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    Teaching in Time of Covid 19- Using Streamr Software for Video Transcription

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    Video transcription has definitely proved its substantial role in education during covid times. When the world shut down and E-learning courses became the norm, using a video transcription software like Streamr was the best innovation professors could find to continue their learning schedule as effectively as possible. 

    You can use Streamr software in so many ways for education purposes. Professors understand the need to have video transcription support for students in high school or university as they believe it offers the best accessibility approach for E-learning. Not only that, video transcription tools like Streamr can make the instructor’s life easier and their jobs more pleasant. Since there are no mistakes in using this tool, it can only provide more success to both the students and instructor. 

    You might be wondering what is the relation between video transcription and education? Since most education courses are now held online and remotely, professors are looking for new ways to ease the learning process while also maintaining the same learning quality as attending the classroom. Video is an extremely beneficial medium for online learning. Taking advantage of this medium during E-learning can only add more value to students’ learning and help them overcome their challenges. 

    In this article, we will be covering many ways instructors can use these important resources to build up their video learning content.

    How to Use video transcription with Streamr in Education During a Global Pandemic

    Since video transcription services such as Streamr have so many efficient features, instructors can expand their teaching methods and save time and energy during learning activities especially now that all schools are closed and learning can only be remote. Some of the projects Streamr can be used for are

    New Course Material

    Preparing for courses during the pandemic is no easy task especially if the course includes video content. Different scenarios could go wrong if the instructor were to ask students to watch the video remotely and discuss its aspects late. Some students won’t pay attention to the video or find it hard to focus due to different external factors…

    With video transcription using Streamr, the instructor can use any video material and transcribe it automatically, using the material on more engaging activities that can allow students to fully grasp the information. They can refer back to the video to answer questions or understand some key points. Content generated could also fit for future courses as well. 

    Students Study Guides

    Streamr can help transcribe videos accurately depending on the quality of the video. One thing that can help instructors explain certain notions in a course regardless of communication issues is to have study guides of courses as aids for video material. Since instructors can’t possibly check on each student during E-learning sessions, these study guides can help them understand the course.

    Ideal to Educate Disabled Students

    Teaching Disabled students in a classroom is already considered a difficult task, but teaching them in calls during a pandemic proved the need to have transcription services in the education industry. Disabled students find it hard to follow along with the lectures and different courses. Instructions can prepare transcripts using Streamr for students who struggle with notes because of their slow understanding or they have a disability that prevents them from learning. 

    Improve Teaching Material

    Not only does Video transcription services like Streamr improve students’ learning activities, it actually serves the instructors as well with their teaching methods. Every instructor has a certain teaching style for different activities. Therefore having a backup material to help can be quite efficient. It can help the instructor come up with more teaching styles and improve on areas that need further assistance. 

    Student Feedback

    Since it’s hard for the instructor to collect students’ feedback on all activities, write them down and then download them in a paper format, video transcription using Streamr can collect all data in an SRT file ready to be downloaded and with attached timestamps as well.

    You can screen record the entire E-learning session, use Streamr to generate transcriptions, and download the file afterward. All these steps can be done in minutes. Your generated material can be then used as a backup survey for your E-learning courses. 

    Transcription for Grading Purposes

    Gracing Students’ presentations can often be a tedious task as you need to check everyone’s work before submitting the grades. By the time the last presentation is done you have already forgotten elements of the first one. Writing down notes of each presentation is also not ideal as your focus is shifted to writing rather than listening and observing the presentation. Therefore, recording every single one and converting them into transcriptions using Streamr will help instructors fully focus on the content.

    Improve Video Content Retention 

    For activities with video content involved, it would be effective to add captions to your videos before sending them to your students. This is helpful on two levels. The first one is the fact that videos sometimes include difficult words or phrases and can be hard for students to understand. 

    Adding captions will ease up their work and help them follow along with the video. You can also provide a transcription of the same video to have the content in written form. Not every student is a visual learner and therefore some of them need to have the words written on paper to better grasp the information. Captions added to videos using Streamr will also help with keyword research.

    The second factor is the inclusion of disabled students. For hearing impaired students who can’t understand spoken content, captions are crucial. In the US for example, learning institutions are obliged to add captions to their online materials: lectures and videos according to the Americans and Disabilities Act and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act. Deaf students have equal rights to access video content

    Foreign Language Support

    Most transcription softwares provide translation features in their services. Streamr for instance allows you to add captions to your videos, translate the captions and add the subtitles and also translate the spoken words.

    For foreign language courses, this could be the perfect fit. Instructors can provide both the original video and translated video for their students to make sure they fully comprehend the language.

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