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    How To Travel To Saudi Arabia On A Budget

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    Saudi Arabia is a country with a rich history of Muslims it also has the holiest and frequently visited places of Muslims, Mecca and Medina, To the southeast of the country along with the Persian Gulf, are vast oil reserves, which became the reason for Arab’s prosperity since the 1960s.
    Not only Muslims but from other corners of the globe come each year to explore the historical places. People with a limited budget can also give it a try as it is not a very expensive place to travel. You can easily manage your visit to Saudi Arabia if you plan vigilantly. 

    Certainly, you can save from different commodities, as first, you can save from choosing airlines as Air Arabia booking can be one of the options for it. Plus you can avail of different discounts or sales if you plan at the right time.

    Travel to Mecca  

    Mecca is one of the oldest places and holiest for Muslims to visit. A traditional culture that had been around for thousands of years was still prevalent in Saudi Arabia inside the mid-twentieth century. Travellers to Makkah and Madinah have the privilege because of the generosity of people there and since it is the holiest place, people from different origins try to be kind to everyone and provide free food to the needy.
    This is a plus for many budget travellers as well.You can also take a stroll around the area and explore which area has affordable rates for food and hotels. Here are some of the tips and tricks as well which will be helping you while travelling on a budget to Saudi Arabia.

    Try to use ATMs 

    In Saudi Arabia, ATMs don’t charge for their services on transactions. You can avail of this and use ATMs to withdraw your money without paying any fee on it. While you stay there even if you are not on the budget, using ATMs without paying any extra fees is a good way to use money.


    Being a budget traveller, staying in an affordable and comfortable place is one of the important concerns. Here is a tip – Couch surfing. It is the best method to save money on lodging in Saudi Arabia but Couch surfing is not only a technique of saving money. You need to be willing to meet locals and talk to them through the app. You may become friends and get to know the place and other stuff through it. All you need to do is to stay aware of your surroundings.


    As mentioned above, Saudi Arabia is one of the oldest places. It has many historical sites that were preserved properly and people around the world come to visit them. Sightseeing is incredibly affordable in Saudi Arabia. You can travel and explore without getting broke.


    Saudi Arabia is a big place and if you have to travel to Riyadh you need something for conveyance at affordable rates. Here are different ways of transport available in Riyadh. First comes the buses. The easiest way to travel inside the city is to use buses. Buses are the affordable means of transport in Saudi Arabia. Trains are also the affordable way but come after the buses option. You can travel using trains as well.

    Budget Food

    Food is not the economic option in Saudi Arabia. In Saudi Arabia, food may be rather costly. Local food, such as Rice and Meat, is an affordable option but other foods like foreign cuisine and western brands are not economical as the Saudis love western food therefore it is somehow at the same rate as in the other countries.


    If you are having a place to stay while you visit and have a place to cook there, it is a wonderful idea to use grocery items and cater yourself. This can be your deal to save much of your money. In Saudi Arabia, there are big markets, where you can buy for yourself. It is much more convenient as compared to eating in 5-star restaurants. These are some of the tips that can help you to travel the gulf while staying within your budget. However, it’s an amazing place to visit.

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