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    Can Bone-Broth Increase Your Workout Performance?

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    If you are a health and fitness enthusiast who likes to exercise regularly while following the latest dietary trends on the internet, then chances are you will be familiar with bone-broth. As it is one of the hottest food trends in the health industry today that fitness and health athletes follow and include in their diets to benefit from a high amount of nutrition.

    It is considered as an ‘ancestral superfood’ and is consumed globally not only by fitness athletes but people all over the world include bone-broth in their diets to gain health benefits. In case you are not familiar with the concept of the ancestral superfoods, let us enlighten you.

    Ancestral foods are considered to be the types of food that our earlier ancient ancestors relied on to survive in the earlier times. Such types of food included bone marrow and meat of the animals. And modern ancestral consumables are inspired by the diets of our ancestors because what they consumed is high in nutrients and cannot be overlooked when it comes to health and fitness. 

    For a long time, these ancestral edibles were under-discovered and were under-rated. But as science uncovered the health benefits of such consumables the adoption of these super foods increased rapidly and became a global phenomenon that is now trending all over the globe.

    So what on earth is Bone-Broth?

    Bone broth is an incredibly delicious and nourishing dish that is made by over-the-night slow cooking bones and meat of animals with added vegetables and spices to flavor.  The mixture is cooked for usually 12 hours or even 24 hours before it is prepared.

    This slow cooking of meat and bones for a long period of time extracts all the nutrients from the meat and the bone including bone-marrow and collagen. And due to the fact that it is extensively rich in proteins and other nutrients, it has now become of the most favorite diets of athletes and trainers.

    How can it boost your workout performance?

    Apart from slow cooking methods, there are now many easy to consume dietary supplements and shakes available that provide compact quality bone/collagen proteins and other nutrients that are necessary to build/repair tissues, muscles, new cells, bones, ligaments, hair, nails, skin, tissues, organs and so on.

    Excited to learn more? Here are more reasons why this superfood can revamp your training results.

    It is healthy for your gut

    We hope it is not necessary to discuss why it is important to protect your gut. In short, your gut is responsible for a long list of your body functions. From digesting your food to fighting off harmful viruses and bacteria your gut plays a vital role in keeping your body functional and healthy.  Only drinking a cup of this nutritiously rich consumable can skyrocket the health of your gut and can increase your immunity.

    With a healthy gut, you will be able to exert more strength in your training sessions and with a healthy digestive tract, you will see the results of a healthy ABC diet even sooner.

    Makes your joints healthy

    With the passage of time, your body will reduce the testosterone production that will put you at higher risk of developing joints and knee pain, problems in walking, and health conditions like arthritis. Furthermore, intensive exercising that includes weight lifting can put pressure on your joints and can make them soar.

    Pro Tip: Apart from diet, your clothing can also reduce or enhance your performance in the gym or in any type of physical activity. It is important that while training you always wear proper athleisure wear to maximize your performance. We encourage you to check out BornTough’s workout shirts and Born Tough’s workout shorts athletic outfits collection to find proper sports attire.

    Stronger Bones

    Broth supplements can not only strengthen your joints health but can also make your bones stronger and healthier. Essential nutrients like Calcium, Magnesium, Iron, and Phosphorus in this power superfood increases the bone density and promotes the production of more bone marrow. With stronger bones, you can definitely expect more performance and ability in your exercise sessions.

    These are not just some of the benefits of this delicious super food. Making it a regular part of your diet cannot only increase your ability and results in exercise training but can also help you live a healthier life. There are however different types of broths that consist of bones of different animals like chicken, turkey, cow, buffalo, etc. Therefore choose a product smartly depending on the amount of protein you need and the animal meat you like.

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