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Slot Machines: Now And Then


Do you know who invented the slot machine? It was Charles Fey who produced the first slot machine game in 1895. Slot machines have been evolving ever since Charles Fey produced the first game. Today’s slot advancements include virtual reality, detailed bonus rounds, and many more. Nowadays, casinos and game manufacturers are trying to improve the slots experience to draw people’s attention. The goal here is to keep up with the overall gaming technology. Although, you can’t draw players to Norwegian slot machines with three-reel machines when you have video gaming technology which is more lifelike than ever.

However, casinos should realize that their slot machines must adapt to meet the demands of younger players. Have a look at these interesting proposals that have been thrown out regarding how to make slots more interesting to the younger generation. But first, let’s have a look at the current state of slots gaming and notable advancements up to this point.

The current state of slot machines

Slots have been a lifeline of casinos for ages. Even today, slot machines draw a vast majority of gaming revenue. Although the only problem is that casinos attract plenty of adult or old age people, but there is a noticeable gap in how many millennials are visiting gaming floors. So they came with the solution by introducing new slot features that will eventually encourage younger people to spin the reels. That is the reason why skill-based slot machines are one of the most recent efforts taken.

This type of slot features bonus rounds that contain skill elements. While skill-based slot allows one to influence the results and it allows us to interact more with the game.

Since millennials have grown up with some highly advanced technology and research shows that the average millennial logs about 18 hours a day on their phones. Usually, they spend their time multitasking across different platforms.

Further, they have grown up with advanced gaming technology. Due to this, younger people are not impressed with just pushing the spin button, they are looking for more interactivity from their gaming experience. That is the reason, most casinos have started adding mobile casino tournaments, esports arenas, and the aforementioned skill-based slot machines. Here, the biggest advantages go to the mobile sector because people don’t have to leave the comfort of the home just to play a mobile gaming tournament.  

Slots advancements over the years

You might have noticed that slots might not be rapidly advancing year after year but they have made some impressive changes over the years. The evolution of the slot machine began back in the 1960s.

Video slots

During the early 1960s, people had to pull levers as slot machines operated on mechanical reels. Bally was the first person to change this with his Money Honey slot. Money Honey was the first electromechanical machine. While it was the first slot to offer electronic reels, the game still required a lever to play. After that, video slot machines have become the norm. On the other hand, mechanical slots are relics that are rarely found in casinos.

Progressive slot machines

People love progressive slot machines because it features a jackpot that increases slightly with every made bet. The jackpot continues to grow until somebody wins.

Free spins

You might not know but slot machines used to be void of bonuses. So, free spins were the first real bonus feature that was added to slot machines. Free spins are usually awarded upon getting three or more scatter symbols anywhere on the reels.

Online slots

The trend of playing online slots started in 1994. there were some sites that allowed players to enjoy classic slots from the comfort of their home. Although, people were apprehensive about depositing money on these sites. After that, the online gaming industry has done many changes in building trust with players.


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