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    Why Selling Your Home During the Winter Can Be a Great Decision

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    When most of us think about selling our homes, we hope to do so during the warm, enjoyable months of the year. In fact, Zillow reports that May is the best month to sell a house when the snow has melted and people are ready to spend their summer in a new home.

    However, we can’t always choose when we want to sell a house. Sometimes, life forces us to sell before or after we want to – and that’s okay! There are actually some great incentives for selling a home during the “off-season” of winter – despite what many real estate experts might tell you.

    December through March might not seem like the ideal time to sell a house, but if you play your cards right, you might be able to sell your home quickly – and for an awesome price. Let’s dive into the top five reasons to sell your home during the winter.

    1. There’s Less Competition

    Spring might be the most popular home-selling season, but that also means it’s the crowded season. Your home will be one of the hundreds in the area posted on home-selling sites. High supply means you’ll have to offer your home at a great price to stand a chance.

    Don’t believe us? In 2019, a whopping 250K homes dropped off the market between November and December – the steepest drop of the entire year.

    If you want to sell your house fast, you might want to post it in a season where competition is lower – like winter. Fewer people will be listing similar houses, which means your home will stand out and draw more attention.

    2. Buyers Are More Serious

    If a home shopper actually makes an appointment to see your home during the holidays or off-season, chances are, they actually want to buy. They’re not just browsing for fun as they might during nice weather. You’ll likely deal with serious buyers who are looking to close a deal in the near future.

    You may receive fewer interested buyers during the winter, but these buyers will likely be serious. It’s an instance of quality over quantity – a handful of very serious buyers is always better than a dozen window shoppers.

    3. Shoppers See Your Home’s Winter Potential

    Another reason to sell your home in the winter is to show off your home’s winter features.

    Does your house boast a super-efficient heating system? That’s a huge selling point in the winter – probably one of the biggest. If you plan to sell during the cold months, be sure you have an HVAC company come do an inspection, then make any improvements as needed. 

    Whenever a potential buyer comes through, highlight the upgrades and discuss the work that has recently been done. Have you added extra insulation or weather-proofed features? Show them off when it snows. Keep in mind, people will care a lot more about hot tubs, hearths, heaters, and other features when the weather is cold outside. This is your chance to show them off!

    4. You Might Make More Money

    Excited to read that?

    It’s probably not what many realtors have told you, but it’s definitely possible to strike a great deal on a house and walk away from the sale quickly (and with heavy pockets).

    With up to 15 percent less competition during the winter, you can price your home how you feel it should be priced. Serious buyers may purchase quickly, which means you spend less time and money keeping your home ready for showing. Additionally, if you’re paying for two homes (your new one and old one), selling quickly is vastly important for your finances.

    5. Corporation Relocation

    Lastly, let’s touch on corporate/job relocations in the winter. These offer a huge incentive for selling in the colder months, especially if your home is located in a metropolitan area that draws many new workers and businesses.

    Although most of us would choose to be home for the holidays, January is actually one of the most popular months for corporate relocations. That means there are always shoppers looking for a new house during January’s shoulder months.

    Those moving for a job aren’t able to be picky or patient. They’re looking to buy – and buy fast. On average, an employee only gets about a month to move and report to their job. They’re working on a short timeline, so you might have luck drawing them into your home and closing the deal.

    In Conclusion

    When you finally decide to sell your house, you want it to sell quickly and at your asking price. Although many might tell you not to list it during the winter months, there’s a case to be made for listing your home during the off-season.

    Selling your home during the holidays and/or cold season could help you:

    • Sell quickly
    • Deal with serious buyers only
    • Showcase your home’s winter value
    • Make the most money

    Are you selling during the winter? Let us know what you like and don’t like about the process! Would you recommend it to someone else?

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