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    Eco-friendly Bags- A Modern Change

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    We continually hear about plastic pollution. The fact that we hear almost every day may be from news sites, surrounding people, the news channel is that plastic poorly affects the environment and health. This always brings us a question of how can a simple plastic bag can harm our beautiful environment and health? You might be thinking, we use plastic bags each day, everywhere may it be at the mall, departmental store, home, office but we have never ever faced any health issues, correct?

    But we all are proved to be thinking wrong. Yes, according to SAS (Surfers Against Sewage), Approximately 51 trillion microscopic pieces of plastic, weighing 269,000 tons of plastic pollution is there This is the same as 1345 adult blue whales, or it is 500 times the number of stars in our galaxy. It is, either way, we see the numbers. The numbers do not just end here every day, almost 8 million pieces of plastic pollution from coastal area find a way into our oceans.

    In respect to these numbers, we are being told to use reusable or eco-friendly bags. But why is to?  Why is plastic so harmful in so many ways?

    Do we all know plastics take birth from oil? Oil is non-renewable resources and also non-biodegradable. This means plastics are never really dead. As a consequence, they keep on polluting and have become permanent polluters of land, water, and health. Not just human health, plastic also hurt birds, animals, and fish.

    The permanent and effective solution as an alternative to this harmful plastic is reusable and eco-friendly bags. These bags are made from various plants like fibers, including cotton, hemp, bamboo, and jute.

    The fibers used to make bags are grown organically and are sustainable. They are bio-degradable and eco-friendly, which create no harm to our environment. Moreover, these bags are long-lasting and reliable.

    So, are reusable bags really better than plastic bags and if yes, how? Let us know this through different situations

    Reusable Bags: Ocean Pollution

    As plastic bags are not reusable nor biodegradable, they will continually flow towards our ocean. This will eventually harm the most important resource on the planet. Moreover, it will a constant threat to human, animals, and of course, the environment Replacing plastic to eco-friendly bags that are biodegradable is a great way to stop all the threats as they can be recycled and reused.

    Reusable Bags: Durability

    A reusable plastic bag is a type of container that can be used multiple time for a different purpose. It is an excellent alternative to a single paper or plastic These bags are made from natural fabrics and grown organically. This allows multiple usages for a single bag and ultimately cut down the amount of daily plastic waste.

    Reusable Bags: Eco-friendly

    These bags are totes, which are really very good for a daily activity like while buying groceries. According to research, “four or five reusable bags will replace 520 plastic bags a year if used once per week”. The advantage is, reusable bag can be used far more times than a single plastic before finally dumping it. We can easily purchase them from supermarkets and apparel stores.

    With clear insight, we can now conclude why are made to use eco-friendly bags instead of plastics. All our hatred of change now has a solid reason to love the change.

    Bottom Line

    It is a common human tendency that we love things that are cheap and we forget their side-effects. Same is with the plastic bags, they are undoubtedly cheap as compared to eco-friendly bags but at the same time have multiple harmful effects. Eventually, these stylish bags make sense and are unignorable.

    We are living beings on this planet; our decision can have a fruitful impact on our environment. So, let’s make a wise decision together.

    Pro tip: We can use insulated lunch bags as an alternative option for taking a small step each day to prevent harm to health and the environment.

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