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    A style guide for shoe shopping on a budget.

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    When choosing shoes you need to have more than just style in your mind. Any wrong pair of shoes and you will develop a number of health problems including swelling of veins, disturbed blood circulation, blisters and sore fingers and toes. A wrong shoe size can cause you to experience extreme un-comfort the moment you put it on.

    A little callouses can shatter your confidence because you chose a size too small or too tight. Thus how a pair of shoe looks is equally important as how it feels. Today we discuss some basic do’s and don’t when buying the perfect shoes that not only look good, feel good but are equally good for your feet. Of course, when talking about shoes that combine all the three of these factors we have none better than urban sole’s summer collection for both men and women.

    Good shoes those are light on the pocket

    What is shoes sale but an excellent opportunity to revamp your shoe collection? The shoe collection is offered at a discounted rate to allow you to select your favorite designs without worrying about your favorite designs being out of your budget.

    Sales bring with it the chance to refresh and renew your shoe collection and buy your favorite discount shoes. Of course all the collection at Urban sole is available in stores as well as online for you to indulge in and enjoy amazing discounts. This is why online shoes sale is what we look forward to every season.

    Summer guide for a hassle-free shoe selection

    When selecting summer shoes the sandals on sale are the highlight of the season. Urban sole’s comfy sandals and trendy flats collection never disappoints. Unlike the designer shoes on sale, that are fancy and often uncomfortable to wear for longer wear, urban sole’s top priority is ease and relaxation for your feet, making them the best choice for people in summers. But there are a few guidelines to buy your favorite sandals:

    One size doesn’t fit all:

    Always look for a pair that fits you perfectly, not too tight and certainly not too loose. If the sandals are too loose, they will keep coming out of your feet while walking and if the pair is too tight, you will end up with sore feet.

    Best time to shop:

    Avoid going for shoe shopping in the morning; try buying shoes in the afternoon or when you have walked a few steps so that you don’t end up buying a tight pair.

    Best color to choose from:

    -Although sandals look great, whatever you pair them up with, but always opt for sandals that go with neutral hues that complement every kind of dress whether it’s a flowy skirt, loose trousers or an eastern shalwar kameez.

    Material selection:

    As the blazing sun is above our heads, always choose a material that is lightweight and breathable to allow ventilation so that your feet do not feel sweaty and give off odor. 

    Thanks to all the women’s shoes on sale at Urban sole you don’t have to worry about this. This is why we say that Urban sole’s summercollectionis surely a treat for all ladies out there.

    The feel good factor while buying shoes

    Each pair of shoes at Urban sole is crafted to give you an ultimate luxe experience combing comfort and style. A plus point that comes with buying Urban sole is that their shoes have a special feel good effect to each pair. The Urbansole sale is up for the customers to explore and experience the uniquely snug fit that has a comfort and coziness like no other. Each and every shoe has a fashionable outlook and flexibility that they can be worn all day long.

    Low prices-A feel good factor:

    Of course, a good shoe shopping experience is incomplete without it feeling good on the pocket. Talking about feeling good on the pocket, the footwear sale here is worth the price Urbansole offers on each article.  

    We all know its summer when men are looking for casual slippers, men’s sandals and flip flops to wear all day when they are not in formal settings. The men’s casual shoes sale is a must to check out if you are one of those boys who prefer stylish but trendy casual wear. The entire range of men’s footwear collection is an epitome of craftsmanship where each pair is carefully designed to make every step an easy breezy experience.

    The highest quality and the lowest price- A sale not to be missed:

    The best part of men’s shoes sale is that each pair of shoe is crafted with perfection to meet practicality and support. You don’t have to worry about choosing the perfect pair of shoes from their branded shoes sale because each pair of shoe is crafted with precision and utmost craftsmanship.

    Whatever summer article you choose from men’s and women’s collection, it won’t disappoint you and what’s best is that each of it is available on a discounted price to give you an intricate ensemble of comfort and style. For all the days where you want to make a statement without doing much, this is a one stop shop for everyone.

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