Education Why Event Planning Can Be a Great Career Choice

Why Event Planning Can Be a Great Career Choice


When we are young, many of us think of what we are going to be when we grow up. Things like a ballerina, an actor and even the President of the United States are all possibilities.

As we get older, our career goals become more realistic, but many of us are still faced with the same question of wondering what we are going to do with our lives.

Well, how about becoming an event planner?

Read on to find out why event planning can be a fun and lucrative career move.

The Experience Sector is Growing

The Experience Sector is Growing
The Experience Sector is Growing

Technology may be bigger than ever, but statistics are showing that most millennials crave a live experience. As a result, the ‘experience economy’ is growing in leaps and bounds with millions of dollars being spent on live events each month and these numbers are predicted to continue increasing.

An event planner will have their fingers on the pulse of the experience economy making this a very lucrative career choice.

You’ll Gain Great Skillset

You’ll Gain Great Skillset
You’ll Gain Great Skillset

An event planner is required to wear several hats. They must work within budgets, learn how to market your events, develop great out of the box thinking and know how to deal with last minute changes and other challenges.

As a result, event planners must develop skills that prepare them for a variety of careers and enhances personal development. 

The experience you gain as an event planner will open doors if you choose to pursue another professional path later in life. You can branch out in the event industry working as an audio/visual technician, a caterer and more.

If you decide to take a completely different path, the creativity along with the other skills you’ve developed, will make you well qualified to achieve your goals.

It’s Rewarding

Its Rewarding
Its Rewarding

The event planning industry is exciting and rewarding for many reasons.

If you plan a successful fundraising event, you can congratulate yourself on supporting a worthy cause. If you help a business advance you can sleep well knowing you have helped fuel the entrepreneurial spirit in your community.

Beyond that, there are many travel opportunities for those that are interested in seeing the world. If you work for an agency that does events in different cities and countries, you may be called to plan an event in New York…or at the foot of the Egyptian pyramids. And let’s not forget about all the interesting people you will meet. You will have a chance to mingle with business people who run elite companies, entertainers such as musicians, magicians, comedians and more, who may be hired to entertain at your events, caterers and more. All this will provide a network of people who may be valuable to you in the future.


If you are still wondering what you’re going to do when you grow up, why not try your hand at event planning? It’s a rewarding and lucrative career that will provide you with skills that will come in handy later in life. Good luck choosing a career path that is right for you.

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