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    How To Install A Bathroom Mirror Cabinet

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    Do you know what adds a wow factor to a bathroom space? What’s something without which a bathroom feels incomplete? You guessed it right—a mirror! A bathroom mirror is the most important thing in a bathroom, and no matter how much you try to fill that space with different things, it will always feel incomplete without a mirror. What’s better are medicine cabinets with mirrors, as they will not only give that perfect aesthetic vibe in the bathroom but also add an element of functionality. Having a bathroom medicine cabinet with a mirror is the ultimate thing you need to complete the overall look of your bathroom space. 

    So, head out and look for the perfect bathroom mirror cabinet that matches your bathroom’s color scheme and fixtures, and start planning its installation. Let’s go through the detailed process of installing a bathroom mirror cabinet, as you can easily do this with some guidance.

    Installation Process

    Before you start the installation process, you should have all the necessary materials ready so that there is no delay in the process. It would be best if you also chose the perfect bathroom mirror cabinet that will perfectly complement the décor and aesthetics of your bathroom. Try to find something that matches with other installations in the bathroom. Prepare a tool kit with screws, anchors, a stud finder, a level, a drill, measuring tape, wall plugs, etc., so that everything important stays in one place. Having a tool kit will make the process mess-free, and you won’t have difficulty finding the necessary items required for the installation process.

    Select The Right Spot

    Look for other fixtures in your bathroom and locate the perfect spot for your bathroom cabinet accordingly. Look for ideal height, ease of use, and accessibility factors that add value to your cabinet. A better place to install the bathroom mirror cabinet can be right above your sink as this is where you can do your everyday grooming and reach the basic toiletries and other essential everyday things. The presence of a mirror on the cabinet will make it easy for you to wash your face and check your reflection in the mirror, set your hair, and do basic grooming or everyday makeup, all in one place. Imagine the ease and convenience!

    Once you have located the perfect spot, use a pencil to mark the space right where the bottom of the cabinet will be placed. Find wall studs with the help of a stud finder, and keep the studs with a pencil as well. This will ensure that the installation is smooth and secure. Next, measure the mirror width and find the center point. This center point will be a reference for you to align the cabinet with the wall properly. Mark this as the center point and proceed with the installation accordingly.

    Mount The Cabinet

    One of the most essential things before mounting the cabinet is to assess and double-check the height at which you are about to mount the cabinet. It is highly important to choose a height that is at the eye level of the user. You should be able to clearly see your reflection in the cabinet mirror and access the things you have stored in the cabinet. Analyze the eye-level height and mark the wall at your desired height.

    Next, drill holes into the wall at the spots where you marked the positions of the studs. Insert wall plugs, as they will provide a stable base for the screws and will ultimately give a strong grip to the bathroom mirror cabinet. If you are using wood medicine cabinets, it will be difficult for you to mount them alone. Find the help of a friend or family member who will hold the cabinet for you to mount to the wall. While someone holds the cabinet to the wall, secure the cabinet to the wall with the help of screws. Use these screws to attach the cabinet to wall plugs or anchors, and make sure that it fits perfectly.

    Final Touches

    Once you have mounted the cabinet to the wall, make sure everything is perfectly fit and set in its place. Use a level to make sure the cabinet is perfectly aligned. Check the screws to see if they are properly tightened and well-adjusted. Tighten or loosen the screws if necessary. Even if the cabinet is mounted correctly and adjusted, make sure you don’t overload it later with extra stuff. A good-quality bathroom cabinet, like the ones from Wellfor, will have the strength to carry more stuff. Else, keep the storage limited to only important items.

    Check other elements of the cabinet as well, like if the door is properly attached or not. Look for any instability or wobbling of the cabinet and adjust anything needed. Once you are satisfied with everything, clean the wall surface, the cabinet, and its mirror to check the final look. Collect all the tools you used and put them back in the toolkit. Clan and double-check everything to finally wind up the installation process.


    You can quickly achieve a professional-looking installation of your medicine cabinets with mirrors by simply following this guide and going through the process accordingly. Installing a mirror cabinet will not only enhance the overall look of your bathroom but will also make it easy for you to store everyday-use items. Who doesn’t like extra storage space? That too, if that space comes with the value addition of mirrors. It’s a complete package for people who love to have luxury while having functionality and practical use.

    So, suppose you are one of those who feel that the bathroom feels incomplete and want extra space. In that case, you should immediately plan to install a bathroom medicine cabinet with a mirror, as it will take your bathroom to a new height. You will enjoy doing everyday grooming in your bathroom.

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