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    WordPress Vs Wix: What Is The Best Platform For Your Business

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    WordPress Vs Wix: What Is The Best Platform For Your Business

    WordPress is the undisputed leader in the CMS industry, cornering over 60% of the market share. However, it is not the only service being used by people to build websites. There are various other platforms that do not enjoy such huge popularity but have a significant user base. One such service that is slowly making its presence felt is Wix. Just like WordPress, it also facilitates web development without needing to input any code. In this post, we are conducting a WordPress vs Wix comparison to assess which of them will be suitable for your business website. Having a digital interface is essential in today’s connected world. In the absence of a website, your business will not be able to leverage the internet for marketing its products or services and generating more sales. We will compare both the web building tools on some key metrics to understand which one is ideal for creating a business website.

    1. Cost Of Development 

    Technically a WordPress website can be built by paying only for domain name and website hosting services. However, a business interface will need a custom appearance and functionality. This can add to the cost of development. A small business website with a premium theme and essential plugins can be acquired for anything between $200 to $300.

    Wix is an all-in-one platform that offers different packages each of which contains domain name and hosting features apart from a website. However, the domain and hosting subscription will need to be reviewed every year at $14.99 per month. Its business and e-commerce packages have been priced in the $28 to $56 per month bracket. The prices are reduced if a person opts for a 1, 2 or 3-year plan. The final cost of a Wix website will fall in the $250 to $500 range.

    2. Creating A Customized Design 

    WordPress users enjoy the benefit of a wide variety of ready made themes. A lot of people convert website to WordPress theme only to access this huge library. According to an estimate, there are more than 30,000 themes that have been organized into various categories. Moreover, users can modify almost every aspect of a template including color scheme, typography, and layout. Business owners can easily give a personalized look to an existing theme.

    There are over 500 pre-built templates that Wix offers to its users. Like WordPress, it has also sorted its layouts in various categories. Once a design is selected, the builder can be used to modify the background and adding new elements like images and menus. However, users can feel restricted while customizing their interfaces. The number of available designs and the categories is also not as extensive as they are in WordPress. 

    3. Integrating New Functionality

    This is one of the most important sections in the WordPress vs Wix comparison. A business website caters to a specific audience and must include functionality that the target users need. Extending the functionality of a WordPress interface is easy. You only need to add and activate a suitable plugin to achieve the objective. There are over 50,000 plugins in the official repository. This means that you can easily find a tool for any conceivable functionality.

    Wix also offers apps through its App Market but there are only about 200 apps in its directory. In case, you need a custom feature that is not available in the app store, you will have to hire a professional developer to get the functionality. 

    4. Creating An Online Store 

    Business users may want to add an online store to boost their sales. WordPress website owners can use an e-commerce plugin like the open-source WooCommerce for the purpose. These tools contain all the necessary elements required to create and run a virtual outlet. Most of these plugins come with add-ons that are helpful in adding new features to the store. Tools like WordPress support all major payment services and marketing tools.

    Wix offers an e-commerce website to all its premium subscribers. This means that free users will need to pay in order to get a virtual store. Moreover, the payment options and marketing integrations are not as extensive as the other CMS.

    5. Optimizing The Website For The Search Engines

    This is another important factor to consider before choosing a platform for your business website. WordPress is an SEO-friendly development tool that will allow you to create optimized page titles and meta descriptions. You can also define an efficient URL structure and add descriptive alt tags to images. Using tools like Yoast SEO plugin will enable you to enhance the capabilities of your website even more.

    Wix users can also modify their page titles and image alt tags to create optimized properties. However, not all its readymade templates are optimized for search engines. The platform also does not have too many options for improving the loading speed that is an important page ranking factor. 


    After reading the comparative assessment, you would have gathered that Wix is a suitable platform for beginners while WordPress will be ideal for all kinds of entrepreneurs. Apart from using numerous in-built customization options, you can also hire professional WordPress theme developers to create a unique-looking website. 

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