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    How Wireless Microphones Are Suitable for Events?

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    There are multiple events like outdoor parties, corporate events, and fashion shows which are a reason for gathering and good memories. But do you know what is that thing in an event that enhances the mood quality of an audience? It is a wireless microphone. Now above I have named different events and suggest a solution of mood enhancement in all events a wireless microphone. But wireless microphone also has a type so, how do you identify which kind of wireless microphone you need for your event?

    You have to gather knowledge about each kind of wireless microphone. You have to take care of a lot of other aspects of an event don’t you think it’s a wastage of time to search on each type of wireless microphone? Despite that, you should go for Microphone Hire London and they will suggest to your which kind of microphone is better for your event. But still, for your ease let’s discuss different types of wireless microphone which you can hire at cheap rates from a rental company.

    Different Kinds of Wireless Microphone?


    These microphones usually have a transmitter in their body which makes them easy to install and it’s easy to move around the stage and venue by holding them in hand.


    These microphones are to wear on your ears. This mic is suitable when you are moving around the venue especially in case of an outdoor event where you can experience a lot of noise.


    These microphones are designed to be clipped on your shirt. It eliminates all kind of issues in achieving good sound quality and this mic is easy to replace on camera. This mic is suitable in the scenario in which a presenter needs to has his hands free.

    Why We Should Use Wireless Microphone for Events?

    Wireless microphones have multiple advantages over traditional cabled microphones.

    • Being wireless there is no issue of the management of cables and safety from the risk of falling on stage.
    • You can move freely on stage or around the venue.
    • Many wireless microphones can operate within a large distance away from a transmitter.
    • Whatever event you are shooting wireless microphones gives a clean look to your event.
    • They are durable because radio waves can’t wear out.
    • You don’t need to bound your hands by using some wireless microphones.

    Why Should You Prefer Digital Wireless Microphones?

    Wireless microphones are of two types and the digital microphone is the more advanced form of microphone.

    Quality of A Sound:

    The digital microphone transmits a signal which converts in the form of 1s and 0s due to which no transmission medium affects them. Analogue microphone transmits signals in the form of radio waves which can intersect with the transmission medium due to which sound distortion occurs. We are well aware that we can’t compromise on the sound quality of equipment.

    Long Battery Life:

    Digital microphones have long battery life than analogue microphones because digital mic requires a low power transmitter due to which they have 40% longer battery life.

    Security of Signals:

    The security of signals is important and they are more secure in the case of digital microphone because their signals are encrypted. Whereas anyone having a suitable transmitter can pick up analogue signals.

    What You Have to Look for Before Hiring A Wireless Microphone?

    Type of Mic:

     You have to make up your mind which kind of wireless microphone is suitable for the event.

    Range of A Mic:

    Different mics have different ranges which you have to keep in mind according to the size of the event.

    Battery Life of Mic:

    This is a very important aspect but you have to consider the size and range too with battery life. For example, if a size is important for you then sadly you have to sacrifice battery life. If you need a high range then a big size unit is the only option.

    You see there are a lot of things which matter while choosing a microphone so, instead of doing all the hard work by yourself let the Microphone Hire London do that for you. Their experts know better which kind of microphone is needed according to the kind of event and the size of the venue. They also have command on the installation of the sound system needed with the mic. Why don’t you let them handle a portion of your event in which they are experts?

    Take Away:

    Microphones are a way of communicating the content which you have prepared for your audience. For an event it’s not just about a mic it’s about conveying your message without any distortion. So, if you hire a rental company, you’re giving the best favor to yourself.

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