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A Quick Overview of the Solar Panel Installation Process

A Quick Overview of the Solar Panel Installation Process

In 2019, there were over 2 million solar panel installations in the US. Plus, it’s projected that we’ll surpass 3 million this year!

Solar panel installation is becoming more and more popular with homeowners, that’s for sure. While it can be an expensive undertaking, it’s worth it in the end when you can be more eco-friendly and save some money too.

So if you’re interested, here’s what you can expect from the solar panel installation process!

Initial Consultation

First, the solar panel company needs to come inspect your property and talk to you about your needs and what you hope to achieve. From there, they can determine where the best places are to install panels, which will make them worth your money.

Not convinced? Find out why they’re completely worth it!

If you decide solar power is right for you, then the company will get you an estimate of not just the cost to install solar panels, but how much electricity you’ll generate. If you need financing options, they’ll provide this for you as well.

Administrative Work

What’s great is you can get tax credits and manufacturer’s rebates by going solar. And what’s even better is the solar energy company will submit the paperwork for you!

They’ll also get any permits they might need, as well as work out connections and net metering agreements with your utility company.

Property Preparation

Before the solar energy company performs installation services for you, you have to first prepare your property so they don’t run into any issues or hazardous situations.

Basically, you’ll want to prepare for the installation as you would for a home renovation. Remove everything blocking access to your roof and clear your driveway (and yard) of cars, toys, bicycles, etc.

If you have any small children and/or pets, you might want to relocate them to someone else’s house for a few hours so they’re not distressed by all the loud noises.

Solar Panel Installation

After ordering all of the necessary components, the company can get your property fitted on the big day.

First, they’ll test your roof to make sure it’s sound. Then, they’ll wire up all the components.

Next is installing the whole system. Not only does this include the mounting system, but also all the hardware and the inverter.

Once these things are in place, then the technicians can make the final connections to complete the process. They’ll then test that everything’s working by powering it up, and you should be finished after!

Go Solar Today

After reading about solar panel installation, you might’ve realized that it’s less complicated than you thought. In fact, this has encouraged you to go green!

In that case, speaking to a professional installer is a good idea. They’ll be able to give you an estimate and from there, you can schedule installation services so you can do your part in reducing your carbon footprint!

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