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    General Cleaning After Repair – Step by Step

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    Repair is a serious event! The interior is changing, new objects and materials appear in the apartment, and most importantly – a huge amount of garbage is formed. You probably already got rid of part of it, but you still have to bring the floors, the carpets, and the windows in a decent appearance. In short, cleaning after repair is not as easy as it seems. But you will greatly simplify your life if you do it in a certain sequence. We’ll talk about this now.

    General cleaning after repair consists of several stages. You have to:

    • collect and take out small garbage;
    • take out bulky garbage;
    • remove stains from the floor, the carpet, window sills, walls;
    • wash windows, doors and batteries;
    • remove building dust;
    • put in order plumbing and tiles;
    • bring the final gloss.

    You can do everything without unnecessary nervous expenses, if you take into account such tips:

    • Do not try to do everything at once – it’s better to dedicate several days for the whole process.
    • Do not start the general cleaning from living rooms – it is better to first clean up the kitchen, bathroom and corridor, and only then take on the living room, bedroom and children’s room.

    Where to start from?

    Of course, from the trash! This is understandable, because all these cans, boards, bottles terribly interfere. Before you grab them, take care of safety: Put on something old, which is not a pity, cover your head. You will have to bother with dust and solvents, but it is better to do this in old clothes that can be immediately discarded.

    Remember to wear shoes, preferably with thick soles. A thick sole is needed because there may be nails, needles, paper clips, or even construction tools on the floor, which can be easily injured.

    Put on gloves. Gloves are needed for the same reason as specific shoes. In addition, some of the substances you have to tinker with are corroding your hands.

    It is better to take garbage bags more tightly. Thin polyethylene in this case will be a poor helper, larger paper bags are more suitable. In an extreme case, you can glue them yourself if the wallpaper remains.

    Before you put the garbage in the bag, look at what fell into your hands. Among the boards and trimmings of wallpaper may be the necessary things – for example, tools. They, of course, should be removed, but all kinds of residual materials should be discarded immediately. You will never use them anyway, so why keep it?

    But why not turn to professionals?

    If you are afraid of the amount of work or you are not sure that you will be able to allocate enough time, contact a cleaning company. The advantages of such cleaning after repair are obvious:

    • while professionals are cleaning your walls, you can safely do something else;
    • company employees will come at a time convenient for you – when you will be at home, or vice versa – when no one is in the apartment;
    • in a reputable company there are both suitable tools and the necessary materials, and most importantly, professionals know how to use all this;
    • few people will do the cleaning much faster than one or two.

    How does professional cleaning work?

    Cleaning companies offer their customers professional cleaning after repairing not only apartments, but also detached houses and offices. After the repair, the specialists will:

    • take out the garbage and even take it out;
    • remove dust;
    • clean the plumbing and glass;
    • clean radiators;
    • wash the doors;
    • clean floors, walls and ceiling;
    • wash the windows.

    In a word, in the list of services you will find everything that is required after the repair is completed.

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