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    A Beginner’s Men Guide To A Stylish Motorcycle Attire

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    So you have caught the bug of motorcycle riding. Maybe it was the cool bike you saw outside of a bar or maybe you are the type of person who cannot afford an expensive car and vehicle insurances and decided to choose a much cheaper and better alternative.

    Either way, you are new to motorbikes, and chances are you may be thinking of buying a new two-wheeler ride or you may have already made a purchase but are looking to kick your aesthetics up a notch.

    If you think that your bike riding adventure can begin without proper attire, then you are in a rude awakening. Proper riding gear cannot not only make you look stylish, appealing but can also protect you from sudden death or permanent injuries in case of an accident.

    There is a reason why most people consider motorcycles to be a dangerous mode of transportation on account of the lack of security features. There are no airbags or safety mechanisms in bikes that can prevent or save you in case of a crash. It will be your apparel that will help you in such situations.

    The proper attire items cannot only increase your style but can also prove to be a difference-maker in situations of life and death. Today special bike riding apparels are available that are specially reinforced to prevent open wound injuries and absorb the impact of a fall to save the biker. To help you in making informed decisions so you can buy the ‘right’ outfit items here is our guide to a stylish bike riding gear.

    Safety gear

    Looking athletic and stylish while riding your bike is great but we cannot overlook the importance of safety. Your health comes first, and riding your motorcycle without proper safety equipment is out of the question. The dangers of motorcycle riding are real and many people lose their lives due to the lack of safety gear items.

    Therefore before you hop on your two-wheeler beauty you will need to ensure wearing all the safety essentials that can include:

    • A solid quality helmet
    • Gloves
    • Transparent glasses (for eyes protection)
    • Rugged boots
    • Bike riding clothing (That brings us to the second point).

    Biker Clothing

    Now that you have taken care of the essentials, let’s talk about style. There are only two ways you can ride your motorcycle; you can ‘just ride’ or you can ride while looking trendy and fashionable while feeling comfortable and safe.

    The right clothing will not only give you that extra sportier look motorcyclists crave for but will also protect you from injuries and keep you comfortable in all types of weather situations. When the goal is to look modern and sassy there are two pieces of clothing items that riders cannot live without.

    A perfect-fitting Jacket

    The history and culture of wearing a leather jacket while riding a motorcycle go way back to the era of the ’80s. It was trendy and classy back then, and it is still modern and appealing today. It’s like lemon in the lemonade, it is very seldom that you will see a biker without wearing a rugged modern looking jacket most probably you will see riders wearing a jacket made of leather.

    There is a reason why we are comfortable in suggesting you buy a leather jacket because it is one the most durable, preferred, and long-lasting fabric that can endure the trials of time and weather. We suggest you go for  Viking Cycle’s Men’s motorcycle jackets that are perfect for the style, comfort, and safety.

    Motorcycle Vests

    Motorcycle Vests

    As a biker, you are going to have a wardrobe full of proper motorcycle clothing items that are ‘appropriate’ according to the weather conditions. You can not wear leather jackets in all the seasons, especially in summer.

    To cope with hot weather situations you will need clothing that is breathable and doesn’t make you sweat like a butcher. The best choice you can make in this regard is to go for a half-sleeve biker’s vest.

    Check out Viking Cycle’s Men’s motorcycle vests collection and find out a perfect vest that will skyrocket your aesthetics.

    Quality Checking

    As a newbie, you will have to pay extra attention to details while buying your outfit items. Because quality gear can last several years while cheap items will not only bring down your looks but will also not provide any safety features in case of a fall.

    Pay special attention to the below aspects before making a purchase:

    • Look
    • Feel
    • Functions
    • Build quality
    • Material used
    • Attention to details
    • Safety features etc.

    Getting ready safety essentials and proper clothing is just one step on a long road. As a two-wheeler enthusiast, you will go on both long and short adventurous trips and will learn many things with the passage of time. Always ensure you wear the right clothing for maximum style while keeping the safety of others and yourself in mind.

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