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    Installation cost of composite decking

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    Composite decking has gained popularity as a strong and durable deck that requires less maintenance. With outstanding durability, aesthetics, and safety. Composite decks are gradually replacing traditional wood decks. But before considering composite decking, it’s important to understand the associated installation costs.

    In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the installation cost of composite decking, in addition to the factors that influence the cost of composite decking installation. This includes material costs, labor costs, add-ons, and any potential hidden costs. Knowing the costs and factors in detail allows you to budget your composite decking project accordingly.


    Installation cost of composite decking

    Simply put, the cost of installing composite decking ranges from $25 to $54 per square foot. So the average cost to build a composite deck is $6,000. Most homeowners pay between $4,000 and $8,000. Some large luxury decks can be more expensive, though, and smaller decks tend to be less expensive.

    A well-installed and designed outdoor space can transform your patio into a place for outdoor dining, relaxing, and entertaining. The cost of installing composite decking, though, depends largely on the size of the installation, the deck material, and other cost factors.

    Cost of materials

    Composite decks cost

    The cost of Composite wood decking is a large part of the installation budget. The cost will vary depending on the brand, quality, and extra features of the deck. High-end brands of composite decks tend to cost more. But the abundance of brands on the market means you can have affordable options. Consider your budget and the features you need when choosing the right composite deck board.

    Underframe material

    The substructure of composite deck boards, including joists, beams, and posts, is another expense to consider. There are a variety of materials to choose from for the bottom framing, and you are free to choose according to your needs. Common framing materials available today are pressure-treated wood or steel. Both of these materials provide the necessary support and stability for the deck but will add to the overall installation cost.

    Labor costs

    Deck installation

    Labor costs are an important part of the overall installation budget. The complexity and size of the decking project will affect the labor costs required. Major labor costs include tasks such as measuring, cutting, installing, and fixing composite decking boards. Labor costs will vary, however, depending on the contractor and professional you choose.

    The cost of removal

    If you are planning to replace your existing decking with composite decking, then removing and disposing of the old material will affect the overall installation cost. Contractors will consider the difficulty and time required to remove the old decking, which will also affect labor costs.

    Components and trim


    Installing a deck requires the use of specialized composite decking hidden fasteners. These fasteners are designed to provide a neat, secure connection. The ability to minimize the risk of visible screws or nails makes them safer for homeowners to use. The exact cost of the fasteners depends on the type and quantity required.

    Decorative costs

    Fascia and trim can add more curb appeal to composite decking. As an accent to an outdoor space, it can hide a substructure and create a polished look. Fascia and trim can complement the color and style of composite decks, creating a more aesthetically pleasing outdoor space.

    Other costs

    Permits and local regulations

    Before starting any decking project, it is important to check local codes and obtain any necessary permits. Permit fees and related inspections can add to the overall installation cost. The exact cost depends on the area where the installation will take place and local codes.

    Cleaning the installation area

    Before installing composite decks, the installation area needs to be prepared and cleaned. For example, additional work is required to level the ground, remove vegetation, or address drainage issues. These factors will also affect the overall cost, which depends on the homeowner’s own needs.


    Depending on the vendor and region, there may be a shipping charge for purchasing composite decks. Shipping costs also need to be factored into the overall installation budget. The exact cost varies depending on the supplier and area of purchase.

    Estimating the overall installation cost

    Getting a quote

    To estimate accurate installation costs, obtain multiple quotes from reputable contractors. Provide them with detailed project specifications and materials. This will allow you to accurately obtain a comprehensive quote that includes labor, materials, and related costs.

    DIY or professional installation

    Consider whether you have the skills, tools, and time to do a DIY installation. While a DIY installation can save a lot of money on labor costs, a professional installation can reduce more potential risks. A professional installation ensures professionalism and is likely to deliver better results in terms of quality and durability.

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