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    7 Best Gaming News Sites and Game Review Sites

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    Hundreds of video games get released every year, and there’s not enough time to play them all. How are you supposed to know which games are worth your time? Video game news and reviews sites are a good way to keep up with what’s happening in the gaming world and see if the latest releases are worth buying.

    We’ve picked out the best game review sites and video game news sites on the internet to help with this. Whether you want to check on a game’s quality before buying it, or just want to browse the latest gaming headlines, one of these great game websites will serve you well.

    A Word on Mainstream Gaming Sites

    Video games journalism has gone through a lot of problems in the past decade. We’ll spare specific details here, but suffice it to say that several well-known video game websites have suffered major breaches of ethics: collusion, undisclosed financial ties, and cronyism, among other behaviors.

    Additionally, for many gaming sites, the focus has shifted away from reviewing games based primarily on their gameplay and quality. Now, some sites emphasize social and political issues above all else, or even have authors who treat some articles like their personal blog. Other gaming sites have branched out to cover other forms of entertainment (like movies, TV, and music) to the detriment of their gaming coverage.

    We encourage you to research these issues and draw your own conclusions about whether you want to follow such mainstream gaming sites. Whatever sites you do choose to read, it’s important that you pay attention to the writers you’re reading, not just the site. There really isn’t a “best game review site” for everyone, since quality differs among the authors at various sites.

    1. Destructoid

    Destructoid is a great all-around gaming site with a bit of everything. It publishes articles regularly, with lots of news posts, reviews, and features appearing each week. This includes updates on certain games, previews of upcoming games, and opinion pieces.

    It’s not just a gaming news site, though. Destructoid publishes reviews of console and PC games, as well as mobile titles and even DLC. Its reviews are straightforward, and you can read Destructoid’s scoring system to understand how it rates games.

    Top off this coverage with video content and community forums, and you’ve got a solid video game website anyone can enjoy.

    2. GamesRadar+

    Another gaming news site that offers a healthy balance of content, GamesRadar+ provides news, reviews, features, hands-on looks at new games, and more. You can view reviews and guides for games on your favorite system, or check out the latest news and reviews.

    GamesRadar+ doesn’t review the volume of games many other sites do. At the time of writing, the site’s latest batch of reviews includes a few big-name games, but are mostly hardware reviews. This shows that the staff takes their time and doesn’t rush out reviews.

    In the reviews, clear Pros/Cons lists and a summary of the verdict make them easy to skim. Overall, GamesRadar+ provides lots of content to check out, as well as quick stories for staying abreast of gaming news.

    3. Game Informer

    Game Informer is a long-running video game magazine that also has a website. Unlike other gaming websites that also feature content for movies and TV, this one is all about games (occasionally covering movies and TV based on games). You’ll find news, previews of upcoming games, reviews, and features.

    It’s an old-school take on a game website in the overcomplicated modern age, which is welcome. Many of the staff are longtime game players, and the site has a professional feel to it. It summarizes its reviews with a number, which not all gaming sites do nowadays.

    Overall, Game Informer is a website run by people who love video games, built for players. The site doesn’t review every little game, but what’s here is excellent and there’s no political nonsense to worry about.

    4. Metacritic

    If you don’t feel like wading through detailed reviews and just want a quick score to see if a game is worth playing, Metacritic is for you. It’s not a review website in itself, but instead aggregates scores from various game review websites (like Rotten Tomatoes and similar websites do for movies).

    Search for a game, and you’ll see a weighted score from 1-100. You can click through to read individual reviews, or compare what the critics thought to user reviews.

    A lot of the time, it’s hard to sum up a game’s quality in a single number. Thus, many people have issues with the weight placed on Metacritic, but it’s a fine place to start your research on a game. Just remember that a numbered score isn’t everything.

    5. Nintendo Life

    As its name suggests, this is one of the best gaming websites for Nintendo enthusiasts. Nintendo Life specializes in covering the Nintendo Switch, 3DS, eShop, and similar topics. You’ll find reviews, news, features, and even original videos.

    The guides stand out here. They provide help for major games, such as type weaknesses in Pokémon or how to spot fake paintings in Animal Crossing. The site reviews downloadable eShop titles as well as mainstream releases, so there’s a lot of coverage.

    With a pleasant community in the forums and comment sections, this is a must-visit for all Nintendo fans.

    6. GameSpot

    GameSpot is a well-known gaming site that’s worth a visit. You’ll find popular and recent news on its homepage, along with lists of upcoming games and recent reviews.

    The site reviews games, both popular and small, on every platform. For something a little different, you can also check out its video shows and forums to connect with other gamers.

    There are some occasional quirks with its reviews, like the writer mentioning that they didn’t play through the entire game. Because of this, it is nice to see a summary of what the reviewer played at the bottom of the article. But overall, it’s a quality resource.

    7. Christ Centered Gamer

    With the above discussion of bias in games, you might think a site with an obvious predisposition is an odd choice to include. But Christ Centered Gamer has received praise for its clear reviews from people concerned about the ethics of mainstream game sites.

    Unlike sites that let author biases influence their ranking of a game’s quality, this site separates its reviews into two scores. One scores the game technically on its gameplay, controls, and other qualities. The other scores the morality of the game, based on factors like language, sexual content, and similar.

    If you’re a person of faith, or want more information about video games for your children beyond the basic game age rating, you can take the morality score into account. But if you don’t care about that, you can skip right past it and still enjoy a quality review of the game on its own merits.

    This page isn’t as well-known as some other game review sites, but it’s up-front about its biases and hasn’t had concerning breaches of ethics. You may find that refreshing.

    Websites for User-Written Game Reviews

    The above sites are all professional publications for game news and reviews. However, don’t forget that there are tons of resources online to read user-created reviews too. Since opinions on games are subjective, you might prefer to read several reviews from everyday players in addition to, or instead of, professional articles.


    Anyone with an opinion and a YouTube channel can make a video reviewing a game. If you prefer to watch gameplay for a game instead of just reading about it, this is a great option. Chances are that you’ll be able to find someone talking about the game you’re interested in. Have a look at the best YouTube game review channels to start.


    In addition to being one of the best places for game walkthroughs, GameFAQs is a useful resource for user reviews of games too. Search for a game and check its Reviews tab to see what others thought about it.

    These reviews don’t follow any particular pattern, so it’s up to each person to discuss what they feel is important and structure the review accordingly.


    Steam has a handy review system that makes it easy to see what a lot of other players thought about the game. Just scroll down on any game’s page on Steam to take a look. You can filter by positive or negative reviews, how long the reviewer played the game, and other criteria. It’s even possible to see a graph of reviews over time.

    A lot of games feature “funny” reviews, which aren’t that useful, but you can filter some of those out with Steam’s tools. Others can give awards for reviews, and the most helpful ones rise to the top. Even if you don’t play on PC, checking Steam reviews for any game that you’re interested in is a helpful resource.

    The Top Video Game Websites Worth Your Time

    The best video game websites aren’t necessarily the ones you hear about often. Many game websites have major drawbacks—whether it’s a lack of ethics, poorly justified review scores, or a radical bias. But these sites are great places to get your video game reviews, as well as some news.

    In addition to these options, it’s a good idea to find some Twitch streamers that you enjoy. Game websites employ dozens of people, which makes it difficult to find a consistent voice. With a single streamer, you can understand their preferences and better see if a game is right for you. Plus, seeing a game in real-time for yourself always helps.

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