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    Happy Mother’s Day Wishes

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    Mother’s Day falls on the second Sunday of May. This day is very special as it celebrates motherhood. Mothers are every kids first friends who are there to take care of their well being and support them through good and bad times. Sending sweet Happy Mother’s Day messages to friends and cute wishes to sister is a wonderful way of celebrating this day with your loved ones.

    If you are confused with what to write on Mother’s Day cards then we have come up with heartfelt Mothers Day messages to send to your cousins. With these lovely Happy Mother’s Day messages to my sister you can stay sorted. Use these Happy Mothers Day wishes for cousin to write in greetings card.

    Funny Mothers Day Messages for Cousin

    “Wishing you a very Happy Mother’s Day my dear…. I am sure you are going to make a super mom to your kids and raise them into responsible adults.”

    Happy Mother’s Day Messages for Cousin

    1. Today is the day to thank God for blessing both of us with the most loving and fun mothers…. Together, they both have filled our lives with rainbow colours and spread happiness around…. A very Happy Mother’s Day!!!!

    2. We have grown together, we have shared the most amazing times together….. All thanks to our moms who pampered us, cared for us and are also the reason behind our strong bonds….. Wishing them both a very Happy Mother’s Day.

    3. Both of us are sisters from different mothers because we our mothers are so similar and so are we….Let us make this Mother’s Day memorable for our mommies by giving them a surprise…. Let us wish them Happy Mother’s Day with a bang!!!

    4. Today is the day when we celebrate motherhood….. We both were blessed with two mothers….mine and yours who always loved and cared for both of us making it a double bonanza…. To our loving mothers, a very Happy Mother’s Day.

    5. Let us promise to spread more smiles and happiness in the lives of both of our mothers who brought us in this world and who nurtured this bond of love between us…. Wishing both our mothers a very warm and wonderful Happy Mother’s Day.

    6. We were born as individuals but thanks to our mothers, we became cousins….. sisters who always hanged out together, sisters who were partners in crime….. On this occasion, let us thank our mothers and celebrate Mother’s Day with them.

    7. Today is the day to thank our loving moms for never stopping us from playing, never stopped us from being our naughty selves….. Let us wish our mothers a very Happy Mother’s Day by sending them warm wishes.

    8. We are not just cousins but we are also friends for life, who will always stand by each other…. We must thank our mothers on the occasion of Mother’s Day for being such amazing moms and bringing us up as super amazing cousins…… Happy Mother’s Day to both the ladies.

    9. We were born as cousins and the credit goes to our mothers….. We have shared the most beautiful moments together and our mothers are the reason behind it….. Wishing both our mothers a very warm Happy Mother’s Day.

    10. My Mother’s Day celebrations are incomplete without wishing both our moms as they both are mothers to us for they have raised us both like their own children….. Hats off to the amazing ladies and Happy Mother’s Day to both!!!

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