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    How Phonics Impact Your Child’s Reading and Writing Skills

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    It would be too obvious to say that parents care a lot about their child’s education. Even though it might seem distant right now (especially if your kid is very young at this moment), the time will come when they will have to enroll in school and actually start getting grades. However, some countries have a more difficult language, and even though English is considered as a universal language, some features of it might be quite challenging. Writing and spelling are just two things that make problems for its learners, but there definitely are ways in which you can make this task a less painful one. Teaching your child phonics is one of the things that you can do. But how will they impact your child’s reading and writing skills? Why is phonics so important?

    It will help them recognize words

    It is not only important to learn different letters and the sound they make, it is also important to learn how different letters that are put together create different sounds. By teaching your child phonics, they will understand that not all letters function the same in different environments and they will understand and recognize more words than before. They will know, for example, that ph together reads as an f, and they will, for example, understand the word photography even though it doesn’t have an f at the beginning of it. This is a great game of exploration for kids – and they will most certainly find it very helpful.

    They will spell in a better way

    Spelling is perhaps one of the biggest headaches of the English language. There are plenty of adult people who simply do not know how to spell, and even though this is no excuse, the truth is that spelling words in English might be challenging at times. This is especially important when your kids start going to school and after that, then they start pursuing their academic careers. One of the ways to make this journey less painful is by giving them the option of learning phonics at the right age. It is said that kids absorb knowledge faster than adults, so teaching them the rules of spelling while young will do them a lot of good.

    The rules of a language

    Every single language has certain rules that plenty of kids and teenagers do not know. Sometimes, even parents do not understand their own language. Understanding the rules of the language you’re speaking, and knowing not only the tenses and the grammatical features, but also the phonology of a language can help you a lot in using the language in its correct form. Not only will it help you to enhance your vocabulary and create sentences that are grammatically and vocabulary-wise correct, it will also give you the option to know how to spell and write different words without any problem. 

    The similarities of different languages

    Bearing that in mind, it is very important to say that some languages are very similar to one another. Some languages have a similar grammar while others use the same alphabet and the same spelling system; so, knowing your own language and how the phonics and grammar of your own language work will help you in learning a foreign language faster. If you take a look at Italian and Spanish, for example, even though they are two completely different languages, they have their own similarities, and it will not be difficult for an Italian who knows his own language to learn Spanish. The same goes for English and German, even though they are completely different languages. Some words are very similar, and it will be easier for someone who knows English to learn German.

    Becoming fluent readers

    Apart from the fact that your child will learn how to spell and read better, it will also help them become fluent readers, a skill that is considered a must in today’s day and age. Being a fluent reader and being able to read at a fast pace can only do your child good in the future. 

    Investing in the education of your child is essential. However, not many parents opt to enroll their kid in a phonics course, but they rather spend their money on different sports and hobbies. This is something that depends on the parents, of course, but having this option in mind is something that not only your kid will like, but they will also find it quite helpful for the future.

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