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How To Make The Perfect Gift Basket


Making your own gift basket is one of the most thoughtful presents you can give a loved one. Gift baskets can suit any occasion and they can be completely personalized to suit your special someone’s taste. 

If you have a birthday, anniversary, or even a baby shower coming up, why not try making your own gift basket? Even if you don’t have a specific reason, it’s nice to let someone know that you appreciate them just because. Here are some items you can include in your hamper.  

The Basics

Before we get to the fun stuff, you’ll need a few basic bits to create your basket. The first one is obvious; you’ll need a reasonably sized hamper. There is no guideline on how small or large this must be. Just keep in mind that the larger it is, the more goodies you will need to fill it. 

If the basket is very deep then don’t worry, you can use shredded tissue paper to create a substantial base layer. This is the oldest trick in the book, and it will help make your basket look fuller, more appealing, and lusher than it actually is. 

If you plan on including a lot of bulky items, you may want to consider buying some cellophane to make sure your items don’t fall out. Anything else you would like to add is purely up to personal choice. You could add some ribbons, bows, flowers, or even festive decorations. 


Food is always a great filler for baskets as you have many options to choose from and at various different price ranges. Try to choose items that are unlikely to perish and won’t need refrigeration. If you know this person well you could include some of their favorite chocolate or cheeses, just make sure these are properly sealed. 

You could include a luxurious bag of roasted coffee beans or a selection of different teas. Dried fruit, nuts, or jams are also a traditional choice when it comes to creating gift baskets. Jam is a relatively easy preservative to make at home so if you have some fresh fruit you could make your own. 

If your loved one has a family pooch or kitten, it could be a cute idea to add a little bag of treats for them. A great bottle of wine or liquor is another great present to include in your gift basket. 

Pampering Products 

Regardless of whether you are male or female, everyone loves and, most importantly deserves, a good pampering session. This part is what makes receiving a gift basket so special, as you can really take some time to think about what your loved one needs. 

You could add some special items for them to keep safe during the pandemic. Why not include a bottle of lavender hand sanitizer or a fashionable face mask? A great addition to your basket could be a scented candle or relaxing bath bomb. If you really want to go all out, you could even take the time to create your own DIY facial scrub. 

A pair of fluffy socks will go down a treat for the wintertime and you could include a copy of your favorite book for them to curl up near the fireplace and read. If you are making this basket for a baby shower gift you could include a useful parenting book. Whatever you think they will use and enjoy is a great addition to your basket. 

Add Your Own Personal Touch 

The best thing about creating a gift basket from scratch is that you can include whatever you fancy. You could even create a theme to base your basket around. If you need inspiration on what to include, you could choose a favorite color, sport, or hobby. For example, a movie night themed basket for you and a loved one could include popcorn, chocolate, some great movies, and even a bottle of wine for the night. 

If you can’t see your loved one because of the pandemic you could also include a set of coupons for things you can do together once it is all over. For example, write out on the card “this coupon is valid for one dinner date” or “romantic walk in the park”. Another way to add your own personal touch is by including a photo frame with a picture of you together. If you are celebrating a special day make sure to include a card with a handwritten note. 

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