactic is outreach, which usually involves contacting companies from your industry for promotional purposes. Of course, the main goal is to get a link, but this strategy also helps you build personal relationships with your peers.

    By connecting with those people, you create your “army” of supporters and advocates, which can promote your products or services and spread the word about your business. This helps you build a trusted and reliable brand, which can only boost your revenue.

    Why Should You Hire an Agency?

    Getting links takes a lot of time and expertise, which is why it’s best to hire an agency that offers link building services in London has numerous SEO agencies and experts that provide this kind of service. Therefore, finding a reliable partner might be difficult.

    The right SEO agency will answer all your questions, be transparent, dedicated, and honest. Look for an agency that will develop a strategy for your business, not offer a universal campaign that might not work for you. Plus, a good agency knows that not all links are good links, and they understand which links are worthwhile. As stated previously, with link building, quality is better than quantity.

    Build(ing) Links for the Website’s Health

    Link building is essential if you want to build a brand, have a respected and credible website, and generate revenue. In addition to higher rankings, this activity enables you to create relationships with people from your industry, which is always important.

    If you don’t have the time or don’t want to do it yourself, it’s best to hire an SEO agency for link building. London-based or not, you want to ensure you’re hiring a reliable and experienced partner. Even though it costs money, link building is a process worth investing in.

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