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What pairs of shoes to wear with women’s slim jeans?


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Sandals, whether flat or heeled, trendy or more classic, are always perfect with slim jeans. See those wide strap sandals we’ve seen all summer? Well they also work very well with a slim fit. Yet with their rather massive allure and their ultra-minimalist side, no one would have bet on this improbable association!

Wearing slim jeans with Denim Sandals, strappy sandals or is the guarantee of remaining simple and feminine without too much effort. We validate!

Exit the skinny, the flare jeans are back on the front of the stage. Star of the 70s, it is more trendy than ever. Indispensable in our wardrobes, we can wear flare jeans in winter as in summer. We show you how to adopt flare jeans in 15 inspiring looks.

Since jeans are constantly being renewed from season to season, you can quickly be spoiled for choice. But the one that never disappoints and that suits all body types is flare jeans.

How to choose your flared jeans?

Flare jeans adapts to all body types because they are endlessly available. Short, wide, slim, long … we love it in all its forms. For the older ones, we adopt the wide, slim or cropped flare jeans, also called the kick flare. What shoes to wear with flared jeans? Sneakers, block stylo shoes or pointy toe ankle boots.

If you are shorter, leave aside the wide flare jeans which may create a “bag” effect. Instead, go for a pair of slim flare jeans: tight at the thighs and slightly flared at the bottom. The kick flare is also your ally, as long as you don’t wear it with sneakers, which will compress your figure. Short, wide, slim, long … we love flare jeans in all their forms!

Choose the color of your flare jeans

When it comes to colors and washes, flare jeans offer many possibilities. We avoid faded jeans to the extreme, a big trend of the 2000s that has not survived the ages! We also leave aside the torn or worn flare jeans, at the risk of falling into the too much.

We adopt dark blue or black jeans with our eyes closed, ideal for slimming and lengthening our legs. In summer as in winter, we opt for white flare jeans that we break with an oversized gray sweatshirt and camel suede ankle boots.

What should you wear flare jeans with?

Wearing flare jeans in winter

Stay warm, put on a big knit sweater that you blouse in your high-waisted flare jeans . Pointed-toe heeled ankle boots and voila!  For a winter evening, wear black flare jeans with a beige satin camisole. We stay in a rock spirit with a leather perfecto placed on the shoulders, a gray scarf-plaid around the neck and pointed black vinyl ankle boots.

Wearing flare jeans in summer

In summer, we fall for a pair of flared jeans and bohemian white blouse. We adopt nude wedge espadrilles on the feet, a big trend that comes back every summer. We leave our leather bag in the closet and we go into the basket fashion with our eyes closed. We add a small scarf on the hawse: the little detail that changes everything!

The high-waisted flare jeans go perfectly with the white message t-shirt. If you’re shorter, swap the sneakers for block heel sandals that will lengthen your figure while remaining comfortable during the day. Flare jeans for a summer evening? It’s a big yes! We opt for slim flare jeans, more tight-fitting than the classic model, in dark blue. In top, we dare the maxi neckline with a polka dot wrap, and we adopt sandals with thin golden straps on the feet. And since we love to mix prints, we tie a floral headband in the hair. 

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