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SEO Myths & What to do Rank up in Google?


SEO is always unpredictable for Digital Marketers. Still, It is one of the crucial stuff which a Digital Marketer needs to do. 

I am a Digital Marketer Since 20013. With my experiences and latest updates of Google. I am going to share SEO Myths, and what you should do exactly to rank up your web page. 

What is Google Bot?

Google Bot is a Program, which grabs content from the internet (Crawling), check whether the content is useful for users and index (Indexing) and check 100s of signals to rank a web page. 

In SEO Forums, you will look at many fancy styles to rank up a web page. Some people show examples of how they ranked one page, but they never show that they ranked down for many too. 

Every page is different for indexing. Interlinking tells about different pages and show relevancy but this is one of the hundreds of signals. 

Suppose you are a Librarian if someone asks you a topic for a book. What are you going to do? You will check the new version books. Which book is much read by users? Which book is having good potential and, many more signals you may use. 

The same Google Bot works: 

  1. Google Bot checks which are the latest version of the web page.
  2. Is this content liked by people of a particular location?
  3. How much time users engaged with this content?
  4. Is the content useful to show in the result?
  5. And it uses hundreds of signals…

The whole system works on Big Data and Artificial Intelligence. Bot fetches and selects the best results according to a particular group of people. That’s why you may have seen different results on different computers, locations and groups of people. 

Mobile User Agent 

Google serves different results for Mobile and Desktop. Google has different Mobile User Agent to crawl, index and rank any web page based on hundreds of signals. 

  1. It checks the web page is mobile friendly or not. 
  2. It has useful content. 
  3. Can it run fast on a particular mobile?

Even according to the mobile version, I experienced different results. These all are done by Analyzing Big Data and Serving results through AI. 

I experienced, it may checks what ram you have, which browser you use, what internet speed you have, what processor you have, and accordingly, show the fastest possible results. 

The freshness of Content is Very Important

If the content is not updated on the web page, it simply goes down in the results. Google shows the fastest and newest useful results to users. Whereas Google bot has criteria according to websites. It crawls news sites fast, some retail site gets less frequency and some fixed contents are very less crawled. 

Now, look at how the search console works for purifying results? 

Google Search Console 

The user submits a website on Search Console, their sitemap, robots.txt file and verify it. It helps a lot. It helps to crawl the website frequently. If search consoles checks there are many 500 errors. It checks less and if the site is spammy, Google bot thinks it is less useful content and doesn’t want to show in result then it does not crawl and index the website. 

Now, look at the social media myth of Digital Marketers. 

Social Media Myth 

Marketers think that sharing in social media marketing can boost their ranking. This is a myth. I experienced that Bot does not take clues from social media viral posts. However, if a post is searched in Google and people spent more time on that page, may that page come up with high results. 

Link Building Myth 

This is one of the biggest myth because everyone is running for buying links, trying some funky activities for getting links from comments, forums, articles, press release, high authority pages and etc. However, it does not worth more because it is one of a hundred signals which may rank you. 

Link building is not the biggest metric to rank up in Google. You have to focus on many ethical ways. I am going to tell you what to do for ranking high on Google

Need High Rank – Do’s 

  1. Apart from link building, spent time on the webpage. Think, who is your customer, what he needs and how you are going to present content to him. 
  2. Update content whenever you get some news and update. 
  3. Inform user with audio, video, images, graphics and give a good presentation which can be easily understandable, so that users spend more time on your website. 
  4. Give information in a concise manner. 
  5. Love your reader, don’t cheat for ranking. 
  6. Give a fast website to your user. 
  7. Put main headings, subheadings, bullet points which make easy to read the content. 

Share your contents with other people who may want your content. It won’t help in ranking, but the more you share, the more people may remember your name or search by your brand name and title. People may link to your website.

Remember, Google uses hundreds of signals. We don’t know which signal is ranking your web page. According to the daily practice of searching, I found these facts.

Summary – I have shared according to my assumption, how google bot works? What factors you should use? Why you should not focus on link building too much? What are the best practices to rank up the website? If you liked the content, please comment to me. 

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