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    Find the Best Cable TV, Phone & Internet Providers In Your Area

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    We live in a digital age and without working high-speed internet, we cannot perform our daily tasks. There are tons of providers available in the market. However, choosing the right one for your home or business is a difficult task. All of them offer similar plans, internet speeds, and plans but may vary on the pricing. If you are doing this for the first time, you might get confused about the technical jargon surrounding the internet. Therefore, you need expert advice on how to find the best cable TV, internet, and phone provider in your area.

    Cable services use a complex network of coaxial cables. This network is already spread throughout the United States making it accessible for the people to get the services. Your area might have a dozen providers operating. Since this decision impacts your day to day activities, therefore, it is crucial to make the right one. Otherwise, you may face long call queues in the customer service or technical departments.

    To address this issue, we came up with a comprehensive guide on finding the best cable TV, phone, and internet providers in your area:

    Understand your usage requirements

    Every household is different and your usage requirements may differ accordingly. The first step in finding the best cable TV and broadband provider is understanding how your family uses the internet and cable. If you have a basic usage that involves watching the basic TV channels such as FOX News, BBC America, CNN, or CNBC plus you need a basic internet for emails and work, you need the most basic plan for your household.

    If you often download movies, online gaming is your routine, you spend most of your weekends’ binge-watching TV shows on Netflix, and on top, you want all the exclusive action from the world of NBA and NFL, get a premium plan. You have a high-end usage that involves excessive download and streaming. Therefore, a download speed up to 100 Mbps is the minimum speed you should get.

    How to look for a provider?

    There are many ways to look for a provider. For a start, check out the popular providers in your area. Providers like Spectrum has services in more than 41 states. Just go to the website and there is a menu that allows you to search for the Spectrum silver package and deals in your area. It prompts you to enter your zip code and address. If your address is serviceable by the provider, it will show all the exclusive discounts and promotions in the area. If these are not, many websites allow you to search a provider using your zip code. Check for these websites.

    Research the provider

    Once you are done selecting the provider and a plan, do a little bit of research. Ask your friends, family, and most importantly neighbors about their experience with the provider. If not that, look up the reviews online.

    Ways to sign-up

    Cable providers offer numerous ways of signing up for the service. The easiest way is by calling customer service. The benefit of calling the provider directly is that you get hands-on information regarding the promotion, its validity, surcharges, equipment rental, and charges for the DVR. This will help you to clear any confusions you have in the plan.

    Secondly, if you don’t want to talk to someone over the phone like me, just go on to the provider’s website and place an order. Select the package first and then add your First Name, Last Name, Service and Billing Address, and other information required. Many providers may ask for personal information such as date of birth and social security number. There are credit checks as well. Always confirm whether that credit check is hard or soft. A credit check may allow you to avail some extra discounts. If your credit check isn’t good, you may have to pay some or the entire amount upfront.

    You can even visit the store and sign-up for the services.

    Final Verdict

    Take your time, understand your usage requirements, and most importantly sign-up for the plan that fits the budget. Compare different websites and choose the most discounted plans in your area.

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