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    How To Clean Bathroom Mirror?

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    What is the first thing you do when you enter your bathroom every morning? You check your reflection in the bathroom mirror! And what if that bathroom mirror is dirty or foggy? Wouldn’t that ruin the start of your day? It will! So, when you get a fancy bathroom mirror installed, take some time out for its cleaning and maintenance so that you wake up to your shiny reflection that will make your day. Whether you have beautiful LED bathroom mirrors or a bathroom medicine cabinet with a mirrorit is important to keep it in ideal condition to get the best of aesthetics and functionality, as a constantly fogged or dirty mirror is prone to damage and won’t last a long time.

    Why Is It Important To Have A Clean Mirror?

    Before we look at how to clean the bathroom mirror, let’s first understand why it is important to keep it thoroughly cleaned. Besides having a spotless reflection, a clean mirror contributes to the overall cleanliness of your bathroom. If your mirror has dust, gargle splatters or toothpaste spots, it will ruin the entire look of your bathroom, no matter how clean the rest is. Also, it will create an unhygienic environment in the bathroom and won’t make you feel pleasant. A clean bathroom mirror contributes greatly to your bathroom’s beauty and hygiene and allows you to carry out your daily grooming routine effectively. Thus, it is unarguable that a clean bathroom mirror should always be a priority and should always be addressed.

    How Do You Choose The Right Cleaning Materials?

    The first thing to know before cleaning the bathroom mirror is the right materials. Always choose mild and non-abrasive cleaners for cleaning purposes, as harsh chemicals will damage the mirror surface and leave streak marks, ruining its beauty forever. You can also choose DIY solutions like mixing equal parts of water and vinegar as it is non-abrasive and works perfectly. Moreover, you can find multiple cleaners in the market that are made specifically for mirrors and have mild formulations.

    How To Clean?

    Cleaning a bathroom mirror is easy and doesn’t take much time. Use a soft microfibre cloth and gently wipe away any dust or debris accumulated on the mirror. Using a soft, lint-free cloth ensures the mirror doesn’t get any scratches during cleaning. Afterwards, spray the cleaning solution you have chosen for the mirror. Make sure that the spray covers the entire surface and avoid over-spraying. Putting excess cleaning solution on the mirror can cause damage as the liquid will seep into the edges of the mirror and will cause damage over time. 

    After you’ve sprayed the solution, use the same microfiber cloth to wipe out the solution. Move the cloth in a circular motion to remove any dust or stains, and then wipe in a downward motion to ensure an even and streak-free finish. For stubborn stains, like toothpaste spots, spray the solution and leave it for a while. Then, wipe and clean the mirror thoroughly. Once you are done cleaning, use 

    a dry and clean cloth to polish the mirror. This last wipe will not only ensure a sparkling mirror but will also clean any residue left by the cleaning solution.

    How To Clean Bathroom Medicine Cabinet With Mirror?

    While cleaning bathroom mirrors is easy, when it comes to mirrors placed on medicine cabinets in the bathroom, it requires a little more effort. Medicine cabinets with mirrors are highly in fashion and completely alter the look of a bathroom, giving it ultimate beauty and utility. People nowadays opt for recessed mirrored medicine cabinets above their sinks instead of regular mirrors. Both use the same space, but the mirrored cabinet gives extra storage capacity for items and medicines for daily use while giving the mirror functionality. To clean the mirrored medicine cabinet, you should know a few things besides the regular cleaning process mentioned above.

    Prevent Moisture Build-up

    Normally, bathroom mirrors accumulate moisture on their surface, and for regular mirrors, this moisture can easily be cleaned. But for a medicine cabinet, check the interior of the medicine as well. Internal moisture, if not checked regularly, can also damage the cabinet material and its mirror. Try to find well-built medicine cabinets from Wellfor that do not let moisture seep inside the cabinet and thus last a lifetime.

    Check For Corrosion Or Rust

    Similarly, for rust and corrosion, you never know when a simple spot of rust can spread out to the entire medicine cabinet and ruin your space. If you notice rust on the cabinet mirror or inside the cabinet, immediately clean it with a rust remover. You can also use the baking soda and vinegar solution to remove the rust. Leave it off the effect afro a while and then remove it with a clean and dry cloth.

    Check Hinges And Screws

    People often overlook the cabinet hinges and hardware. They accumulate grime over time that can easily grow to reach the outer surface and the mirror of your cabinet. Clean the hinges over time with a mild spray to prevent the grime from spreading.

    Upgrade Mirror Lights

    The majority of people use LED bathroom mirrors these days. These mirrors look great and provide adequate light for grooming and makeup. If your bathroom medicine cabinet has LED lights, keep an eye on dimming and burnout. Upgrade the LED lights whenever needed, as burned lights on a clean mirror will make it look unkempt. Thus, checking the lights and changing them whenever necessary should also be a part of your bathroom mirror cleaning routine.

    Use Protective Coating

    Protective coatings in the market create a barrier on the mirror, making it easier to clean. These protective films don’t allow the water spots to accumulate on the mirror and prevent mist buildup. These protective coatings reduce the cleaning time by half and contribute greatly towards the longevity of mirrors, making them last a lifetime.

    Be Consistent

    Cleaning the bathroom mirror, whether a single mirror or a mirror on a medicine cabinet, isn’t a one-time job; it takes regular effort to keep your mirror in a pristine condition. Just a few minutes of inspection and cleaning can make your life easier. Also, regular cleaning will prevent potential problems before they escalate to an unsolvable situation.

    Maintaining and cleaning your bathroom mirror may feel like a small task, and many people take it for granted. But the impact of waking up to your clean reflection is huge. It calms your mind and gives a great headstart to your day. Thus, whether a classic bathroom medicine cabinet with a mirror or modern LED bathroom mirrors, a clean mirror can be an instant mood lifter and take your bathroom experience to new heights.

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